12/05/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Health services in North Yorkshire are suffering major IT issues


tonight because of a nationwide cyber attack on the NHS.


It's among 39 NHS bodies in England and Scotland affected by malicious


software that's locked computers and demanded a ransom


York Teaching Hospitals Trust runs hospitals in York


and Scarborough and they say they have been significantly


affected by this cyber attack, but they are taking steps to keep


We know there have been problems with prescriptions and discharge


notes and we know that some people have had procedures cancelled.


I spoke to one lady who had had her X-ray postponed


until Tuesday, and another man who had had an MRI scan cancelled.


But patients who have been in the hospital say it's pretty


Doctors are making notes with pens and paper they are managing to see


We do know that some breast screening clinics that were planned


for North Yorkshire for this weekend have been cancelled and those


The advice here is only come to A if it is absolutely essential


and that they are investigating and taking steps to try


Now, would you swap votes with someone living in another area


That's what's happening in York, with just four weeks to go before


Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters from neighbouring


constituencies in the city are making voting deals to try


and boost the chances of the pro-European candidates.


Stephen and Helen are meeting for the first time.


Labour supporter Helen agrees to vote for the Liberal Democrats


in the York Outer constituency and Lib Dem supporter Stephen agrees


I saw the vote swapper on a political website and signed


up for it and thought that is fantastic, I can


make my vote count and in this situation we both get what we want.


I would never have tactically voted, the only reason I'm doing this


is because it is a vote swap and I know you guarantee...


Stephen and Helen were brought together by a new website set up


by the group York for Europe to try and boost the chances


of the pro-European candidates in the city.


Well, on this side of the road we are in the York Outer constituency,


held by the Conservatives at the 2015 general election,


but if you go back to 2010 the Lib Dems came second here,


On the other side of the street we are in the York Central


constituency held by Labour at the 2015 election,


the Conservatives were around 6,500 votes behind but they want this seat


But vote swapping is not supported by Labour and the Lib Dems.


I would approach it with a great deal of scepticism because one


of the great things about having the right to vote, the freedom


to vote is you have your own personal conscience and can make


up your mind based on lots of different factors.


Personally I don't like it very much.


I think the idea of voting for the least worst candidate


is a kind of contradiction of what democracy should be about.


Vote swapping doesn't break the rules, but is it ethical


Police who are looking for a man who went missing in York


29-year-old Rory Johnson-Hatfield from Skipton vanished


Extensive searches were carried out at the time,


but specialist teams will be back in the River Ouse from Monday.


There are plans for a retail and leisure development on the site


of the former Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire.


Developers Dransfield Properties say the ?50 million project


near Rotherham would create 700 new jobs.


Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox has collected her MBE


The double gold medal winning athlete, who's from Leeds,


received the honour from Prince William.


She's been recognised for services to athletics.


Network Rail has been criticised for felling trees


It's nesting season for birds and the RSPB says destroying


the nests of any wild birds at this time of year is illegal.


The firm says the work's being done for safety reasons.


The railway snakes on a single-track past Silkstone Common.


Alongside a street of houses by the station, workmen have spent


We've had no notification this was going to be taking place,


the habitat is being destroyed, we've got bird boxes being taken


down by Network Rail and also the shrubbery,


they're putting weedkiller down, so there's blackberry bushes,


various vegetation that run along the tracks, not just the trees,


With concern for spring wildlife, the residents have


contacted the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


In a statement, Network Rail have told us the work that is going


on at Silkstone Common, is part of their planned


Large bushes or trees can get in the way of the view


of the line for the driver, obstructing safety critical signals.


They also say, they are fully aware of the act they have to comply


with in terms of respecting wildlife and they're confident they have


carried out the correct checks and processes.


Well, from a parish council point of view, we're really disappointed


that Network Rail didn't even have the courtesy to inform


us that this work was going to be carried out.


The contractors did not want to be filmed.


They stopped work while we were there with our cameras.


But later, the sound of chainsaws once again mixed


In the Challenge Cup quarterfinals it was a comfortable 54-6 victory


for Wakefield Trinity against Dewsbury Rams.


Good evening. A decent weekend weather-wise with dry and bright


weather on both days and most of the rain will fall overnight. A lot of


clout out there at the moment and damp and drizzly conditions


developing in the Pennine chain and further east via conditions and


breaks in the far east, with temperatures dropping no lower than


nine or 10 degrees, so another mile like to come. A lot of cloud to come


tomorrow and we have drizzle for a time and anywhere could catch the


odd shower into the early afternoon. We could see very hit and miss and


in the afternoon it brightens up with decent sunny spells developing,


especially later romp. Fine evening to come with a high of 17 or 18.


Overnight rain into Sunday and then dry and bright start to the day. In


the late morning there is the risk of the odd shower but they are very


hit and miss and there is a lot of dry weather. I'm next week. I leave


you with the summary and the National


A bit of a mixed bag earlier on today, some of us were cloudy with


rain. This is the view from one of our weather watchers in Cornwall.


But in the Highlands of Scotland, it was completely different, find,


sunny and warm. The satellite and radar picture shows the variety of


weather we have had. It brightened up into the afternoon, early


evening. The north-east of Scotland and England have extensive low


cloud, missed, fog. If you showers getting into the south coast by the


end of the night. It is not a cold night. Into the morning, many


Southern counties will do quite well. There is the chance of a


shower or two, most of them are gone by