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The main news from around Yorkshire today:


Changing the laws of access so children's voices are heard -


the mother whose two boys were killed deliberately


by their dad takes her campaign to Downing Street.


And the polar with the molar - what happens when this big bear has


A mother, whose two young sons were deliberately killed


by their father in an arson attack at his home in South Yorkshire,


is taking a petition to Downing Street this afternoon


calling for a change in the law governing access to children.


Jack and Paul Throssell died in October two years ago


during an access visit to their father Darren Sykes


Sykes killed himself alongside his sons.


Our correspondent John Cundy reports.


Jack Throssell, who was 12, and his nine-year-old brother Paul


were lured to their death by their father Darren.


He took them to the attic of his house in Penistone to see


a new model train set, but Sykes set fire to the house


and blocked the three of them in the burning attic.


I had flagged it up to everybody - social services, Cafcass,


The judge was aware as well, and it is actually in my court case


that I said I thought he would either kill


He'd threatened to commit suicide a couple of months earlier,


and he just wasn't in the right place at the time to have


Claire Throssell says her sons had never enjoyed their visits


She says judges should be made to listen more directly


to the feelings of children when deciding who has access to them


This afternoon, Claire will take the petition to Downing Street,


signed by more than 40,000 people, demanding a change to family law.


What we need to do is to make sure children are at the heart


of every decision made, and that they are


Jack never had his voice heard until he was in the fire


and he said to the firemen, my dad did this and


Claire Throssell has been a strong campaigner for more changes ever


since she suffered the tragic death of her sons in Penistone.


The children's voices must always be heard in these cases,


and their wishes and feelings must be taken into account.


This afternoon, she takes that campaign just one step further.


We will have more on that story on Look North tonight at 6:30pm.


A new ?5.2 million trial to improve lung cancer diagnoses is to be


Vans carrying screening equipment will visit different


The results will be used to plan a national programme.


Around 4,500 people are diagnosed with the disease


Two West Yorkshire Police officers have been praised for their bravery


after rescuing a mother and child from freezing water


The woman's car left the road and ended up on its side


in a water-filled ditch in South Milford near Selby.


The officers jumped into the icy water to free the woman and child.


They were taken to hospital as a precaution.


The Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns Williamson applauded


Schoolchildren who are disabled, able-bodied or have special


educational needs have been taking part in the very first


The fully-inclusive event is support ed by the Yorkshire


double Paralympic gold-medallist Danielle Brown.


Yes, welcome to the 4 All Games here in Wakefield.


This is an opportunity for children from lots of different backgrounds


Some of the children here are disabled and some


are able-bodied and some have special educational needs.


But they are all having a go at sports, and archery is first up.


Let's have a chat with Danielle Brown, the former


Paralympic gold medallist who is just the right


person to be giving tips on this board, because,


Why are you involved in the 4 All Games?


We are trying to make sport inclusive, so today


we have got a range of kids with different abilities.


We have able-bodied, we have SEN,


and we have physically disabled as well...


So they are all here and all playing together,


all on a level playing field and competing together.


And you did not have this sort of opportunity


No, I spent two hours a week in the library instead of PE,


So, yeah, I know that sport can be inclusive,


Why is it so important for children of different backgrounds


to have a go at sports, and also together?


You learn so many different skills, the life skills that


you need to succeed, and through it you can teach


things like confidence, togetherness, inclusivity...


We are breaking down barriers here by getting


I will let you get back to giving some top tips to the archers here.


Later on this afternoon, there is going to be


visually-impaired football, which is going to be


And there will be plenty more from the 4 All Games


A man from Yorkshire has won one of the world's


Tom Hollins, who is an anaesthetist at Airedale Hospital,


completed the Montane Spine Race along the Pennine Way


from Edale to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders


Competitors can race nonstop battling extreme weather over some


of the most difficult terrain in the country.


Tom ran through deep snow, ice, mud, bogs and storm-force winds


At the finish, he fell asleep almost as soon


And you can see the husband-and-wife team tonight on Look North at 6.30.


He will gets his medal there and you will see that tonight if you join us


at tea-time. what do you do when your polar bear


needs his teeth checked? The Yorkshire Wildlife Park


in Doncaster needed a bit of help when Victor had a visit


from the dentist, And if you enjoy video like that,


there's plenty more every day Just search for BBC Look North


Yorkshire and like the page. What was the weather like this


morning? Very foggy and very cold. I do not think we will have quite such


a foggy night, more of a breeze. The worst will be through this evening.


We still have some fog patches in places at the moment. A dry wind


with some sunshine, but with that lingering fog it will feel called


this afternoon. Here is the chart for the pressure for this week,


breezy and cold and drawing air from the cold continent on the southerly


breeze. Over the weekend, the Atlantic will implement influence on


our weather. Temperatures on the rise. It will get more cool before


it gets warmer. Still lingering fog patches and called to the afternoon


and one or two Celsius, more cloud in the West and best sunny breaks


further east. The weather will still have patchy cloud. Temperature wise,


an average for the time of year at five or six Celsius, but much cooler


where you have lingering fog through the day, and some spots remaining


freezing. Some mist and fog will redevelop through the course of this


evening, but as the breeze picks up overnight, it should stop it


becoming too dense. Might be some drizzle and always more cloud


through the day and the coldest temperatures will be through this


evening and there is time to lift a bit before the end of the night. Not


such widespread frost tomorrow. Tomorrow, a cold start with


sunshine, gradually through the day clouding over from the East.


Thank you for that. Wrap up and keep warm if you can. Join us again at


6:30pm. Bye-bye. TV: He's not your father.




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