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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Tributes to the teenager found dead near Rotherham.


as police question a man on suspicion of murder.


And a former Leeds' heart surgeon is found guilty of misconduct


Dry weather to come over the next few days,


but I'm afraid there will also be a lot of cloud.


I'll be back later in the programme with your full live forecast.


Tributes have been paid to a teenage girl who was found dead


The girl - named locally as 16-year-old Leonne Weeks -


was discovered on a path in Dinnington yesterday.


An 18-year-old man is still being held by police


after being arrested on suspicion of murder.


This is Leonne Weeks, named locally as the girl who was found here.


Police have yet to formally identify the body they discovered


in an alleyway on Lordens Hill, but are working with the family


of a teenage girl who had been reported missing.


and, as you can see, we're working very, very hard


to gather as much evidence as we can.


Unfortunately, and it is difficult for the family,


It's really, really important we do it methodically, in a slow manner.


We have got specialist people that you can see,


who are working and helping us do that.


Through the day, those who knew Leonne have laid flowers here,


and left messages paying tribute and social media.


Police have been at the scene again today.


and they've used a drone to capture aerial images of the site.


The principal of Dinnington High Cchool,


Police have arrested an 18-year-old man from the Dinnington area


Let's get the latest on this story now -


Abi is at South Yorkshire Police headquarters in Sheffield.


Any updates tonight? So far this evening, no updates from


South Yorkshire Police. They have been at the scene again today they


have also been conducting house-to-house enquiries as well and


increasing patrols to reassure the divinity. They are questioning as a


local 18-year-old man on suspicion of murder. They have do decide


whether to charge him. They are appealing for anyone with any


information to contact them. There are also the results of a postmortem


information about her injuries and information about her injuries and


how she died. There has been a barn raising page setup as well for the


family, and we know that has raised around ?2000 so far. Thank you.


A former heart surgeon at the Leeds General Infirmary


has been found guilty of misconduct by a fitness to practice tribunal.


In a case brought by the General Medical Council,


Nihal Weerasena was shown to have committed various failings


The tribunal will now decide whether his fitness


Our health correspondent, Jamie Coulson, reports.


For more than a decade, Nihal Weerasena,


seen here on the left, operated and children and adults


In March 2013, he agreed to stop operating while the trust


began investigating concerns about his work.


A referral to the General Medical Council followed.


For the last week, a tribunal in Manchester has been


hearing allegations that, between 2008 and 2012,


there were various failings in the care Mr Weerasena gave


to six children and one adult here the Leeds General Infirmary.


Today, the Medical Practitioners' Tribunal Service found


that eight out of 14 allegations of misconduct


relating to six of the patients were proved.


In one case, an expert witness said the surgeon was guilty


of substandard practice for failing to decompress part of the heart


In another, Mr Weerasena's typed operation notes made no reference


to a major bleed and significant period of low blood pressure.


The tribunal will now decide if Mr Weerasena's


But the surgeon has faced accusations


In 2015, Leeds Teaching hospitals apologised


to the family of 11-year-old Bradley Brough,


who died after undergoing three operations in two days.


The trust later admitted errors were made


His mother has previously spoken of her anguish.


I get that people feel sorry for me and things like that.


He couldn't wait for this operation to make him better,


to make him be able to get on with his life.


Mr Weerasena stop operating in Leeds just four days before


the children's heart unit hit the headlines.


First, campaigners won a High Court battle to keep the unit open


but, within 24 hours, it had to stop operating in a row over death rates,


in which the unit was eventually declared safe.


Mr Weerasena has not been at the hearing,


but sent a letter stating he was being made a scapegoat


The Leeds Trust did not want to comment on his case,


but said it had absolute faith in the staff


The police investigation into the case of missing York


woman Claudia Lawrence is being scaled down.


disappeared on her way to work in March 2009.


Police believe she was murdered but they've found no trace of her


and no charges have ever been brought.


Their review of the case has cost ?1 million.


An inquest has ruled that a woman who was found stabbed to death


in her burning home in Garforth was unlawfully killed.


Susan Ashworth was discovered alongside


Wakefield Coroners Court heard that days earlier he'd had been released


from a mental health unit because they "needed beds".


The coroner recorded an open verdict on his death.


A West Yorkshire bridge which was severely damaged


by the Boxing Day floods in 2015 has been reopened.


Pedestrians and cyclists are now allowed to use Elland Bridge.


It will re-open for cars later this month.


Repairs have cost about ?5 million and taken more than a year.


A pioneering scheme set up in Leeds to reduce the number of offenders


returning to prison has been hailed as a huge success.


New Wortley Offender Support Team was launched last summer


and has dealt with 97 prisoners released form Armley.


So far only three have returned to jail.


Our home affairs correspondent, Spencer Stokes, reports.


A fresh start for former prisoner Ian.


he was released from Armley last August.


I had no place to go, there was nothing for me


you know what I mean, I had a purpose.


I know it sounds stupid but I had a purpose -


I had a job in there, I got paid for it.


And I even, a couple of days before my release date,


I was begging the governor if I could stay in there.


In the past, Ian committed crime so he could go back to prison.


A revolving door of release, reoffend, return to jail.


thanks to New Wortley Offender Support Team,


who have found him voluntary work in a local community centre.


but spearheaded by another former prisoner,


the scheme is helping to keep people out of jail.


What is unique with our project is that we've got me myself


as an ex-offender, and we've got other ex-offenders


and we can see where people are coming from.


the team have helped 97 former prisoners released from Armley.


Whereas West Yorkshire's overall reoffending rate


The next stage is to find ex-offenders work.


Colin is one of the first to gain employment through the scheme,


I've got a future, it's amazing, I love it.


Just earning my money, there's no feeling like it.


I can go and buy something from a shop now, when I've grafted,


worked and earned the money, it's an amazing feeling.


With this scheme, the release-reoffend cycle


Because former prisoners have found a new role.


Onto football and Barnsley were in FA Cup action tonight.


They lost their third round replay 2-1 at home


Meanwhile, Leeds will travel to non-league opponents


in round four after Sutton won their replay against Wimbledon.


Very dreary. A lot of cloud in the forecast this week and over the next


couple of days, a little bit of dampness around as well. Tomorrow,


predominantly cloudy. In other places to produce the odd spot of


drizzle. A settled week largely, a cloudy high. Next to Defour house


so, this week weather front will bring some dampness in places. It is


certainly camp out there tonight in some places. Some hill fog over the


Pennine chain. A little bit of light rain or drizzle is possible in


pockets out there. But that blanket of cloud will hold temperatures in


the countryside, reaching 45 degrees. A great start to the day


tomorrow, hill fog across the Pennines. Damp, drizzly conditions


in places. Having said that, there will be white a lot of dry weather.


Just barely grey. The best chance of the brightness, seeing some breaks


in the cloud, will be across parts of North Yorkshire. Relatively mild


for the time of year, getting up to around 10 degrees, although it may


not feel like it and about cloud. We will do it all again on Thursday.


Similar into the weekend, but cooler. That is it from us. I will


leave you with the summary at from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this weather watcher is a


football fan, it's a fan of weather that matters here. All sorts of


weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I


wonder if this six in the cloud across the Midlands into northern


England and parts of Wales felt colder, particularly in these misty


and foggy conditions in this weather watcher view. Some drizzly rain


around at times still from the thicker cloud into parts of England


and Wales overnight, hill fog too. Cloud for Scotland and Northern


Ireland, although a few breaks in eastern Scotland and close to


freezing, but the coldest weather overnight is where the skies are


clearest, that's parts of the south-east. A hard frost setting in


for some in the countryside, already close to minus four in a couple of


spots. Minus seven is possible in the morning because this


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