09/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Welcome to Look North. news teams where you are.


The main news from around Yorkshire today: A ?50 million factory and 200


jobs for South Yorkshire as supercar manufacturer Mclaren roll into town.


De-cluttering York's medieval streets.


The council cracks down on advertising boards on the pavements.


The luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren has officially announced


this lunchtime it's going to build a ?50 million


factory in South Yorkshire, creating 200 jobs.


The factory will build parts for the supercars at the University


Our Business Correspondent Danni Hewson reports.


These beauties behind me are exactly the


ones that here in South Yorkshire we are going to be helping make to


That is because McLaren have announced a ?50 million investment


in building chassis and I'm joined now by the Chief Executive,


We looked long and hard about where we were going to


develop this facility and Sheffield really was the obvious answer to it


Sheffield University have done a huge amount


of work on advanced lightweight structures, that is what our cars


The City Council have been amazingly supportive in putting this together.


The University, ourselves and the City Council.


There is also a great pool of skilled people here that we can


We have put the whole thing together.


Sheffield actually became the obvious answer for us.


We talked a lot in the past about engineering,


With these cars it must make a difference in


how particularly kids think about it.


I don't think there is a young person or a young


boy in the world who isn't attracted by cars like this.


I have spent 34 years in the automotive and an manufacturing


industry and I love it and it is exciting.


Particularly exciting when this is the fruit


I think it is inspirational for people.


They have amazingly already recruited their first apprentice.


An advert for more jobs will be running in the paper tomorrow


and the first prototype will be coming off the lines


The steel giant Tata Steel UK has announced that it's reached


an agreement with the Liberty House group to sell its Speciality Steels


The sale covers several South Yorkshire-based plants


including the electric arc steelworks and bar mill


at Rotherham, the steel purifying facility in Stocksbridge and a mill


The funeral is taking place this lunchtime of a 16-year


old girl who was murdered in South Yorkshire last month.


Leonne Weeks' body was found on a path in Dinnington near Rotherham.


18-year-old Peter Heeley has been charged with her murder.


The funeral service is at St Leonard's church.


The service in church I put together with Leona's family.


She loved music and that is going to be represented


strongly in the service, both by recorded music and by her friend


singing, which is I think a lovely thing for him to do.


Latest figures show that all the hospital trusts


in our region failed to meet the government's A target


in December with the exception of Sheffield Children's Hospital.


Guidelines say that 95% of patients should be


The figures released by NHS England show that the Mid Yorkshire Trust


only managed 77% of patients in that time, while Leeds Teaching Hospitals


Officers from North Yorkshire Police Road Crime team had a busy night.


They spotted a four by four with false number


plates towing this generator using a flimsy strap.


One wheel fell off, causing these sparks.


Police pursued the vehicle along the A19 at Askham when the generator


finally slipped its moorings as it went off-road.


They haven't yet arrested anyone in connection with the incident,


but are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.


Officials will discuss more than 80 recommendations made in a report


More than 600 homes and businesses were badly affected


Councillors say they've already got an action plan


and will meet later to talk about what else they


York City Council has claimed its ban on pavement


It's a year-long trial and the council says the city's


streets have seen a marked decrease in just the first week.


The ban is an attempt to de-clutter the ancient narrow streets.


But some shops owners say it could harm their trade.


Here's Ian Reeve our business correspondent.


Gillygate, home to some of York's quirkiest shops.


He advertises his gaming business with a board on the


But the council has banned them from the city.


Removing so called A boards will give pedestrians a


The first few months I was here, I'd say 90% of the people that


came into the shot came in because they saw my A board.


This street that we are on, Gillygate, is not


In a very narrow, so you wouldn't want to walk down here


unless something dragged your attention.


You know, A boards are the cheapest way to get people's


The council said the ban is a year-long trial to de-clutter


I don't think it's anti-business, at all.


I think we don't want to prevent businesses, we


We are doing lots of things in the city to


And I can see why they would say that, but the A boards can be


We're working with the planning authority purely and simply to make


sure that we help them as much as we possibly can.


For Diane, the ban has been long awaited.


As it has by York's estimated total of 6,000


When you have got limited vision, it is


Particularly in areas where there is not just


street cafes, there are binbags, there are benches.


Any number of different things that you can bump


A boards are something that we can do something about.


Thankfully, the council has decided to do that.


A week in, and the council says the ban is working.


Keep the advertising board ban, says Lee, and there will


It's happy birthday today for a very special Yorkshirewoman who's reached


Doreen Brigham wrote the words for the BBC's specially commissioned


Symphony for Yorkshire when she was only 98.


She worked with hundreds of musicians at nearly 50


locations in the county to produce a remarkable legacy of music.


Happy birthday. We were promised the beast from the east, look what has


rocked in. New suit, love? I saw the man in McLaren. It has been thick


enough to produce a few wintry flurries. This little disturbance


might make showers more frequent. Covering of snow. Rain and sleet


more likely. It is cold out there. A few flurries. Temperatures


struggling. 0 Celsius. Maximum temperature we are expecting first


short period of time. That is 37 Fahrenheit. Heading through this


evening and overnight, cloudy skies continue with a scattering of light


snow flows. A bit of sleet with them. Untreated services with


temperatures generally speaking at or below freezing point. Friday is a


broad day again. A cloudy one with a scattering of mainly like to sleet


and snow showers. The emphasis is still on a great deal of dry


weather. Those showers become more frequent. Friday night into Saturday


morning. Rain, sleet and hill snow coming into Saturday morning. Sunday


through early next week, temperatures will gradually will


ride and by the middle of next week, it should be some what milder. That


is the forecast. Lovely. Right. All is to sell a few more motors and


some patio doors. Stop it! That is it from us. Steve later.


Wales! Ireland!


The Roman Empire! CHEERING


Shirley Bassey. Tom Jones, obviously.


Jonny Wilkinson's feet. THEY ROAR


Invented the bicycle. The internet.


Telephone. Bagpipes.


Come on, Wales. THEY ROAR