11/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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It continues to be very windy out there but what about the next few


days? Join me for the life and updated forecast.


Tonight, a teenager's appeared in court charged with the murder


Katie Rough was found critically injured on a playing field


A 15-year-old girl was today remanded into secure accommodation,


charged with her murder and with the possession


The family of Katie Rough at court this morning.


She died here, on Alness Drive in the Woodthorpe area of York.


The court heard today that she had suffered significant lacerations


Police investigations continued at the scene,


with a metal detector used to search nearby undergrowth.


Meanwhile the pile of floral tributes grows.


Four miles from the scene the teenage girl accused of killing


Katie appeared in court for the first time.


The accused, who was 15 years old, nodded to show that she understood


Members of Katie's family were also in court and some were visibly upset


The teenager is charged with murdering Katie Rough


on Alness Drive in York on Monday and also with possession


Outside Katie's school the feeling remains one of shock.


Just a little girl, it's really scary, I would say, you know.


And then you don't want her lose sight of any of your loved ones now.


One of my good friends is really good friends with the mum


and she has taken it really hard and so have her daughters


A fundraising page to support Katie's family has been set up York


She didn't know the family but says she wanted to help.


It isn't just me, there's people all over the UK donating.


It isn't just something I'm doing, she's in the hearts and heads


are so many people, and the family, there's so much love for them right


They already know the pain of what they have lost, but not why.


A change to legislation in memory of the missing York


chef Claudia Lawrence, which is designed to give families


greater control over the affairs of missing people,


has cleared its first hurdle in the Commons.


The bill was championed by Claudia's father, Peter.


Dubbed Claudia's Law, it was given the go-ahead in parliament


You've got to remember that it's 22 months ago that the government


committed to this bill and it's taken a private member,


Kevin Hollinrake, one of our local MPs, for Thirsk and Malton to bring


it forward himself, and at least we know it has got


But it wasn't the government that brought it forward, it was Kevin.


The MP for Batley and Spen, Tracy Brabin, has called


on Teresa May to step- in to keep open the A department


She told the Prime Minister that the on-going winter beds crisis


proved the department is vital to the local community.


Over Christmas I had constituents who were waiting 20 hours for a bed


in a facility that might not even exist next year.


Would the Prime Minister now, please, face reality and act now


to stop this vital A service from disappearing.


Decisions about services in the local area are rightly taken


by the local national health service because we believe that it's local


clinicians and also local patients and leaders who know what's best


for their area, so it's about trying to tailor the services to provide


the best possible needs for local people.


There's a bit of a row going on in the Peak District.


People in the village of Foolow aren't pleased with plans to put


The Peak Park bought the land to stop it being a permanent caravan


park, but now the Park wants a mobile park there.


This bit of prime Peak District land was going to be a caravan site


until the park authority realised it had granted planning permission


It bought the land for ?650,000 so it could protect it from being


Now, four years later, the Peak Park wants to turn it in to...


It's the Peak District's job to protect this fantastic and very


That's what the planning regulations are all about,


but here the authority is judging its own application,


something the villagers down the valley are not happy about.


It is very concerning, it's a bit like the MPs voting


Legally they are allowed to do it, it is part of their remit


to be able to do it, but when something is


as controversial as this, it really does beg into question


the independence of their planning authority.


Peter Webster has been a farmer here all his life.


He wanted to build a barn that he was told it wasn't


He says it's not fair he can't have his barn,


but the Peak District can have their caravan site.


I'm afraid you won't put it on telly what I think about it.


My barn is roughly 300-400 metres away from their caravan site


Well, I think they should throw the caravan site out.


The wording of the original planning application was wrong.


It meant that private developers could put permanent static caravans


on the site and that's why the Peak Park spent ?650,000


This new development would only be for mobile caravans.


The Peak Park Authority says it has a duty to recover as much of that


purchase price as possible and reverting it back to a green


To reclaim the money spent on stopping caravans,


Winds of more than 90 miles per hour caused problems


Trees were brought down, blocking roads and rail lines,


and flights were cancelled in and out of Leeds


For one couple in Bradford, last night's storms will take a very


long time to recover from, as Shirley Henry reports.


It is not the wake-up call it you expect first


This 80 foot beech tree smashed its way through this


bungalow in Birkenshaw after its roots were wrenched


I heard a loud bang, like a bomb had gone off.


When I looked there was rubble all down the landing and I knew


it was bad but I didn't know what it was.


We came outside and I saw it was a tree and we were very lucky


to get away with it, I think.


The bathroom has been destroyed, a lot of the internal walls


and all of the roof in the centre has been destroyed so it's had it.


In Bradford this school was shut to students after gusts


caused slates to fly from the Victorian roof.


Meanwhile in South Yorkshire high winds peeled away corrugated


sheeting in Sheffield city centre and gusts of 93 mph


Not only buildings have succumbed to the force of nature,


across West Yorkshire trees were battered.


This evening Bridgewater Place is slowly getting back to normal.


Earlier the roads were closed because of high winds,


causing traffic gridlock across parts of Leeds.


But the roads aren't the only place where there were problems.


Landing at Leeds Bradford Airport was going to be a challenge.


It took all the pilot's skills to bring this plane down safely.


Many passengers faced delays and cancellations.


The strongest wind that we recorded here to here was in excess of 50


knots which obviously is unsafe for operations so that was


the reason why we had a number of delayed departures


Nearly 40,000 homes across the North lost their power supply today.


As for the bungalow in Birkenshaw, it's unlikely the owner will be


Winds have finally started to die down, but can you believe it?


The forecast for the next few days is sleet and snow.


Well, have things calmed down tonight?


You're always full of a bit of wind, aren't you?


Iamb, but it is still blowing a gale out at high Bradfield. Letters have


a recap the highest wind speeds we have observed. Hardly surprising


that plane had time -- trouble landing. I Bradfield was the


windiest place in the country. This is tomorrow's jar this feature looks


as though it will slip to the south of us but we are looking closely at


a system that will come down coastal areas first light Friday morning.


Storm force winds and the Environment Agency are watching


that. They could be coastal flooding and rain and snow thrown in for good


measure. Showers on the radar picture, mainly of rain and


increasingly they turn wintry over the hills, certainly with icy


patches. Temperatures down to one. A cold day tomorrow, windy at first


but the wind will ease significantly. Dry apply to the east


and the showers turned increasingly to and snow. A few wintry showers


getting further east and they will tend to die away through the


afternoon. A cold one. Temperatures around 4 degrees, that is 39. It


turns cold and frosty through Thursday evening and into Thursday


night. All eyes to the door. A storm force wind includes Stork -- coastal


areas is really impressive. An area of snow was swinging through us. The


weekend looks cold and wintry showers on Saturday. This is a


start to the weekend. Time for the national weather prospects if you


are on the move. Good evening, a lot going on with


the weather in the next few days, numerous weather warnings in for so


buried in mind if you have travel plans. Lots of isobars on the chart


overnight which means it will be windy for all. The strongest winds


in Scotland, lots of wintry showers with snow getting down to


increasingly low levels and some wintry showers in Northern Ireland


and northern England. A cold night for Northern England, particularly


in more rural spots, frosty and I see for some and some of the snow


really blowing around over higher ground in Scotland. Strong wind and


further snow to take us into tomorrow. It may well make for some


tricky travelling conditions. The forecast for tomorrow in the


southern half of the UK's quite tricky. We have got mild air bumping


into colder air. The boundary between the two, it will be an ugly


mix of rain, sleet and snow developing. Mild air comes in behind


the weather front but the rain ahead of that will be mixing with the cold


air. Details are a bit elusive even at