25/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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And Theresa May has said she will publish her


to Downing Street today, calling for tougher sentences


The father of a hit-and-run victim from Leeds is taking petition


to Downing Street today, calling for tougher sentences


25-year-old James Gilbey died in July 2015, after he was hit


Two Bradford men were sentenced to eight years in prison


for causing his death. Ian White has the story.


25-year-old James Gilbey from Bramley in Leeds


He'd been crossing the Stanningley Road in a 40mph zone


which was racing with an Audi A5 at 80mph.


When the case went to court last year,


Majid Malik admitted causing death by dangerous driving.


Kaiz Mahmood was found guilty of the same offence.


They had both driven off from the scene of the accident.


At the end of their trial at Leeds Crown Court,


they were both sentenced to eight years in jail.


James Gilbey's father Richard has since been campaigning


for drivers convicted of racing to face manslaughter charges,


to prevent what he sees as soft sentences


The change could put dangerous driving offences


Death by dangerous driving could increase


from the current maximum of 14 years to life in prison,


and death by careless driving involving drink and drugs


would also increase from 14 years to life in jail.


What we really need to focus on, and what we really need to do


in conjunction with this increase or potential increase in


the maximum sentence, is a review of the sentencing guidelines.


They're absolutely critical, because it's those guidelines


that determine the judge's measurements


of where they impose those sentences.


More than 15,000 people have signed an online petition.


It will be handed into Number 10 Downing St


by the Gilbey family later this afternoon.


If nothing else, they hope their son's death could bring


about a change in the law. Ian White, BBC Look North.


The BBC has learnt of eight possible locations for a parkway station


In South Yorkshire, they would be Bramley, Mexborough,


Wales, Hooton Roberts, Hickleton, and Clayton,


along with Fitzwilliam and Hemsworth in West Yorkshire.


Tom Ingall is at one of the proposed sites at Clayton.


Yes, this is the picturesque village of Clayton, which,


in current thinking, is very close to where the junction


between the line that takes trains out of Sheffield to HS2


will meet the brand-new HS2 mainline.


And it is on the list that has been revealed today of eight possible


locations for the Parkway station, where HS2 trains might stop.


Now, I'm joined by a local parish councillor


and chair of the Joint Rural Parishes Rhonda Job.


Good morning. Rhonda, what do you think


of these ideas for where the Parkway station might be?


Well, I think, if you go back to HS2, when they originally spoke


to all the councils with regards to suggestions where


they might put a hub station, and where the route might go


for HS2, a lot of these locations were mooted then


and they were all sifted out, and they were sifted out because HS2


felt they were not in an urban location with dense populations.


There was no infrastructure or transport links to get to them.


But if you are closer to a station than you would be if the station's


in Sheffield city centre, and you can access HS2


services, that has to be a good thing economically


for the area, doesn't it? I wouldn't think so.


I mean, if you're in Clayton, that's one of the locations


of the eight on the short list, there's about 50 houses here.


Well, I can't imagine that these people that live in these 50 houses


are going to be very keen, they've bought these houses


to be in a rural setting, I think the idea of having a huge


car park for 1700 cars and a train station right on their doorstep,


I don't think they'll be very happy at all.


Rhonda, thank you very much indeed. Thank you.


Not only do they pin down the route options for this part of the world,


but they're due to start building the section between London


Tom Ingall they are speaking in Clayton.


Speaking in the last hour HS2 responded to residents' concerns.


We'll be looking to find the best available sites and,


when we do that, we'll take into account all types of concerns


like the access to the station, whether there's roads or public


transport that can get people there easily and quickly,


but also the environmental consequences of putting a site


there, property impacts, all that type of thing.


North Yorkshire is now the front line in the fight against fracking,


that's according to those living in a protest camp close


Third Energy is expected to move ahead with its plans to carry out


the controversial drilling technique within months.


The government says shale exploration is crucial


Our business correspondent, Danni Hewson, reports now on 24 hours


What is quickly apparent is the support this camp is receiving from


within the local community, donations of logs, third son water


and many willing hands. Protesters are trespassing. -- food and water.


But there are local tensions. But many campaigners thought this was


always the next step. We want to campaign in the courts on


environmental grounds, but whilst we're here, people want to show it


is the only way to say nope lately, respectfully, so the locals is very


strong. We've come basically because we locally and we don't agree with


fracking. And everybody is out here doing their very best and it is


cold, wintry and miserable and we just thought we'd give a little back


to help them, because we can't come and sit here because we are too busy


but we thought it would be nice to come and give them some warm food.


But it has only been one month and those one side are preparing for a


long campaign, Wi-Fi, 3D, sturdy structures going up, as night falls


and visitors return to warm homes, I Chris Bush remaining on their


aspirations. Wherever there has been a protection camp there has been


success. We have optimism, we do believe we are going to be


successful, I wouldn't think they would be camping here in winter


thought we thought we were not. The ball. But the company that has


invested time and money. Have any truck with their concerns. With


genuine concerns, I respect them, but they should come and see us, as


so many of the locals in the area have. And after they have been to


see us and we have explained what they will do, 99% of them leave


happy and assured that what we are going to do is going to be done


safely. Both sides are determined and the


next few months will tell the story. It was foggy today, and it is all


changing pressure might it certainly is.


Not the best start to D-Day for the of your, but patchy fog for many


places, then clearing now. The outlook for the rest of the


afternoon is it will be quite nice. Plenty of sunshine, but make the


most of it as it will turn quite cloudy and cold. Looking at the man,


plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed. And feeling pretty mild if you are


sat in the sun, comparatively speaking of course, highs of seven,


eight maybe even 9 degrees. But the cloud starting to edge up to watch


the north and with it comes very cold out. From eastern Europe, where


we have been hearing and reading in the news about these really cold


temperatures, we will get those overnight tonight. Widespread frost


will develop, minus one or two in towns and cities, dropping even


lower than that in rural spots. Crisp and I start tomorrow, cloudy


conditions, hanging onto ice and frost for many places. But the wind


chill factor in, it will feel very cold. We could reach one or two but


that risk southerly wind will add brisk chill to the weather. Then


things turn milder towards the weekend. Friday looks cloudy,


Saturday looks unsettled, but things turning milder and on Sunday it


looks pretty decent, plenty of sunshine and staying dry.


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