27/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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A man's in custody after the teenage brother of a young Leeds United


Raheem Wilks was found fatally wounded outside


Police say a murder inquiry is underway and are holding


a 49-year-old man in connection with incident.


Phil Bodmer has tonight's main story.


Crime scene investigators at Gathorne Terrace


A white police tent at the entrance to a barbershop where


a 19-year-old man was fatally shot yesterday lunchtime.


The victim was named locally as Raheem Wilks,


older brother of Leeds United under-23 player Malik Wilks.


Today, Mr Wilks' grandparents paid tribute to the teenager.


Everybody, yeah, everybody loves him.


I was the last person to see him go out, and it really hurt me


There are many questions to be answered now, though.


That's it, yeah - I want to know who and why and what.


Throughout the day, friends and relatives laid flowers


One message read simply, to daddy, you were taken too soon.


Well, police say that although their inquiries


are at an early stage, they believe the victim


As a result, they're increasing patrols in the area


Police say a 49-year-old man is being held on suspicion of murder.


At his weekly press call, Leeds United manager Garry Monk said


that the club were offering support to Raheem's brother Malik,


who is in the squad for this weekend's FA Cup game


Our job is to focus on supporting him and how he feels and how he is,


and we are giving him the best support possible,


That's what we are as a club, as a staff, and as everyone


Specially-trained liaison officers are now supporting the victim's


Police say they understand what happened here will cause


As more flowers were laid at the scene tonight,


additional neighbourhood policing teams will be on the street to


People living in a block of flats say they feel "held to ransom"


after their flood insurance shot up to more than ?26,000 a year.


The insurance is split between 12 flats in Topcliffe near Thirsk


that were badly flooded in September 2012.


Topcliffe Mill back in 2012, a year that many people


More than four years on, and the flood water may have


disappeared but the people living here are still paying the price -


Back then, the insurance was ?1,500 per year,


So it was all throughout all of the flat...


For residents like Ruth, the service charge on their homes


It's like another mortgage every month, basically.


People are struggling and we're all struggling.


We're just 12 normal homeowners who have unfortunately been in this


position where we've been flooded, but we're still paying the price.


Back in September 2012, this entire area was completely underwater,


but a lot of people that are affected by flooding are


protected under a Government scheme which keeps their insurance low.


But because the people living here are leaseholders


rather than freeholders, they're not protected


Martin lives a few doors down and what bothers him most


is the ?75,000 insurance excess he'll have to pay if


Not only is the premium extremely high, but with the level


of flood excess, it makes the policy valueless, really.


It's incredibly frustrating, it's demoralising, and we all dread


this time of year when we're looking at renewing our buildings


But the local MP says this is one of his top priorities.


We were promised a scheme - that scheme hasn't worked.


We need to go through that process again.


We need to meet with the Secretary of State again -


I've requested an interview with Andrea Leadsom,


We need to meet with the insurance companies again and the broker


networks again to make sure we find a solution.


The British Insurance Brokers' Association says they're


launching a scheme to help leaseholders get cover.


But, in the meantime, people like Ruth and Martin


are wondering how they will manage to pay this year's insurance,


more than four years since their homes were flooded.


Ali Fortescue, BBC Look North, Topcliffe.


A West Yorkshire MP is urging the government to commit


to a national campaign to tackle a fall in the number of women having


More than a quarter of women don't have regular smear tests.


During a commons debate, Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff looked


at how more women could be encouraged to book appointments.


Will the minister commit to a national campaign to prioritise


increasing the level of cervical screening attendance?


And how will the Government encourage cooperation


between the different levels of the health service to ensure


that we see cervical screening rates rise once again?


Parents of three and four-year-old children in North Yorkshire


will soon be able to receive double the amount of free childcare


Eligible parents will be able to claim up to 30 hours of childcare


per week from April, doubling the existing 15 hours


Parents in York are already benefiting from the scheme,


which is expected to be rolled out nationally next year.


The announcement has been welcomed but nursery bosses say the money


they receive is unlikely to cover their costs.


Sheffield Theatres are celebrating after being awarded the title


of Regional Theatre of the Year for the third time.


Industry judges were impressed by their productions,


including the classic Show Boat which ran at the Crucible last year.


Praise was also given for the theatre's policy of making


Several Yorkshire riders are competing in


the Cyclo-cross World Championships in Luxembourg this weekend.


Huddersfield's Amira Mellor is in great form, ahead


Our national under-23 men's champion Billy Harding has one


of the hardest jobs, in a tough race category on Sunday.


And Leeds teenager Tom Pidcock is hot favourite for


I am not sure it is good weather for cycling. Let's take a look.


It's been bitterly cold but the good news is it is going to be less so.


Milder weather is on the way, but with that, cloud


and some rain at times over the next few days.


And we have got rain out there this evening,


spells of it continuing on and off overnight, and lots of cloud,


but that will hold temperatures up higher


than last night, down to around one or two Celsius.


So, tomorrow, through the morning, a lot of cloud.


As you can see, outbreaks of rain and drizzle.


An improvement through the day, but it will be a slow process.


The rain could be more light and patchy, with better


spells of dry weather, and we're hopeful but it's not


guaranteed that there will be some cloud breaks pushing


in from the west towards the end of the day.


A high of around six or seven Celsius.


A lot of uncertainty about Sunday - a fine start, clouding over,


and there will be a spell of rain for some of us,


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