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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening, and welcome to the late Look North.


Police investigate after a Conservative councillor was caught


on camera making lewd comments to a hunt protestor.


And the Bradford woman who made it home to cook tea after narrowly


And after a bitterly cold day today, with subzero temperatures across the


boards, they are going to rise as we head towards the weekend. I'll be


back later in the programme with all the details.


Police are investigating an altercation between


a Conservative councillor and a protestor at a hunt


Charles Carter - from Birdsall, near York -


was caught on camera making sexual comments to Linda Hoggard


when she confronted him about fox hunting.


He's since resigned his position as a district councillor in Norfolk.


Our correspondent John Cundy takes up the story.


Excuse me, didn't you know that hunting was banned?


The moment when Linda Hoggard approached Charles Carter


The hunt protester challenges Mr Carter,


Charles Carter has been a district councillor


in Norfolk for five years, but he resigned overnight after


His council leader said he was appalled.


In June 2015, Charles Carter, as Master of the West Norfolk


Foxhounds, was interviewed about the ban on fox hunting.


Having to look over one's shoulder, all the time, for fear


of being in breach of bad law, is not what the country


But Charles Carter has now moved his home to Birdsall, near York.


And the Middleton Hunt with whom he now rides


is described as one of the most historic in North Yorkshire,


Now Charles Carter's comments have brought


I don't know if it's been blown out of proportion or not.


He's defninitely stepped over the line.


He made some sexual comments to her...


That's not relevant to the situation at all, is it?


It's understood Mr Carter has now phoned Mrs Hoggard


I know he contacted the protester to apologise to the husband and make


it clear it was meant in no way to be rude.


This is a problem that is seemingly getting out of control.


The problem is that the hunt's lobby organisations refuse pointedly


to condemn or apologise for these incidents,


and they're just getting worse and worse.


North Yorkshire Police have confirmed they are


Figures out today reveal the chaos unfolding in prisons in Yorkshire.


The number of fights, serious assaults on officers


and the number of prisoners self-harming are now


In Doncaster, Leeds and Wakefield, the number of fights


has more than trebled, climbing from over


300 in 2010 to stand now at over a thousand.


And five years ago, 11 prison officers were seriously injured.


That figure has now more than doubled.


And the number of prisoners self-harming has reached


I sliced my neck, chopped me ear off.


Obviously, at the time, they weren't really


John Bedford has been out of prison for almost a year now.


He spent most of the previous eight inside.


His medical notes detail his mental health struggles during his


Page upon page of self-harm incidents and suicide attempts.


Nobody was visiting me, I had nothing, do you know what I mean?


I was just a little boy stuck in something


Were you trying to kill yourself, John?


John was often in conflict with prison staff, frustrated


by the lack of help and a spell in isolation.


This footage from inside HMP Leeds shows an example


John bit a member of staff while he was being restrained.


He says he'd been denied exercise for two weeks.


John is far from being the only prisoner to try


There were more than 400 incidents of self-harm at HMP Leeds


alone in the last year, and also four suicides.


That's the highest the figure has been for almost a decade.


It's a problem right across Yorkshire.


The most high-profile deaths over the last 18 months,


Jenny Swift at Doncaster prison and Vikki Thompson at HMP Leeds.


The Ministry of Justice admits that violence,


self-harm and deaths in prisons are too high.


We're investing ?100 million in appointing new officers,


2500 officers across the estate, so that offenders have both


the support and the challenge, but also safety in place.


John says he knows he deserved to be in prison.


What he wanted was to break the cycle of reoffending.


He says he has now, but it's despite,


not because of, his treatment inside.


I've been speaking to Dave Todd from the Prison Officers Association.


He believes many of the inmates simply shouldn't be in prison.


There are limited spaces within secure units in the mental


health setting, so unfortunately, prison officers get prisoners


They should have better care from mental health


Prison officers are very, very good at what they do,


and they control a lot of issues, they control a lot of


They have small bits of training, but, unfortunately, we are not those


The Government, of course, has set out plans to put billions


more pounds into this to try and help to get


It will help, but, unfortunately, what the Government are proposing


at the minute is only to try and stem the flow.


Those staff with experience are leaving in their hordes


Your prison officers have a role to play within this, don't they?


It's difficult for them, their working conditions, but equally,


it's difficult for the prisoners inside.


Could they perhaps deal with the prisoners in a better,


Unfortunately, when you've got learned behaviour


in problem-solving, you use violence.


You can have two prison officers in charge of upwards of 100


prisoners on one landing, or on two landings.


I don't know how anybody would expect two prison officers


to be able to control that amount of prisoners.


Do you think there's some kind of resistance


Prison officers want to create a rehabilitative culture.


They take pride in not seeing a prisoner come back into prison.


But, fortunate, the way the Government and Noms have left


prison officers in the absolute mire, prisons at the minute


The prosecution case against three people arrested


by police in Sheffield for protesting against the felling


The three included Jenny Hockey and Freda Brayshaw, a retired


They were arrested after a dawn tree-felling operation last year,


and were facing charges under the Public Order Act.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission says it's found


"no indication" of potential misconduct by police officers during


West Yorkshire Police referred itself to the watchdog


following claims that there were a number of fires at businesses


The IPPC today confirmed it won't launch a fresh


inquiry into the blaze, which killed 56 people in 1985.


A woman from Bradford had a very lucky escape this week,


surviving what could have been an horrific car crash.


CCTV captured the moment Helen Wilson was hit by a car,


which lost control in icy conditions on Old Road in Horton Bank Top.


Amazingly, she walked away without any injuries.


No cuts, no bruises, just my lower back is sore. Down my side and both


elbows. I can't even see any bruising at the minute. It must be


there somewhere. You tend to go back and think, if I had just been sat


there for a few minutes with the car door open, it could have taken my


legs of, anything. That's frightening, thinking about stuff


like that. I don't, try and focus on the good side, that I'm here.


Very lucky woman. Well, will there be icy conditions tonight?


There will be, some drizzle, so there could be a frost tomorrow.


Temperatures stayed subzero right through today. Maxton temperatures


at 3pm today, remarkable for this time of year. Temperatures are going


to recover through tomorrow and then through the weekend too. A band of


rain, Friday into Saturday, opening the doors for Atlantic weather as we


head through the weekend and into the early parts of February. Clear


spells in the east, and then thicker cloud across the hills. Possibly the


odd winter flurry, some frozen drizzle, and with the widespread


frost once again, we're looking at icy stretches. A cold start to the


day, in the morning, it will recover in the afternoon. Doug surprised if


we get further drizzle through the afternoon. It will feel cold across


at Pennine chain. Temperatures a bit higher tomorrow afternoon, but it.


Feel pretty cold. Into the weekends, a band of rain Friday night into


Saturday, as a wet start to Saturday, drier in the afternoon.


Sunday could see rain for a time, then milder into the start of


February. That's it for the Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


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