26/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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The main news from around Yorkshire today.


A Conservative councillor resigns after he's filmed making lewd


comments to a hunt protestor in North Yorkshire.


And bonding with baby - how patting and singing to your bump


A huntsman has resigned from his position as a Conservative district


councillor after being caught on a video camera making lewd


comments to a protestor during a meet of the Middleton Hunt


Charles Carter was heard making the improper comments


He's been condemned by the Conservative Party in Norfolk,


where he lived before moving recently to York.


Our Correspondent John Cundy has the story.


Hunting is banned. The moment when Linda Hoggard spoke to Charles


Carter to say it is illegal. She challenges him and he starts filming


her. Charles Carter has been a district


Councillor for five years and resigned after the revelations of


his conduct. This council leader said he was applauded, -- appalled,


so were residents. And man in that position should know so much but


Andy Woodman shouldn't be spoken like that too from anyone. He


shouldn't be representing anyone if he has those beliefs. You are very


pretty. So foxes. He rides with the group dating back 200 years. 200 --


Charles Carter was interviewed about the ban on fox hunting. Having to


look over one's shoulder all the time for fear of being a breach of


bad law is not what the country should be about. North Yorkshire


Police said they were alerted about an altercation between Charles


Carter and Linda Hoggard on Monday. They say investigations are


continuing. The prosecution case against three


people arrested by police in Sheffield for protesting


against the felling The three, included septuagenarians


Jenny Hockey and Freda Brayshaw. They were facing charges under


the Public Order Act but today Relief and delight for Jenny Hopkin


and Jenny Hockey and Freda Brayshaw after the prosecution case


against them was withdrawn at The two women were arrested


following a stand-off with police during the tree felling operation


by council contracts in the early There were cheers and applause


in a packed court one here at Sheffield Magistrates' Court


as district judge, Naomi Redhouse, told the two women the case


had been withdrawn. She awarded them ?150


cost each and told them Outside court, the two


women give their reaction I hope that if anything


good comes out of this, it is about energising


the campaign even more. Were you always confident


that the case would be dropped? No, not at all because we've


never quite understood, as in many other aspects of this


issue, we didn't know One charge, then another


charge, now it's dropped. Today's decision was


welcomed for common sense. We've had Freda, one


of the defendants, it was her birthday and she had


a great birthday present. The fact is the CPS,


together with the council, They've seen the error


of their ways and it's to be able to say to the CPS,


well done, you've The two women say a rethink


of Sheffield's tree replacement strategy is now needed and ask that


lessons be learned They are planning to celebrate


Freda's birthday and a vow to continue their campaign


against further tree felling. People in a South Yorkshire town


have started a petition after learning they'll


lose their last bank branch. HSBC announced its pulling out


of Wath-upon-Dearne. It follows last week's announcement


by Yorkshire Bank that it'll close Yorkshire Building Society has also


confirmed some closures. These banks are meant to be service


companies and they are turning their backs on customers. When the public


taxpayer stepped in to help the banking system, companies like this


when they brought the global financial system almost to its knees


seven years ago, they should be standing by the communities and


their customers now. Leeds United are up to third


in the Championship after beating When Forest failed to clear


a corner, Chris Wood But the second Leeds goal is the one


to watch time and again. Souleymane Doukara scored


this stunning 20-yard An antenatal class pioneered


in Bradford that encourages mums-to-be to talk, sing and even


massage their bumps has been shown to help strengthen


the bond between parents Researchers at Hull University found


that mums who completed the nine week Welcome to the World course saw


a significant improvement in the emotional well being


of the whole family after birth. She thinks it's partly down


to an antenatal class in Bradford which encouraged her to talk


to her bump. When we got asked to speak


to our bumps and we got asked if we do, I was like,


no, it seems a bit daft This is Family Links Welcome


To The World antenatal programme. It looks at the emotional


well-being of mum and baby We're really trying to support


the parents to be excited It really helps them to think


about it emotionally, how their life is going to change,


physically how life is going to change and it really


is there to support emotional Now researchers at Hull University


have proved that it really I think there's some anecdotal


evidence to suggest that talking to your bump is a really good way


of starting off that process. To capture it and be


able to demonstrate it through the evidence was bringing


much more clarity to the whole idea. Back in Bradford, what did Sarah


make of the classes? Because of the group in general,


it made me want to breast-feed her as well and feel closer


to her and six months and I'm still breast-feeding


and I never thought I would. Nice to know that I wasn't


being silly for talking to my bump. In the future, researchers


plan to look at how men Time now for a look at the weather.


It is fair to say it is cold today. What are you going to do about


yours? Thank you very much. We have cloud out there and wintry


showers. We see a south-westerly on Saturday. Next week looks milder.


Really cold out there. Minus two in Leeds. A blanket of cloud and you


can see nowhere above freezing. We might get one in Scarborough. That


cloud could break first time and reform. Quite a bit of fog for


trans-Pennine routes later. One or two flurries of snow. A widespread


frost and lowest temperatures at minus two Celsius. Another really


cold day to come tomorrow. Hill fog is persistent. A fee wintry showers


at first. A lot of cloud temperatures will recover a little


bit. I is temperatures of four Celsius. Friday, there is wet


outbreaks which could be clear by his Saturday morning. Saturday, a


possibility of sunshine. A much milder next week. That is the


forecast. Thank you very much indeed. We will be back at 6:30pm.


Goodbye. TV: He's not your father.




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