23/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Welcome to Look North. so it's goodbye from me,


The main news from around Yorkshire today:


Targeting the scammers, to stop 8,000 people in Yorkshire


And getting steamy with James May - recreating a long lost


engine from Doncaster's famous engineering works.


BBC research has revealed nearly 8,000 people in Yorkshire


have been identified on a so-called "Suckers List" by the


They say elderly victims are tricked into handing over


Criminals then typically sell on their details,


which can lead to them getting dozens of scam letters every day.


Elsie Ferguson and her son Paul bought bogus vitamin pills


from a firm claiming to be the real deal.


But the company sold on Elsie's details,


Each envelope aimed at getting her to send more money,


for a chance to win tens of thousands of pounds.


I am coming up to 83, and I am not a well person.


So if it doesn't stop, I would say I would get very angry.


Elsie, who wears a special hearing aid, stopped entering


competitions months ago, and she still gets the letters.


And all because in the past she bought lamps, vitamins,


Trading standards say her case is typical.


We see a lot of this in Trading Standards,


where we attend victims' homes who are answering scam mail,


where we would go in and we would see a lot of scam mail


And the victim is keen to answer it, genuinely believing that


Elsie learned the hard way that there is no prize.


Trading Standards say the only advice in this situation is,


if a letter like this looks too good to be true, it always,


After being reintroduced over 15 years ago, red kites are thriving


For many years the bird was extinct in England,


but they're now becoming an increasingly common sight


Broadcaster and naturalist Mike Dilger has been finding out.


This is Seacroft, East Leeds, just a couple of miles


High rises and factories on the skyline.


I've come to meet two neighbours who are lucky enough to get a closer


They've had up to a dozen birds at a time in the garden,


There's only one on that, I've got another shot


on here where there's about four comes down.


Our cameraman Steve has a hide with a clear view


Out goes the fresh meat, perfect for carrion eating kites,


After six long, lonely hours, the winter daylight is fading.


Eileen has been feeding the Harewood kites daily for the last two years,


giving them the best cuts fresh from the butcher's.


This may be our best chance to get those elusive slow


Quite a few birds are circling, we just need one to come down,


because that will result in the rest then piling in.


It's been a privilege to see these huge and yet graceful


And one more thing - we went back to Seacroft a week


later, and this time our kites weren't quite so camera shy.


Yorkshire's red kites, coming to an urban landscape near you.


You can see more on the red kites on Inside Out at 7:30


The Government has announced that it is investing over


?130 million of extra public money to boost the economy of Yorkshire.


The money will be spent on a number of projects around West,


This includes more on flood defences to protect homes and business,


improvements to the sites of 11 colleges of further education,


and help to clear land and prepare sites for housebuilding.


Labour has welcomed today's announcement, but says


it is a fraction of the amounts cut from local authority budgets


Now, we know James May has a passion for motoring -


He's teamed up with a group of enthusiasts who want to recreate


a long lost steam engine - a classic design from


James has been set to work at a lathe to shape some heavy


Wearing a self-confessed fascination for engineering on the sleeve


of his best workshop sweater, James May isn't afraid


And if the part for a steam engine you are making has a name


to make a schoolboy giggle, well, so much the better.


I'm making the amusingly named "slacking cock flange."


Now, the slacking pipe is the bit on the footplate


which is like a high pressure hose, like a sort of jet wash,


for sweeping coal dust off, and the cock is the tap,


effectively like a stopcock, and the flange is the bit that


attaches the cock to the rest of the locomotive.


James is making a piece for a P2 locomotive.


Six of these giants were built in Doncaster, designed


by the legendary engineer Sir Nigel Gresley.


All were scrapped, and now a team of enthusiasts, including James,


If this sounds familiar, here's one they made earlier.


Called Tornado, this was another long lost Doncaster design


resurrected by years of hard work and ?3 million.


I'm always amazed at how big it is, how big any locomotive is but this


one especially because it's a right whopper.


But the last time I was here, the only thing, the only completed


part was the two handles that give it its sort of face at the front.


Which was what we made when I came here last time,


The new engine will be called Prince of Wales,


and should be finished within five years.


That's assuming, of course, the slacking cock


It's been confirmed that the Olympic double gold medallist Nicola Adams


The 34-year old defended her 2012 flyweight title in Rio,


gaining a second gold medal in what was to be her


She's now been released from her contract, and will not form


She'll instead go on to pursue other career opportunities.


It is going to be a -- dominated yet again by high pressure, we've seen


that a lot over the past few months. There's still some stubborn fog


patches, the only difference for Tuesday is a fetch from the near


continent, bitter cold wind, but it is essentially still a fine week.


We've got some stubborn fog patches which will be with us I think all


afternoon, more cloud in the West. Top temperatures four or five


Celsius. For this evening and overnight, a mixed picture. A band


of cloud might bring the odd spot of risk -- drizzle for a time before


clouds -- skies clear later. Some dense stuff to look out for, with


frost. Fog patches slow to clear in places, elsewhere a dry day with


variable cloud, just a light breeze will see top temperatures five, 6


degrees. Six Celsius is 43 degrees fastened -- Fahrenheit. Wednesday


looks dry with some sunshine, there you can see a big drop in


temperatures on Thursday. It's fine after a frosty start on Friday, and


sunny spells all the way. But the forecast.


-- that the forecast. But it from us. Goodbye.


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