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Good evening, you're watching the late Look North.


Primary school children are told to delete a mobile


phone app after a man exposes himself to them online.


And, the BBC learns of eight possible locations


for a parkway station on the High Speed Two rail line.


It looks like tomorrow will be the coldest day of the winter season so


far. Join me for the live updated forecast.


But first tonight, a special report from inside an anti-fracking


A small group of protestors moved in just before Christmas,


and now a growing number of people are calling a field at the edge


The area is one of two sites in Britain, where the controversial


process of extracting shale gas has been given the go ahead.


Our business correspondent Danni Hewson reports on her night


at the so-called front line in the fight against fracking.


What is quickly apparent is the support this camp is receiving


Donations of logs, food, water and many willing hands.


It has become something of a hub and draws in visitors


Some local campaigners had resisted the arrival of a camp,


but others feel this was always the next step.


We still want to go back to court and win on environmental grounds,


but while this is here, people want to show...


It's the only way to say no politely, respectfully.


But it has only been a month, and those on site are preparing


Wi-Fi, 3G, sturdy structures are going up, and of course


The self proclaimed protectors are trespassing.


This site belongs to the owners of nearby Flamingo Land.


It is not ideal, but that is the nature


The amount of common land is very limited,


particularly in this area, and the amount of unused land


We do have a Plan B, but I can assure you that would have


greater implications on the local community than us being here.


He says they have begun a dialogue with the landowner,


but their presence on private land is a source of tension locally.


As night falls, another issue emerges.


With the visitors gone, most of those at the camp


are from out of the area, many veterans from other protests.


As we sat by the fire, I asked him what he hoped to achieve.


Wherever that has been a protection camp there has been success.


We have got optimism, we believe we will be successful.


We would not camp in this field through winter


Within months, this could be the first place to be


hydraulically fractured since the moratorium was ended.


Legally, the company that has invested time and money in this site


now have the green light, and they have no truck


I have sympathy with anyone who has a genuine concern


about what it is we are going to do, but what they should


As so many of the locals in the area have.


After they have been to see us, and we have explained


what it is we are going to do, 99% of them leave happy and assured


that what we are going to do is going to be done safely.


But such is the concern of those at the camp they are willing


to endure inhospitable conditions to wage their battle.


After this, it will go everywhere, so we have got to stop it here.


The next few months will tell the story.


Parents across Leeds have been warned about a mobile phone app


after a man exposed himself to a group of primary


Lively allows users to broadcast video from their phone


But parents have been told it can provide opportunities


for children to be groomed, as Emma Glasbey reports.


It is the latest app designed for teenagers.


Live-ly is being used by young people to live stream group


But now there has been an incident in Leeds highlighting


Some primary school children were using Live-ly on Monday night.


A man they didn't know joined in the chat.


He went on to expose himself and performed a sex act.


The next day, the school sent a letter to parents,


There seems to be a bit of a deficit in parents' knowledge of what can


actually happen online, and at the moment it seems that this


deficit is what is being exploited by people who want to exploit it.


West Yorkshire Police now have specialist detectives


investigating the case, and hunting for the man involved.


Well, the concern with live streaming as we have seen here is


that children don't always know who they are streaming to, and they can


be exposed to inappropriate content. Carrots are being told they need to


be more aware of exactly what young people are doing on social media --


parents. We know that many parents of preschool children across Leeds


received a message today saying that apps like Live-ly are not safe for


young children. There is a significant risk of inappropriate


contact. Herod are being advised to make sure that children do not have


access to these apps -- parents. They must also switch on privacy


settings so children are protected when they are on any Internet site.


Five men have been found guilty of the sexual abuse of two girls


Matloob Hussain, Mohammed Sadiq and brothers


Basharat, Nasser and Tayab Dad, were convicted after a trial


Amjad Ali pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.


The offences date back to the late 1990s.


Yorkshire Building Society Group is to close four branches


in our region as part of a company-wide restructuring


plan.YBS sites in Farsley, Mirfield, Waterloo near Huddersfield and Wyke


will close in May, putting 20 jobs at risk.


Nationally, 44 other branches will close, putting nearly 10%


The company says it hopes to minimise redundancies as it


focuses more on its mortgages and savings businesses.


The BBC has learned of eight possible locations


for a parkway station on the High Speed Two rail line.


In South Yorkshire they would be Wales, Bramley, Hooton Roberts,


Mexborough, Hickleton and Clayton, along with Hemsworth


Tom Ingall's been talking to those living at one


The new HS2 line is expected to cross it just ahead of the bridge


That's why a parkway station might be built here,


just a few hundred meters from the village of Clayton


People bought these houses in a remote location


and they have bought them because they want to live in


They want to live in the countryside, they don't


want to live beside a 1700 space car park and a train station.


What if it promoted economic regeneration in the air?


As long as it means people aren't losing their homes to put up


Clayton is one of eight sites being considered


to serve South Yorkshire, to supplement the proposed Sheffield


One of the drivers behind the parkway is to be able to spread


the benefits of HS2 as widely as possible across Yorkshire,


and to make sure as many people as possible have access to it.


This is going to be a very big year for HS2.


First of all, they should finally pin down their route options


for this part of the world, and doubtless there will be a nip


Secondly, and more importantly, within a few months they are likely


to stick shovels on the ground to build the first part of the line


For people who like or dislike the idea of a parkway


station near their village, everything is still to play for.


It might be quiet today, but in 20 years' time,


this part of the world could look very different indeed.


Football, and there's one result for you.


Chris Wood's 20th goal of the season helped Leeds United to victory


The result takes them up to third in the Championship.


Time now for the weather forecast. Tomorrow will be the coldest day of


the winter season so far. Let's have a look at the headline then. Raw,


bitterly cold, a significant wind-chill. The air is being drawn


up from France and Holland, but eventually as we move into the


weekend, the Atlantic pushes through. Sunday looks nice with a


ridge of high pressure, and next week are increasingly we will see


milder and wetter south-westerly air coming in right across Yorkshire and


the North Midlands. We are beginning to see low cloud pushing up from the


south-east. That cloud thick enough for a bit of drizzle, if fuel light


snow flurries, frost and eyes to with temperatures down to minus two


Celsius. So a really cold, raw day tomorrow. Overcast skies, some mist


and fog, probably just for the tops of the hills. Any brightness at a


premium. A significant wind-chill with a fresh south-easterly wind.


One Celsius the top temperature in Leeds, but elsewhere really


struggling at around freezing. As the head through Thursday evening,


more of the same. Overcast skies. Patchy light sleet and snow for a


time as we head to the early hours of Friday morning. That will leave


ice and frost. Another dull, damp and whole day on Friday at the


weekend looks milder. I will leave you with the summary of


tomorrow's weather. take a look at the Outlook towards


the weekend. Good evening. If you think it was


cold today, for many it will be colder still tomorrow. Cold even


when we have the sunshine today. This was one of the wonderful


weather watcher pictures we had sent in from Cornwall. It contrasts with


a cloudy and foggy eastern half of the country, and a bank of cloud.


Still foggy, but it is starting to lift. It is being pushed north and


west, this bank of cloud. That will continue through the night. We will


still have some fog sitting on the hills. Even with the cloud, it will


be a cold night, with temperatures away from the far north and west


falling to freezing. In the countryside, well below freezing.


And on the wind and it will feel better, it already feels better.


Giving us some freezing drizzle and snow as well. Although the fog will


not be as extensive as recent nights, it will still be


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