10/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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The main news from around Yorkshire today: A new advice centre


to support former miners and their families opens in Selby.


And aiming high - we meet two pole vaulters from South Yorkshire hoping


to grab a place on the GB Team for the European Championships.


A new advice service for former miners has opened


The new service at Selby Community Centre will offer ex-miners


and their families support on issues including industrial


Phil Bodmer has been there this morning.


Last pit closed in 2000 and four, but there are still issues that are


being faced. This is the Miners Advice Clinic,


it is being held here In 2004, the last pit in the Selby


super-pit complex closed, so the obvious question is why has


it taken so long to set up Chris Skidmore from the NUM, perhaps


you could answer that question. Why haven't we had this kind


of advice service before now? It was recognised that something


was needed, but at the time it was about whether the workforce


was of that age where they had got And at the time, people


weren't coming forward. We set up places in the other


parts of the coalfield, the ageing part of the coalfield,


if you like. Basically, it is now


when people are getting older and are finding out that you are not


as young as you used to be and that is not as cliche,


that is a fact. Simon Cahill, you worked


in the local pits for a number of years, what sort of conditions


people coming down with? Wear and tear from the


conditions they worked in. Knees, vibration white


finger, breathing. General things they have picked up


from working in harsh conditions. This advice clinic has been set up


from backing from the NUM, they hope to hold it on a monthly


basis and people who have worked in the pits and do believe they need


advice are encouraged to come along The man behind plan to build


a new ?20 million theme park in Scarborough says it would take


the town "to the next level" Flamingoland owner Gordon Gibb


is the preferred bidder to take over the site of the former


Futurist theatre. In an exclusive interview


with BBC Radio York he says his plan would enhance Scarborough


as a visitor attraction The UK's Chief Veterinary Officer


says he hopes people will keep buying eggs from poultry farmers


in Yorkshire who are affected by


bird flu restrictions. Farmers in high risk areas


have been told they'll have to keep their birds


inside until at least the end of April -


meaning they could lose The National Farmers Union says that


could pose a serious threat Hopefully, people will recognise


that these are free-range flocks, they are being housed for a good


reason, disease control, and understand that these


are still eggs from flocks that For the first time in nearly 80


years, York Minster's police are being given the same powers


as regular police constables Although they are a private police


force, the Cathedral Constables have recently undergone specialist


training and will be able to arrest people,


should they need to. A Victoria Cross awarded to a Leeds


soldier for his actions during the Battle of the Somme


will be auctioned off next month. George Sanders won the prestigious


award for gallantry in 1916. It's being sold along with his


Military Cross and other medals. Auctioneers think they could


fetch up to ?220,000. The best of Britain's Athletes


will gather in Sheffield this weekend for the British Indoor


Championships. They'll also have a chance to grab


a place on the GB Team for the European titles


in Belgrade next month. Amongst them in Belgrade,


we hope, will be two pole vaulters from opposite ends


of the experience scale. Both hail from South Yorkshire,


and are equally proud to pull My name's Adam Hague,


I'm 19 and I'm from Rotherham. Cricket, I was a good


goalkeeper for a few years. One day, in the car


when I was like 11, I turned round and said I wanted to be


a pole vaulter. My name's Luke Cutts, I'm 28 years


old, I'm from Thurnscoe. My athletics achievements


are British record, Commonwealth silver medal,


qualifying for the Olympics, Europeans, World Championships


and hopefully Commonwealths And here it is the bad news


for Luke Cutts' rivals. Injury frustrations meant no chance


of a medal for Luke Cutts Still, Luke is already mentoring


the mind, surround him. Chiefly, Adam Hague,


a null South Yorkshire men combining criminology studies


with vaulting ambition. I tell him to relax and blank


his mind on the run-up. You are still British


record holder of course. Do you keep putting pressure


on yourself to better that? When I jumped my first


qualifier for the Olympics. It is obviously me


getting to rain and work. One day quite soon,


you might overtake him. Yes, I don't think


he sees it at a risk. It might be more of a achievement


that he has coached someone He might have a different


opinion on that. There is more high


achievement still to come. From both of the South


Yorkshire lads. Luke Cutts at 28 years old might yet


have a young one to keep an eye Now tonight on Look North


we are behind the scenes at They're currently previewing


their brand new musical The music is written by a member


of the pop group The Feeling and its based on a BBC Three


documentary called Jamie: We'll meet the team behind this


coming of age story. Now, let's have a look


at the weather. Wearing an appropriate dress because


it looks like it might be snowy. Yes. We could get some snow. Quite a


few of us working up to that. Anywhere above 200 metres could get


a few centimetres. More on that second because you might see a feud


flakes this afternoon. A few wintry showers about. About. Cloud. Leeds


southwards Wilsey breaks in that cloud. Everywhere will have a cold


afternoon. It is this feature, this small feature that pushes in later


onto night and into tomorrow which will bring a mix of rain, sleet and


snow. About 200 metres, we could get quite a few centimetres. Out there


at the moment, a lot of cloud. Leeds south, best breaks. We will catch a


few of those showers this afternoon. A few snowflakes this afternoon. The


odd dusting, it is feeling chilly out there. Along the coast weather


breeze will freshen the air. Inland, three degrees. Very cold indeed. It


should be about seven at this time of year. We have got a warning out.


The north yours and the Pennine chain but we're most likely to see a


wintry mix. Also at lower levels overnight perhaps. We could get


several centimetres this evening. A lot of cloud. Showers becoming


heavier and persistent. A mix of rain, sleet and snow with some


accumulation is quite possible above around 200 metres. It will not be a


blanket bogs snow because it will be in the form of showers. Tomorrow


afternoon, the snow will be confined to the Healy areas. I was up very


early this morning. The youngsters at the local school are giving up


all of their electrical devices, their telephones, their pads, all


the restaurant week. Even the hazy. They are not going to be using the


hazy for a week. To you