11/05/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to the late Look North.


Tonight, what are the main political parties saying


It's one of the key issues in Yorkshire, particularly


Doncaster which has seen a big influx of migrants.


We need the acknowledgement that there are problems


It's getting like a ghetto round here, and you've got


two or three factors that don't like each other.


They just seem to keep to their own communities,


They send money back home, they don't spend it in England.


And a Bradford Imam is arrested in Pakistan over the murder


And a few changes in the weather over the next few days.


I'll be back later in the programme with all the details.


Politicians and commentators have been debating the leak


of Labour's manifesto, but one of the hottest


topics of the election - immigration - has, so far,


Jeremy Corbyn says there'll be no false promises on migration,


and immigration will be managed reasonably.


But what do voters in Yorkshire think?


It was one of the reasons why most people here voted


James Vincent reports from Doncaster where the immigrant population went


Sandwiched between the River Don and the East Coast Main line,


Hexthorpe's always been a proper labour part of Doncaster,


but if any party wants the voters here, they need


to get their immigration policy right, because whenever we went,


we found people worried about how that was affecting their lives.


They just seem to keep to their own communities.


I know there are difficulties here in Hexthorpe,


and I'm not going to be the one to say no, there aren't.


Everybody's got a right to make a good living for


themselves wherever they go, but you are going to get a few


A lot of them, they're decent people, you know.


The majority of them are really good folks.


There is still massive division within the community.


It's not being addressed appropriately with our politicians.


We're having to deal with it ourselves.


And that is where the politicians are meant to


Harry took the Look North red sofa out to


Saint George's Minster in Doncaster to try


and find out what those big ideas were.


Now that we're are leaving the European Union,


that we make sure we have a fair immigration policy and that we don't


leave other areas, for example like the NHS,


Theresa May has in the made it clear that in the negotiations,


she will prioritise freedom of movement.


Well, our policy, ultimate policy, is to get


Like we've said, we're going to do that...


You've failed for seven years to do that.


Well, when we have Brexit, we will have a completely


We will be able to control immigration


from within the EU, which has caused a lot of upset.


A lot of people don't feel that they've been


consulted and they don't feel they have consent.


The only way to control immigration


The only country that's been pushing for that for decades is Ukip.


Who would you trust to actually work genuinely and


constructively towards controlling our borders?


We want to have a fund to help communities to reconcile


the problems between communities and migrants coming in.


Initially funded by money from the European Union,


while we are still a member, from the social fund.


When those ideas are finally printed in manifestos,


people here will want to know the details.


Staying with the election, candidates for all of Yorkshire's


constituencies have been announced this evening.


Ukip are fielding 20 fewer candidates across the region


Our data journalist David Rhodes has been pouring over


In 2015, the four main parties all fielded candidates


But this time Ukip are fielding 20 fewer candidates.


Some of this is tactical so they're not standing in places


like York and Harrogate which voted to stay in the EU.


But there also not standing in two out of the three


Doncaster constituencies which voted for Brexit,


a sign perhaps the parties resources are stretched.


The Greens are also standing in ten fewer places.


They announced today they aren't standing in York Central so as not


to split the Labour vote in an attempt to prevent


And these tactical decisions could have an impact


because the Tories have an electoral advantage in the marginals.


For Labour to pick up two marginal Tory seats,


they would need around a 6% swing of the vote from the Conservatives.


To win the five marginal seats Labour need a 10% swing.


The Greens not standing in Morley and Outwood helps Labour.


But flip a coin and this is potentially the Conservative


advantage, because if they see a 6% swing in the vote from Labour,


they could pick up four Labour seats.


Ukip not standing in Halifax and Wakefield will probably


But to win a place like York Central the Conservatives


Ukip and the Greens fielding fewer candidates this year


could have a decisive impact on the results of


One other piece of election news tonight -


in Bradford West the former leader of the Respect Party Salma Yaqoob


has announced she plans to run as an independent candidate.


Miss Yaqoob resigned as leader of Respect in 2012 citing


a breakdown of trust with senior members of the party.


At the time, Bradford West was held by the Respect MP George Galloway.


And in the coming days, you'll be able to find a full list


of candidates standing in all of our constituencies


An Imam from Bradford has been arrested on suspicion of murdering


Syed Sibtain Kazmi is alleged to have been involved in


the killing of the leader of a banned sectarian organisation,


as he granted an Islamic divorce to Samia Shahid,


who died as a result of a suspected honour killing.


At the Haideria Mosque in Bradford, worshippers came together to voice


concerns over the sudden arrest of their Imam.


Sibtain Kazmi was visiting his brother in Pakistan,


about to return home, when he was arrested


at Islamabad Airport in connection with a murder committed in 2003.


Imam Kazmi was due to lead prayers at a special programme


here at the mosque in the community centre this evening.


Instead, he's being detained at a police station in Pakistan.


Friends say his wife and son back in Bradford are desperately worried


He's a very nice man, pious person, always available for peace


activities and always available to all community members.


The mosque community believe Mr Kazmi's been set up


by the authorities for political reasons.


I'm from Pakistan as well, but they don't like this country.


They do very bad things to the people when they arrest us.


We request the Pakistan government, he is a very innocent person,


he's done nothing wrong, he must be released as soon as possible.


Mr Kazmi spoke to the BBC last year after the death of Samia Shahid -


a British woman from Bradford who was killed in a suspected


so-called honour killing after she remarried.


Imam Kazmi performed her divorce and second marriage.


He says he was threatened by Samia's family because he helped her.


They said we will harm your family and you


and you will pay much price for that if you do that.


Now the Imam is detained in Islamabad.


Already, friends have started a petition for his release.


Two men have been found guilty of encouraging dangerous driving


after the deaths of four people in a quad bike crash


Terrie Kirby, Alexandra Binns, Ryan Beal and Brandon Brown


died when the quad bike they were on was hit by a car


Leeds Crown Court heard several vehicles were racing at the time.


The men convicted today will be sentenced with the driver of the car


involved in the collision and his passenger, who have already


admitted causing death by dangerous driving.


Rugby League and Featherstone are through to their first


Ladbrokes Challenge Cup quarterfinal for 20 years after a 24-12


Halifax gave themselves hope with a try from full-back


Ben Johnston on the hour but substitute Josh Hardcastle


clinched the victory with Featherstone's fourth try


eight minutes from the end and Cory Aston


Time to check out the weather prospects. Lovely day today, is it


starting to go downhill from here on in?


Yes. Although it will be as warm tomorrow, there is the risk of a few


showers and my plans are wilting, so you will be pleased to know if you


are a gardener that there is rain on the cards of the next few days. Most


of the rain will be Saturday night into Sunday morning with some


showers tomorrow and Sunday as well. Tomorrow, humid. Some sunshine but


more clout compared to today. There will be a few showers but they will


be quite a hit and miss so not everyone will catch them. Low


pressure gradually taking over over the next few days. The most useful


of the rain will be this which will post through on Saturday night. It


will bring some persistent rain overnight into Sunday. At the


moment, more clout from the south so with more clout compared with last


night, it will not be as cold. Temperatures generally dropping back


to around seven or 8 degrees and there could be the odd light shower.


There will be more clout tomorrow compared to today but still some


brighter sunnier spells at times. There is the risk of a few showers


but the club will be thick enough to produce if you hit and miss showers.


Later in the day, if you catch one of the show was, they could well be


heavy and sundry with temperatures getting to around 18 or 19 degrees


so similar to today but feeling more humid. During most daylight hours,


rain overnight into Sunday and then showers.


We want to see the economy work for everybody, not


Now the weather. , yes a humid dead. We have had


photographs of the Now, humid air is coming in hyped.


This cloud will be spreading northwards bringing rain and


showers. More cloud will head our way. Yes, more rain to come across


the south-east over night