09/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Tonight, doubly good news for South Yorkshire.


1700 workers' jobs in South Yorkshire are safe tonight


after the sale of Tata Steel to an Indian company.


And super car manufacturers Mclaren race into the Sheffield region


with a new factory planned creating 200 jobs.


And another cold day is expected tomorrow with the potential for some


snow in the weekend. I will be back later in the programme with your


full, live updates. Hundreds of workers


in South Yorkshire have had their jobs secured with the sale


of Tata Steel to an indian company. The speciality steel business


is being sold for ?100 million It safeguards the sites


in Rotherham, Stocksbridge In a moment we'll get reaction


from the MP for Rotherham but, first, Heidi Tomlinson,


reports on the story. With long-standing customers


like Rolls-Royce and Airbus, it was always hoped that


South Yorkshire's expertise in producing specialist steel


would appeal to a buyer. Liberty House is already firmly


established in the UK steel market. Its acquisition of the sites


in Rotherham and Stocksbridge The Indian firm's been quick to


offer reassurance to staff at Tata. Yes, we are saying that we will


maintain jobs in this business as there are at the moment


and indeed we will look for ways to actually build this business


and grow this business The ?100 million deal will bring


relief to the 1700 people who work for Tata in


Rotherham and Stocksbridge. The plants were put up


for sale last March. The company blamed high energy costs


for its own profitability. The company blamed high energy costs


for its unprofitability. In the summer, unions


and politicians staged protest marches finding government


help to keep the industry That strength of feeling


and dedication has been I think what it is is about a credit


to the employees and trade unions and the management here,


it has been about pulling together and really finding something,


which will make us fit for the future through that


transformation pan and focusing for the future through that


transformation plan and focusing on the value-added product such


as aerospace, which take us Unions are in the process


of negotiating a new pension scheme. But there has been a positive


response to the Liberty deal. Given the right investment,


given our product that we make, we should be able to be fit


for the future and move on and be great for this area


because without this steel industry, There's no doubt that steel


jobs dominate the area's employment and have done


since the 19th century. Security of those jobs will benefit


the surrounding economy. South Yorkshire can continue to take


pride in this reputation Well, earlier Rotherham's MP


Sarah Champion gave me her Oh, I am absolutely


delighted and relieved. I am just really grateful that both


Tata, the unions and the workers really sort of strove to get


the best deal. Speciality steel is such


an important part of our area, such an important part


of our economy, so to have that There has been such uncertainty


over this, hasn't there? Have you been surprised that it has


actually finally come off? Well, for years now there has been


uncertainty around steel. We have always argued that


speciality steel in South Yorkshire is the best in the world


and deserves to be saved. The pressure that the workers have


been under, not knowing if they are going to have a future,


not knowing if they are going to be So today is just a huge relief,


both for my town of Rotherham but also for the workers


in the whole of South Yorkshire. And how reassured you think those


workers will be under this employer? I think that Liberty House


is a good employer. There has been a lot of due


diligence done by both Tata and the unions to make sure


they are going to protect all of the workers'


rights going forward. The biggest threat


we have got the moment We have been campaigning for years


to try and get them to understand the pressures that steel is facing


at the moment, so things like incredibly high energy prices


that makes them uncompetitive, the tariff system, which means


that the Chinese can dump their steel here,


and of course the increasingly Whilst it's great news that


Liberty House is going to be taking over specialist steel,


we need to make sure that the government plays their part


to secure its future as well. Have there been any


compromises in terms Sadly there have been


compromises about the pension. Typically, unfortunately,


it is the workers that I think, though, they have


been pragmatic about it. Workers should be commended


because they have taken personal financial cuts so that they can


have a secure future. It is not something you ever


want to see but I do admire them Sarah Champion, think


you very much for your time. Next tonight, and the luxury super


car manufacturer McLaren is going to build a ?50 million


chassis factory creating The factory will build


parts for the super cars at the University


of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research


Centre near Rotherham. Construction's due to start soon,


with two years of research and development work


ahead of production. If you like your toys,


you're probably familiar The ultimate in precision


engineering and pretty soon made in Yorkshire,


well, this bit anyway. It's the chassis, which up


until now has been But today a deal was signed,


which will bring production To have very supportive partners


makes it work but actually because there has been this kind


of work in the region for a time, growing, you know, there's quite


a bit of areas here with Boeing, with Airbus, with Rolls-Royce plc,


then there's some skilled people here in the area already,


so we're not starting from scratch, we're able to build on something


that has already been started In fact, the prototype will be made


here at Sheffield University's factory 2050, just up the road


from the Advanced It's exactly the kind of investment


in the region's pushing for. This is a fully commercial


manufacturing environment where stuff that's made in this


place can do things. The University of Sheffield


was Boeing's aerospace We have eliminated the gap


between ideas, research and product. I think we are the only place


actually has done it in that way. Now, though the price tag on these


cars means they are way outside the budget of most of us,


the fact that at least part of them is going to be built in the region


is a fantastic calling card. It is also a brilliant way


to get more young people 200 jobs will be created


here, including a number First of those has just


given the good news. It is exciting and yes,


it was pretty unexpected. I count myself extremely lucky


and to be working on machines The technical bit is the material


the chassis will be made from, something that will help develop


more electric cars going forward. But realistically, most people just


like the way they look. I love manufacturing,


I love engineering. I think it's a fascinating


discipline but when this is the product that results from it,


you can't help getting, you know, inspired, excited,


and motivated by it and it I know all the people that


work for us are really, really proud of the products


that we make. The first Yorkshire built chassis


could be powering off the line Danni Hewson, BBC


Look North, Sheffield. In other news, the dispute over


train guards which brought the south east to a halt has spread


to Northern Rail, which runs The RMT Union is to ballot


conductors on strike action. It wants assurances about their


future role on the network. The union is already involved


in a long-running dispute Arriva North, which operates


the service, has called the ballot Controversial plans for a new waste


incinerator at Thwaites, near Keighley, have been approved


by councillors in Bradford. People who live near the site say


the new plant will be a blot on the landscape and affect


the value of their homes. They're also worried


about possible risks to health. But councillors believe


the benefits of the proposal Leeds Rhinos have lost their opening


match 6-4 to St Helens Leeds, who endured a miserable


season in 2016, were the better team in the first half with centre


Joel Moon handing off debutant Ryan Morgan to score a try midway


through the first half, but St Helens drew level two minutes


into the second half when stand-off Theo Fages,


dummied his way over the line and Mark Percival's conversion


put his side in front. OK let's catch up with the weather.


Did going to snow? Yes, I think it is. Not just on the tops? Or likely,


several centimetres for the higher ground but there could be wintry mix


for the lower grounds. We are most concerned about Friday night into


Saturday. There has been really drab Saturday. There has been really drab


today and I think for a lot of us it will be similar tomorrow. Although


there should be some brighter spells it will be predominantly cloudy,


chilly and wintry showers around as well. It is this feature later on


Friday night into Saturday where the showers will become heavier, more


frequent and there will be a mix of rain, sleet and snow. Not exclusive


to higher ground but I think that is where we will probably get the Cuban


nation of a few centimetres. Lower levels will mainly have sleet and


snow, too. -- probably get an accumulation. I think it is eyes


that will actually be the risk into tomorrow on untreated rose EU


brogues. -- untreated roads. There will be brighter spells from time to


time but from the word go there will be a few showers around you driven


in on that north-easterly breeze, which will freshen along the coast


later. Some brighter spells but quite a lot of cloud and a few of


those wintry showers. Feeling really cold, particularly along the coast


once that breeze freshens. Temperatures only two or three


Celsius. A mix of rain, sleet and snow showers overnight into Saturday


and three Saturday slightly less cold and quieting down from Sunday


onwards. That is it from the will turn a bit less cold again. All


the way up seven Celsius. At this time of year we can often


get the weather stories that reflect the battle between winter and


spring, and that's what's been happening in New York in the USA.


Yesterday, 17 Celsius, but today, it's been bitterly cold, just a


daytime maximum of -2, a significant