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Tonight the verdict on the Prime Minister's exit Strang. Join me now


on BBC Two. Good evening and welcome


to the late Look North. Tonight: Yorkshire Bank announces


its biggest closure plan ever - with 18 branches due to


shut in our region. Yorkshire is a hot spot


for dog fighting in the UK, the illegal practice


leaves its victims horribly maimed. The quiet and cloudy conditions look


set to continue but of hope through the weekend. Join me live for the


updated forecast. A glimmer of hope. Yorkshire Bank has announced


its biggest closure plan ever - which will see the number


of branches reduced by a third. The company says it's in response


to a rise in online banking. 18 of the branches


are in our region. It means that a total


of 200 jobs are at risk. Our business correspondent


Danni Hewson joins us live from the former


headquarters in Leeds. As you say this is the biggest


branch closure plan the bank has ever carried out and will seek the


number of branches cut by one third, taking them to under 100. It is the


latest in a series of changes for the bank first established in


Halifax in 1859. Two years ago it demerged from their parent company


when a buyer could not be found the Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank group


was floated on the stock market and just last year a smaller series of


branch closures was implemented. Bring us up to date. What is the


reason behind it? It is down to the fact more of us are doing internet


banking and in a statement tonight Yorkshire Bank said the changes will


help customers to interact with them whenever and however they want. Many


other banks have done some of restructuring but that is of no


comfort to the 200 staff now faced with redundancy and Unite said not


all customers want digital. There is a significant proportion


of society who do not want internet banking, do not want to do banking


on the telephone and who actually need and value face-to-face customer


service and we believe the industry, an industry that, let's not forget,


was bailed out by the British taxpayer to the tune of tens


of billions of pounds less than a decade ago, has a responsibility to


ensure people have retail banking in What will it mean to the customers?


It will leave some places without a bag altogether, the particular issue


for rural areas and in some cases it is 20 miles to the needed branch.


The closures are right across the region and all will be gone by the


end of the year. The bank says customers will be given 12 weeks


notice of branch closures and they will help them find alternate ways


of managing their money. Next tonight - it's a barbaric


and illegal sport which leaves its victims horrifically injured,


but according to the RSCPA dog fighting is still


rife here in Yorkshire. Rescue centres say the dogs'


injuries are heartbreaking - some have been used in fights,


others have been stolen Human entertainment


at the expense of animals. The underground world of dog


fighting is vicious and bloody, but believe it or not scenes


like these are heartbreakingly Meet Brian, a dog lover who knows


all too well the devastating effects He has actually got injuries,


as you can see, to his face, around his neck, this is the place


where the dog had attacked another Benji is not aggressive


and that is why he would have been used as bait, to test other dog's


fighting instincts without being We have seen several cases over


the years and with dogfighting quite often it is done by individuals that


are fighting them It makes me very sad to think people


can treat any dog bad, but a dog that is as beautiful


in temperaments as Benji it just... You cannot believe


a person would do that. In North Yorkshire the RSPCA


received 77 calls about fights In South Yorkshire


the figure is much higher, In west Yorkshire there were over


300 calls in ten years. Both West and South Yorkshire


are in the top five areas for the number of calls in the whole


England. But it's not just dogs,


it is thought these kittens found in Bradford last year were also


used as bait. They are coloured in so people can


bet on which one will die first. It was horrendous and


it was thinking, like, those cats were probably minutes


away from being ripped to shreds. Dogfights are illegal and you can


get up to six months in jail for being involved in one,


but the RSPCA says that is not enough to help animals


like these from being harmed. Luckily, Smurf and Trek have


now found a happy home. The Department for Rural Affairs say


they share the public's regard for animal welfare,


but at the moment this is a sport that's popularity is plain to see,


its presence in Yorkshire's In other news, a murder


investigation's underway in Halifax after a man died


following an attack. He was found fatally injured


at a house in Athol Close Two men, aged 33 and


25, are in custody. A post-mortem examination has


concluded that the teenager whose body was found in an alleyway


in Dinnington on Monday died Leonne Weeks' family have


released a statement saying they are devastated at the loss


of a beautiful daughter and sister. An 18-year-old man has been arrested


on suspicion of murder Pupils at Leonne's school have


been getting special support. Leonne was a lovely,


lively girl, some people who knew her knew the other side


to her, that she had an effervescent one of the things that is probably


most significant about her is she was a truly loyal friend and truly


loyal to her family. A man from Wetherby has won


a victory for disabled travellers Five years ago Doug Paulley couldn't


get on a bus because a woman wouldn't move her pushchair out


of the way of the wheelchair space. He took the fight all the way


through the courts, and now bus drivers will have to do


more to prevent people blocking The bus drivers union,


Unite, has asked for more If Doug tomorrow gets on a bus


and is refused access because the driver does not require


someone to fold their buggy, then Doug is entitled to damages,


and so is every other disabled service user trying


to access that service. It is a matter for First


whether they change that policy, or any other bus company


across the country, but if they do not they find it


will be a very expensive problem In North Yorkshire, firefighters


have been sent home without pay because of a dispute over


new style fire appliances. The vehicles are called TRVs


and some firefighters in Scarborough This is the new tactical


response vehicle now Scarborough is the first place


in the country to have one and it is already


at the centre of controversy. The Fire Brigade Union


says it should be manned by four firefighters,


North Yorkshire Fire Service said it only wants three


firefighters crewing it. When union members refused to staff


it on Monday bosses sent the men One of the firefighters who refused


to crew this tactical response vehicle was actually the only


firefighter on shift qualified to operate this


aerial ladder platform. That meant this vehicle was then put


out of action and the nearest aerial ladder platform was 25 minutes away


and would have to come The union claims the new vehicles


are not adequately staffed On Monday in Scarborough


we had a situation created by the Chief Fire Officer


which meant that people and the public of Scarborough


were down to one fire engine and did not have any high-rise


rescue capability when our members were at work prepared to ride them


with sufficient numbers. We are at the point now


where if staff are unwilling to ride them they are unfortunately


in breach of contract and we will continue to send


them home without pay If they refuse to ride


in the tactical response vehicles then there is no other word


for them to do. The other fire engine


at Scarborough was fully crewed, so it is not like we have another


response vehicle for them to crew, so until they are able to fulfil


the contract that will continue The new vehicles and crewing


arrangements are to be introduced Meanwhile, the dispute shows no


sign of being resolved And now trying to catch up with the


weather. Very grey And now trying to catch up with the


weather. Very grey and very boring. There will be some brightness later


on. Tomorrow is mostly dry and cloudy with high-pressure dominating


our weather and subtle changes through the weekend. Hopefully we


will see some breaks materialising late on Saturday and especially on


Sunday. The main story is a lot of fine weather. Some drizzle showing


up on the picture and some mess over the hills. But it is frost free will


stop so for Thursday it is cloudy and a bit damp at first, otherwise


in other dry and nondescript day with a lot of cloud and perhaps a


bit of brightness. The light and variable breeze and top temperatures


of eight Celsius. Thursday evening, and Thursday night, cloudy, mostly


dry, some drizzle in places, light and variable breeze and frost free.


Further ahead, Friday is again cloudy but mostly dry, so this


Saturday but subtle changes in the wind direction might encourage some


breaks. Early next week it is settled and eventually by the end of


next week we get more wet and windy weather back.


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a variety


of different weathers, for example this beautiful sunset in Southampton


which was shared by a Weather Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby


thanks to an awful lot of cloud around and very little deviation by


day or night from the rather grey routine.


That is because we have a weather front, albeit very weak and very




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