16/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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what it says about the president and his administration.


Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Thousands turn out to celebrate the life of a teenager


Concerns in Sheffield as the new bishop says


no to the ordination of women priests.


It's feeling a bit more like spring, isn't it?


Well, we're hanging onto that mild air over the next couple of days.


I'll have your full forecast, shortly.


The family of a 16-year-old stabbed to death in Leeds last week


has appealed for peace and forgiveness


following his funeral this afternoon.


His father said he forgave those who killed him.


Thousands turned out at the Bilal Mosque in Harehills


before attending a vigil close to the spot where he died.


A community united in grief, thousands packed the Bilal Mosque


in Harehills for the funeral of Irfan Wahid.


As a friend, as a brother, he was humble, very fearless,


he was full of love and he was always smiling.


Today we have had an amazing turnout from everyone.


It's not just Muslims, we've had people from all communities that


have turned up to show the support for our brother.


Irfan died from a single stab wound to the chest after he was attacked


This morning a 16-year-old boy appeared before Leeds Crown Court


charged with murder and possession of a knife.


Today's funeral was a celebration of a life lived.


Then an hour later people gathered close to the place


Remember, Iffy isn't dead, he is alive in our hearts and,


as his dad said to me, don't remember how he died,


Among those paying their respects at today's vigil, two former


teachers, who remembered Iffy with great fondness.


He was dedicated to learning, he made really good progress,


he was an asset to the school, a great community member,


really well liked by everybody and such a popular boy.


I remember that smile, that smile could change the world.


And I remember ducking into the cupboard to have to laugh


so I could tell him off when he had done something a little bit naughty


A great young man who brought people together.


Irfan's death is one of three fatalities in Harehills


over recent weeks - two stabbings, one shooting


and three lives lost, a sequence of events that's


Today was more than simply saying goodbye to a popular young man


with the best years ahead of him, it was a symbol of togetherness


Next tonight, there's growing anger in the Sheffield diocese


about the appointment of a new bishop who doesn't


Philip North takes up his position in June, but a female vicar


says his views make the Church of England look like


My family are from Doncaster, my grandfather...


The Right Reverend Philip North, very soon to be


He'll be installed this summer, but the appointment has been met


with dismay by some clergy in South Yorkshire, because he


Although Bishop Philip is very clear that he stands for equality,


and wants to see women flourish and he's really clear about that,


I think the very fact that he won't ordain women himself


has the potential to give out a really negative message,


that somehow the Church of England is a discriminatory organisation.


There was a similar outcry when he was nominated


for the Bishop of Whitby, so much so that he withdrew.


Philip North was consecrated at a similar time to the first woman


bishop in the Church of England, Libby Lane.


Despite their differences, the two are friends.


He maintains his opinions on the ordination of women


will not hinder his working relationships in Sheffield.


When Bishop Philip is installed here at Sheffield Cathedral


in June, he'll be in charge of around 70 women.


He's already held a meeting with some of them in Doncaster,


so will they be able to turn to him for advice, given his views?


Everyone I speak to speaks exceptionally highly of him


when they get to know him, when they're working with him.


People who perhaps expected not to get on with him are finding


he's one of the best supporters that they've got.


In his current role as Bishop of Burnley clergy


Now, they praise his ability to support and include.


I honestly think, once the women of Sheffield work with him,


they will realise how amazing he is and their doubts


The incoming bishop says he will ensure all clergy in his care feel


Heidi Tomlinson, BBC Look North, Sheffield.


Earlier I spoke to Dr Rachel Muers, a senior lecturer in


Christian Studies at the University of Leeds,


Well, it's unusual but it's not unprecedented.


There are other bishops who don't ordain women.


The Church of England has been ordaining women for more than


20 years now but it's stated, it stated again recently that


it wants to ensure that there's provision within the church


for people who, for theological reasons, for principal reasons,


So there are this minority within the church, including


So in practical terms, are we not going to be see


women vicars in his diocese while he's bishop?


Well, no, there are lots of women priests within the diocese


of Sheffield and I understand that Philip North's already met


with them, there has already been a lot of discussion about


He will ordain women as deacons and then the normal thing in these


situations would be for another bishop to ordain women


to the priesthood within the diocese so that we can go on having,


allowing for women's priesthood within the diocese.


But some people would see this as discrimination, wouldn't they?


Are we likely to see some women vicars put off applying


It's important to see this is an ongoing issue


It's something which the Church of England has said again recently


at the point where they decided that women could become bishops,


recognised again that this was still a grouping


within the church and still something for which provision


While that's the case these kind of tensions are still going to rise.


Rachel Muers, thank you for joining us.


The 15-year-old girl accused of the murder of seven-year-old


Katie Rough in York in January has pleaded not guilty.


The teenager, who can't be named for legal reasons,


Katie was attacked on playing fields in the Woodthorpe area


of York on January 9th. She died in hospital later.


Police made an arrest shortly afterwards.


The accused girl has been remanded into the care of the local


Planning permission for a new theme park in South Yorkshire has been


granted by Rotherham Council subject to Secretary of State approval.


It's hoped the ?37 million development on the former


Pithouse West colliery site would create more than 400 jobs.


Gullivers, the company behind the project, runs theme


Leeds United co-owner Massimo Cellino is to stay


in position at the helm of the club, for the time being at least.


His proposed ban by the Football Association has today been suspended


Cellino was due to begin a 12-month suspension


after being found guilty of breaching the FA's


But in his appeal Cellino alleges that the decision was unfair


And in Super League it was a disappointing night


The first half was a tug of war, but at the break Salford


began to pull away and things seemed lost for the Giants.


But in a game of two halves they brought it back coming


close to drawing with two tries from Mellor.


It wasn't enough, and a late penalty sealed the 20-30 win for Salford


Now a look at the weather forecast with Owain Wyn Evans.


We have had some improvements already this week. It is starting to


feel a little bit milder. Thanks very much. There is going to be some


sunshine on the way but I think what we will notice if the temperatures,


they will keep on rising. That trajectory will stick with us. Here


is the satellite picture from earlier. We will look at some


weather watchers pictures. There were some sunny spells. OK, a bit


cloudy across parts of North Yorks. A bit breezy on the bench, I reckon.


Overnight we will see a of dry weather out there. We have this


feature, weather front pushing in to western part and temperatures


getting down to three Celsius. Chile, mostly dry, a bit of drizzle


across western parts. Tomorrow, there is a lot of dry weather


around. We will see some brightness but the cloud wishes over towards


eastern parts but still coastal part hanging on to the best of the


brightness with highs of 10 Celsius. Tomorrow night, a repeat performance


but a d j view, it gets a bit further to the east and we will see


some bits of rain as well. I will show you the pressure chart. I


pressure is in charge. Let us take a closer look. Air in a clockwise


fashion drawing in the milder air and that will stay with us. For the


weekend, I reckon you will get a picnic, it will be mostly dry.


Monday, 13 sources in February. Those temperatures keep on going up.


I will leave forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller with a resume of the National weather picture.


Hello, rain for some of us today although it won't make much of a


dent in the dry winter so far across much of the UK. A few threatening


clouds in Cumbria but more than a threat of rain across the pond for


Friday. The wettest weather system of the season is over heading into


California, and there have been a few, with copious amounts of rain


and lots of mountain snow. Record-breaking wet winter so far in


parts of California. In Los Angeles this might be conservative, 50-100


millimetres of