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Gove and Labour's Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on


BBC Two. Good evening and welcome


to the late Look North. Police investigate what they call


the "suspicious death" Operations cancelled


and long waiting times - now claims Yorkshire's hospitals


are so overcrowded And quiet weather conditions


over the coming week. Join me for that live,


updated forecast. Police are investigating the death


of a teenage girl near Rotherham. Officers say it


is being treated as suspicious because of the nature


of the injuries on her body. The girl was discovered by members


of the public on a pathway off Lordens Hill in the Dinnington area


at just before 11am this morning. Police are deploying extra patrols


in the area to reassure the public. A police forensics tent


on a secluded pathway, close to homes and shops


on Lorden's Hill, where the body


of a teenage girl, thought to be 15 or 16,


was discovered. Because of the injuries


she'd suffered, her death is being


treated as suspicious. We're at a very early stage


of the investigation to find out exactly


what happened to her. So we have dedicated resources


deployed now to investigate this. There was a report


of a missing episode, but only 20 minutes prior


to the finding of the body. However, we have not been able


to formally identify the body, and therefore I can't


give any details as to who the person


is at this stage. and urging anyone


who knows anything about this event, and anyone who saw any suspicious


behaviour in the area, to please come forward and report it


to the police. Through the evening,


those who knew the girl brought flowers and paid


tribute on social media. People living nearby are really


concerned by what's happened here. Many of them are too


distressed to be interviewed. One couple told me


they've got a teenage daughter, and she won't be walking to school


in her own tomorrow. Police have said they'll


increase patrols in the area As investigations continue to try


and work out what happened here, detectives are asking anyone


with information to contact them. that high bed occupancy rates


at hospitals across Yorkshire could be putting


patient safety at risk. Latest figures from NHS England show


that some Trusts have been operating which has led to many


operations being cancelled. Our health correspondent,


Jamie Coulson, reports. Anna is deaf, registered blind


and struggles with her mobility. The 41-year-old was born


with a rare genetic disorder which means benign tumours grow


throughout her body. Six weeks ago she was due


to have a long-awaited operation at Leeds General Infirmary


on her lower lip to help with her eating and speech


but it was cancelled on the day While Anna's operation


is important to her, she admits it's not life and death


and, while frustrating, cancelling non-urgent operations


is one of the ways hospitals The trust has apologised but says


like elsewhere in the NHS they are dealing with


unprecedented levels of demand. Hospitals try not to have bed


occupancy rates above 85%, otherwise research suggests


they can have frequent bed shortages, occasional


bed crises and an increase During the first week


of January, hospital trusts in Yorkshire had an annual bed


occupancy rate of more than 94%. At the Teaching Hospital


in Leeds, it was over 97%. We already know that there


is a huge shortage We know that there is around 26,000


vacancies for nurses throughout the UK, therefore we are absolutely


clear that safe patient care cannot be delivered with


those kind of occupancy levels. Hospitals say bed shortages mean


they have to prioritise those patients whose needs


are most urgent. But that means those like Anna


must continue to wait. Our health correspondent,


Jamie Coulson, joins me now. Why are bed occupancy


levels so important? Hospitals need to keep capacity in


the system so they can kill with emergencies that come in. Also, if


hospitals are to fall, it can be difficult for them to control


infection rates. The reasons for high occupancy rates are complex and


varied. Essentially, if you have got too many patients coming in through


the front door who need to be admitted but not enough leaving who


are fit to go, but had me have robins with social care, then that


causes problems with the flow of the whole hospital system. Marcus from


the Nuffield Trust. We have seen that a third of trusts are declaring


that these pressures average the point where they are affecting


patient flow. Occupancy levels are very high, often too high to move


patients through in a timely way. The statistics are not looking good.


What is NHS England say about this? They say it is not uncommon for the


hospital trust to be facing winter pressures at this time of year. It


is not uncommon for them to have 100% overnight. That you'd be a


short period of time. If patients do need care in a hospital, or a


similar setting during the winter months, then they will get it. Thank


you. Hundreds of people gathered


to release balloons near the school that Katie Rough


went to in York on what would have Katie died after being found


with serious injuries A 15-year-old girl's been


charged with her murder. Her family wanted every colour


of the rainbow to represent


the exuberance of their little Katie and balloons to mark what would have


been her eighth birthday today. An invitation on Facebook


for anyone to attend touched hundreds of people,


who waited quietly in Westfield Park to write a balloon message


for Katie with thoughts and prayers


or sign a book, not for condolences


but to celebrate her life. I was asked if I would consider


supplying balloons. I immediately said yes. I was moved by it. I just


wanted to help. I think it's nice how


the community have come together. I think we need to...everybody show


support in circumstances like this and just celebrate


Katie's life, really. Especially being a young lass


from our area, you don't expect stuff like that to happen


in your own area. And I've got a son who's a year


older and it just makes you think. Katie was found with knife wounds


near a playing field Just two days later,


her family had the terrible ordeal of seeing a 15-year-old girl


charged with Katie's murder. At the spot where she died,


hundreds of flowers have been laid in an expression of the empathy


and concern of the wider York community, who supported


the family again today. Katie's parents, Alison


and Paul Rough, were comforted by the Archbishop of York,


who accompanied them. it made a spectacle


of extreme poignancy, expressing so much more


than words ever could. Two women have been charged


with preventing lawful work from being carried out


during a protest Jenny Hockey and her friend,


Freda Breyshaw, were arrested in November as they demonstrated


against the council's decision to cut down a number of trees


on Rustlings Street. They are due to appear


before Sheffield magistrates It has been dubbed blue Monday, and


the weather has not helped. At least there have been no tidal surges this


week! Just look at the statements. It is spot the difference if you


look at the pressure chart. Weather France dying a slow death, high


pressure means settled conditions. The second half of the week, hardly


any wind either. Largely frost free. After a dreary start and we will see


some might rain drizzled a night, and mist and fog, the weather front


should fizzle away, and then we have got more patchy rain coming into the


north-west. Frost free, the lowest temperatures around for Celsius. The


Tuesday, it is overcast, dull and damp. Might start dry in South


Yorkshire, but this light rain and drizzle will sink southwards. A


miserable afternoon over the top of the Pennines. Eastern parts of


Yorkshire might stay dry, but little chance of any brightness, just a


light and variable breeze, and top temperatures at around five or six,


maybe seven Celsius. More of the same on Tuesday evening into Tuesday


night. Bowl, damp and dreary. Some mist and fog over the hills. By


first light Wednesday morning, it should be largely dry. Wednesday


itself looks mostly dry. Might brighten up a bit. Cloudy weather,


some breaks in the cloud. Cabbage is close to normal for the time of


year. That it from us, I will leave you with a summary


perhaps a little milder. If you like the mild weather, you'll have


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