15/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


getting married these Good evening and welcome


to the late Look North. The young brain tumour


patients from Yorkshire who campaigners say are being


short-changed by a lack And police and the council are told


to change the way they deal with people protesting


against tree-felling in Sheffield. And it's been another mild and sunny


day across the region, but there are a few changes to


come through tomorrow, and it does look unsettled


from Friday onwards. I'll be back later in the programme


with all the details. Campaigners from Yorkshire


who are calling for more money to be invested in brain cancer research


have taken their case They're angry that just 1%


of the national spend on cancer research is allocated


to the disease, yet they say brain tumours kill more children


and adults under the age of 40 Emma Glasbey has been to meet


two women who have been Aaron was a 20-year-old university


student when he discovered A lot of his friends would describe


him as the life of the party. One day, without warning,


Aaron had a seizure After surgery and radiotherapy,


his brain tumour disappeared, but two years later


Aaron's tumour came back. He died in December


at the age of 24. because you've got your 24-year-old


son and all he wants He wanted nothing more than to be


able to go to London and live with his friends from uni,


and it was all taken away from him. Aaron had been frustrated


by the lack of funding He donated his brain


to medical research. A 24-year-old in this


day and age should not lose his life to something that,


if they have the right kind of funding, if they have enough


funding, they can research The latest figures show 404 people


in Yorkshire were diagnosed That's a 13% increase on the year


before, so the problem is growing and, although it's the biggest


cancer killer of those under 40, just 1% of national cancer research


spending has been allocated Lisa has a tumour


growing into her brain. She's been told it


cannot be removed. Tonight, Lisa has been


at Westminster to join the campaign for more funding


for brain tumour research. I've lost a lot of friends that


I have met through this process with brain tumours,


and we're all like a little gang. But we keep losing people


on the way, so we really do need Lisa has recently undergone


radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Later this week she'll have a scan


to see if the treatment has Emma Glasbey,


BBC Look North, Baildon. South Yorkshire Police


and Sheffield Council have been told to change the way they deal


with protests against The multi-million-pound scheme


to replace trees and repair pavements has been controversial


and led to arrests. Now, South Yorkshire's


Police Commissioner Dr Alan Billings has said the whole issue


is being handled badly. We will have legal reaction


in a minute, but, first,


this report from John Cundy. By night and day across Sheffield,


trees deemed to be dangerous Are you proud of your city?


You are shouting. Some have been taken to court


but their cases were dropped. So far, 14 tree-felling protesters


like heritage writer Calvin Payne, All of those cases


thrown out of court. Now the police and the council


are being told they are going to have to find different ways


of solving this long-running Calvin Payne says his


fellow protesters will be I would tell them now that we will


only let you do what we decide as a community that we are going


to let you do. So if they want to do their work,


they need to come and talk to us, but we are not going to accept that


150-year-old tree is felled for Meanwhile, South Yorkshire's Police


Commissioner says the way the prosecutions have been handled


has been wasting time and money. In a sense, it is over to you,


Sheffield City Council, to find out a political solution,


but if they think that this can be resolved by the police taking action


and bringing arrests under trade union legislation,


that clearly isn't going to happen because the Crown Prosecution


Service won't allow it. There is a difference


between protesting and preventing, and the protesters,


if they are preventing the legal work and our responsibilities,


then I would ask them to consider this and stand to one


side, and allow us to South Yorkshire Police say


they acknowledge the dropping of the legal actions,


but have added... The controversial tree-felling


is due to be completed by the end of this year,


whether or not protests continue. John Cundy,


BBC Look North, Sheffield. Earlier, I spoke to James


Littlehales, a criminal barrister. I asked him what he thought


of the Police Crime Commissioner dismissing further arrests under


trade union laws. I thought all along


that they were in some difficulties arresting


and trying to prosecute people Certainly, for example, people


who were on their own private land, And I know the Crown


Prosecution Service have taken the view about it,


the various cases that there have been, and not proceeded with them,


and I can't say I'm shocked at all. Yeah, that's what they've


said, haven't they? The CPS have said they are not going


to pursue charges because they don't want to criminalise people


for peaceful protests. I think you must have the right


to protest peacefully, and it would appear lawfully,


in the circumstances now. So, the police are now placing it


back with the politicians, saying they need to take


a more active role. Will they, then,


use civil injunctions? The remedy for Sheffield


would be civil injunctions The problem there is it's


the council tax payers of Sheffield who are effectively funding any


actions against themselves. What would you say politicians


will be thinking right now, knowing that the Police


Crime Commissioner has said, I would be surprised


if they use a number Their concern must be


that they don't wish to alienate The Crown Prosecution Service has


received files from police in West Yorkshire, Derbyshire


and Nottinghamshire in relation Around 20 forces across the country


have been looking at the expenses of Conservative MPs in marginal


seats, to see if the costs of activists being bussed


in for support should have The constituencies involved


haven't been named. A fundraising page set up in memory


of a 14-year-old Sheffield boy who died following a kickboxing


fight has raised more than ?4,000. Scott Marsden died a few days


after collapsing during a kickboxing title fight in Leeds


on Saturday night. Yorkshire Ambulance Service has


responded to criticism of its response to the incident


from the president of the World Kickboxing


Association, England. It says it worked


tirelessly to save Scott. A teenager arrested in connection


with the death of a woman who was hit by a car in Doncaster


has been released on bail. 62-year-old grandmother Susan Gravel


was knocked down in Stainforth A 17-year-old boy who arrested


on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving has been bailed


while inquiries continue. A water pump has been unveiled


in York in honour of the scientist who first discovered that Cholera


was a waterborne disease. Dr John Snow was born


in the city in 1813. Today his descendants and academics


from the University of York gathered Dr Snow's research helped


end a cholera epidemic He was also


Queen Victoria's anaesthetist. People know about his work


on cholera perhaps more than his work on anaesthesia,


but I think his history is really, sort of, focused very


much on his London time, and his connections to York


are not very well-known, and I think it's a good thing that


we're having more prominence Now let's take a look


at the weather. It has been lovely today. Absolutely


sunny and it felt like maybe instead of March. Up to 15 Celsius. Say


goodbye to the dry and fine and sunny and mild weather, because


unsettled for Friday and the weekend. Tomorrow a transitional day


with more cloud and cooler, with a bit of rain in most places staying


dry. It has been settled but the pressure chart means lots of low


pressure and a fast moving jet stream pushing in our direction,


with several weather fronts through with several weather fronts through


Friday in the weekend. Quite blustery conditions as well with


tightly packed isobars. Some isolated miss Venus through this


evening and then generally a bit more cloud through the west


overnight. Merely for western and north-western part. Seven or eight


Celsius. The best sunshine tomorrow through the morning and away from


the hills. Gradually everywhere, a bit more cloud developing through


the day, before becoming overcast the day, before becoming overcast


during afternoon. Rain in the north-west edging down from the


deals along the Pennines and not much headway until tomorrow evening.


When it does, all this rain will fragment. Like a patchy rain later


in the day and soggy through the afternoon in the Dales. Cooler than


today with temperatures up to 11 Celsius. A cold start and touch of


frost on Friday and windy day with rain for the hills. That's it from


the late been. The outlook, rain around, if


it stays dry I will be surprised. Here is Nick with the national


headlines. For large parts of Wales and England


there was blue sky and warmth. Warmest day of the year, a clumsy


way of saying the UK had the highest temperature of the year so far.


There have been big contrasts. Some of that misty, murky weather to the


south-west is advancing across other parts of England and Wales through


the night. Ahead of that, where we have clear spells, central and


eastern England there could be fog patches developing, outbreaks of