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Police have launched a murder inquiry after a 16-year-old boy


died after an incident in Leeds earlier today.


A number of streets in the Harehills area of Leeds remain sealed off this


A large police cordoned remains in Harehills Lane in Leeds tonight


following a serious assault on a 16-year-old boy this afternoon. The


teenager was taken to hospital with serious stab wounds. A died later.


Forensic officers are expected to remain at the scene for the next few


days as inquiry is to establish exactly what happened continue.


Motorists have been warned to expect some disruption as a result. A


15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in


police custody. Detectives are appealing for anyone with


information to come forward. A woman who was admitted


to a hospital ward and then asked to sleep in a shower room has made


an official complaint Lynne Dexter from Seacroft in Leeds


became seriously ill last Sunday. It comes as figures released today


show the pressure is increasing Our correspondent


Spencer Stokes has more. This is the room you would


have had to sleep in. A private room in hospital, but not


the sort patients might expect. On Wednesday night this week,


68-year-old Lynne Dexter from Leeds was asked if she would mind her bed


being wheeled into a shower room at St James' Hospital


so she could sleep there. I looked at her and I looked


at the room and I just started crying, and I said no,


sorry, I know you're under stress, but the answer is no,


and I couldn't stop crying. Lynne says the ward was full,


people were sleeping in the corridor and the shower room was the last bit


of space, but no place to put someone with asthma


and breathing difficulties. It was damp in there because someone


had had a shower in it that evening. She said it was fully cleaned,


but once somebody has been in a shower, it's not fully


cleaned, is it? In recent weeks, Leeds


Teaching Hospitals Trust, which runs St James',


has struggled with bed availability. Figures show at the start of this


week, out of 1,692 beds available, 1,671 were occupied,


meaning 98.7% were full. Tonight, Leeds Teaching Hospitals


Trust apologised to Lynne Dexter, explaining that during extremely


busy periods, patients sometimes have to be transferred


to what is called a non-bedded area. The trust goes on to say that it


does not regard a large shower area as the right accommodation


for a patient and they're The shower, according to Lynne,


did end up being slept in, I woke up and I went to the toilet


and there was an old lady in the shower room in a bed


and the sister said to me, "I was bullied into putting her


in there," so I said it's Back at home, Lynne says she has no


wish to return to Saint James' and has made a formal complaint


about being asked to sleep York Minster police are being given


the same powers as police officers in the cathedral's area. They have


undergone specialist training and will be able to arrest people should


they need to. The man behind plans to build


a new ?20 million theme park in Scarborough says it would take


the town "to the next level" Flamingoland owner Gordon Gibb


is the preferred bidder to take over the site of the former


Futurist theatre. In an exclusive interview


with BBC Radio York he says his plan would enhance Scarborough


as a visitor attraction A Victoria Cross awarded to a Leeds


soldier for his actions during the Battle of the Somme


will be auctioned off next month. George Sanders won the prestigious


award for gallantry in 1916. It's being sold along with his


Military Cross and other medals. Auctioneers think they could


fetch up to ?220,000. A new advice centre for miners


who worked in the former Selby The new service at Selby Community


Centre will offer ex-miners and their families support on issues


including industrial The last pit in the Selby


Coalfield closed in 2004. Many staff transferred or Lefty


industry altogether. -- left the industry.


13 years later, volunteers say the need for advice and help


We're a port of call for people who feel they're sturggling


with injuries and diseases picked up from the mining industry,


advice what to do next, we have a few gentlemen who have


problems with knees, breathing, vibration white finger.


Sport, and in Super League it was a great start


to the season as Castleford took on Leigh at Home.


They had the game in the back at half-time. -- bag. Castleford 44,


Leeds 16. Meanwhile, Huddersfield Giants


were away to Widnes, winning by 28 points


to the Vikings' 16. In football, couple of results


for you, in the championship, Sheffield Wednesday were at home


to Birmingham, they won 3-0. And in league two,


it was a goalless draw for top of the table Doncaster Rovers


who were away to Newport. Now let's get the


weather with Keeley. Some of us will see some snow


and we do have a warning out for the Pennine chain overnight


tonight and also the North York Moors where we could well see a few


centimetres of snow. In fact, above 200m,


we could see a few centimetres, The first feature passes


through overnight and tomorrow morning then we could have another


spell of snow, especially for high ground as we make our way


through Saturday night into Sunday, just slushy deposits


at lower levels. They will be a mix of rain,


sleet and snow, but they will become much more heavier and widespread


from the east later in the night and on higher ground above 200


metres we could see a few centimetres, slushy deposits


on lower levels and slippery surfaces on lower levels


as temperatures drop Similar conditions -


rain, sleet and snow showers - Snow becomes confined


to the highest ground through the day tomorrow,


but a cold, grey and cloudy Showers which will be more frequent


through the day then another spell of snow,


especially for higher That's it from the week


team here at Look North.