27/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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The main news from around Yorkshire today.


The brother of a Leeds United footballer has died after a shooting


And how West Yorkshire's highest ranking Asian police officer


is helping motivate youngsters in Bradford to aim for the top.


Part of the Harehills area of Leeds remains cordoned off this


lunchtime after a man died following a shooting


The dead man has been named locally as 19-year-old


Raheem Wilks, the brother of a Leeds United footballer.


Phil Bodmer is live in Harehills for us now.


This is a terrace in Harehills but it is on the edge of Chapeltown and


behind me, that white forensic police tent is the centre of this


investigation into what happened here. All morning we have seen


police officers coming and going as enquiries to try and work out what


happened yesterday lunchtime continue. The victim of the shooting


has been named locally as 19-year-old Raheem Wilks, the


brother of Mallik Wilks who is an under 23 player for Leeds United.


This morning Garry Monk, the Leeds United manager, has said that the


club will offer support to Mallik Wilks. Police say although their


enquiries are in an early stage they believe this was a targeted


shooting, and 49 your old man has been arrested and is in custody


helping police with their enquiries. Have you managed to speak to anyone


who knew Raheem Wilks? All morning, people have been coming down here


and laying flowers on the other end of the police cordon, we believe


them to be acquaintances, friends and relatives of Raheem Wilks. One


card simply red, daddy, you are sadly taken. I spoke to the


grandparent of Raheem Wilks who came to see the scene.


And to me, he used to give me a kiss on the forehead before he went out,


and said, "I'll be back soon, Nana," and I said, "don't


And then when I heard yesterday, I haven't slept,


from getting up yesterday, I've been up all night and I've


had two heart attacks since the boy's lived with me.


When did you first find out he'd been shot?


Somebody phoned us and said, "your grandson's in the infirmary."


Went down there and sat there until he died.


Needless to say, it's a very traumatic time.


I mean, his mum, she is, I don't think it's hit her,


but it will, because he was living with me, you know,


That is the grandparents of Raheem Wilks, talking to me a little


earlier, of course police say they will be giving more details about


what happened later today. A man's body has been


pulled from the water They say there don't appear to be


any suspicious circumstances A formal investigation has


not yet taken place, but an area around a dam


above Shepherd's Wheel Role models from black and Asian


communities are being used to motivate youngsters to achieve


more in Bradford. One of the city's MPs is hosting


a series of events to highlight local success stories and the first


person to be featured is West Yorkshire's highest


ranking Asian officer. Abi Jaiyeola has been to meet


Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain. Another day at the office in the job


he never imagined he'd do. Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussein


is the most senior officer from a black or ethnic minority


background in West Yorkshire Police. Only 5% of officers come


from BME communities. Mabs grew up in Bradford, and is now


district commander for Wakefield. It does make me feel immensely proud


as to what I have achieved. What's really important for me is,


having achieved what I have achieved, I try and make it easier


for others that are Most days start like this,


briefing the team. Thank you for your attendance


in the leadership forum. Mabs is foremost a police officer,


but he feels he also has a duty I understand being sat there and not


having those aspirations, not having the confidence,


thinking that you could be the next police officer,


you could go and be the teacher And it's great that people are doing


that now, so that these kids can Assembly at Oasis Academy


in Lister Park in Bradford. Mabs talks to the pupils


about his work and his life. He is the focus in the first


of a series of evening events in the city this week posted by MP


Naz Shah. Highlighting the importance of role


models in the BME communities. I think that assembly was really


inspiring and it gave me confidence It's really inspiring,


thinking that as he could become It makes it easier slightly for us


to know that it does get To look up to someone as a role


model like Mabs, it's amazing. It won't be long until the teenagers


are looking for jobs but the unemployment rate in BME


communities in Yorkshire This new project will promote


the stories of successful people who We've got a lot of high profile


individuals that we need to recognise and highlight,


so people that know we're a great city, we doing really well,


we've got people from Bradford who move onto things,


but still come from Bradford. And who knows, maybe today's


assembly has inspired the next Chief Superintendent,


MP or business leader. Several Yorkshire riders


are competing in the cyclo-cross World Championships


in Luxemborg this weekend. Huddersfield's Amira Mellor


is in great form, ahead Our National under 23 men's


champion Billy Harding has one of the hardest jobs,


in a tough race category on Sunday. And Leeds teenager Tom Pidcock


is hot favourite for Sheffield's Masters Champion,


Danny Willett, took time out last night to encourage the young golfers


of the future. He donned the famous green jacket


to hand out the awards It's aimed at making the game more


accessible to youngsters who otherwise may never get


the chance to give it a go. Most of it is aimed at the really


young kids in trying to get them just to pick up a club


and if they don't like it, carry on, go and play football,


go and play cricket. But if they really enjoy it,


then they can move on and speak to the guys and hopefully,


within the next few years, we can move it forward


as to where we can help some kids who really enjoy it with a little


bit of coaching and other things. Was freezing last night?


It feels freezing today but it is not as cold as it was yesterday. A


lot of cloud around this afternoon and another very chilly afternoon to


come, temperatures set to climb over the weekend. Rain is expected


overnight so tomorrow is less cold. As we work into the early part of


February, we are looking at milder conditions but also unsettled as


well. As we go we have got cloud out there, some breaks across the


Yorkshire Dales, and perhaps some along the east coast but this


afternoon it will be grey across the Pennines, mist elsewhere. It will


feel damp out there although I do not think there will be any real


rain to speak. Temperatures getting up to around two or three degrees.


Still feeling pretty cold. Through this evening and overnight, we are


expecting some name, it will not be as -- some rain, not as cold as last


night. Any early cloud and rain will move away eastwards, it might take


time to the Far East but elsewhere we should see some sunny spells and


three showers sprinkled across the Pennines, and temperatures in the


high of six or seven. The odd wintry sharp perhaps.


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