22/10/2016 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening and welcome to Look North.


One of the biggest medical research projects in the world,


involving 14,000 children in Bradford,


has secured funding to widen its reach.


For the last ten years, Born in Bradford has been


looking into the causes of common childhood diseases.


Now a ?3 million grant means the project can expand


So how many days per week should children be physically active?


A healthy lifestyle quiz for Born In Bradford


To be strong, eat healthy food and you can lose weight.


You have to eat fruit and vdgetables and do exercise every day.


With its new bus, the Born In Bradford team


is celebrating a ?3 million grant from the Medical Research Council.


The project to track 14,000 children from birth onwards started ten years


The team look at how lifestxles environmental and economic


This is great funding to bring into the region.


This is funding that normally stays in London or the south-east


and this is going to be funding world-class research


It's going to allow us to h`ve this wonderful bus


The bus will visit Bradford schools to monitor weight, blood


The results could determine what makes some children


It's medical research that `ims to find causes for common


childhood diseases and change behaviour accordingly.


A demonstration is taking place outside Drax Power Station


Campaigners are against the plant burning wood and coal.


They claim it's causing climate change.


Drax says it uses the latest biomass technology


which is sustainably sourced and says 70%


of the electric it supplies is now renewable.


We need to see investment in renewable energy,


energy conservation, a different kind of energy


ensure that people benefit, not big multinational corporations.


Meanwhile in Scarborough three men have been arrested overnight


on suspicion of murder after a man's body was found


The 50-year-old victim was found in a flat


A 54-year-old man arrested yesterday in connection


with the incident remains in police custody.


Detectives investigating thd death of a 64-year-old woman attacked


in a Rotherham newsagents h`ve released CCTV of


Judith Ducker died on Thursday following the attack


A 36-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder and robbery.


Police say these people are in no trouble but may have


vital information which could


Sheffield's Weston Park Musdum has been celebrating


Since the Victorian museum re-opened in 2006 it's welcomed more than


Today,the new Picturing Sheffield art gallery was opened


which has scenes of the citx from the 1800s through


Weston Park Museum tells thd story of Sheffield from prehistorx


to the present day and it's got so many different people's stories


and why they love Sheffield, what has made Sheffield.


It is all here and I think that s why people really love it.


It's really about people's stories in Sheffield.


In the Championship, Barnsley beat Brentford 2-0


and Huddersfield scored 1-0 against Derby.


Rotherham United's new manager Kenny Jackett saw his side


lose their seventh match in a row, 1-0 to Reading.


While there was victory for Sheffield Wednesday agahnst QPR


where it finished 1-0 and Leeds United beat


In League One Bradford and Sheffield United drew 3,3


while Chesterfield lost 3-0 to Scunthorpe.


And in League Two Doncaster lost away to Blackpool 4-2.


Here's Jen Bartram wih the weather for the rest of the weekend.


We've seen a good deal of dry and fine weather this afternoon


but into this evening, we're going to continue


to see a few showers just pushing into coastal parts.


Some of them making it a bit further inland.


Generally some patchy mist `nd fog by tomorrow morning and temperatures


dropping down to around 7 or 8 degrees.


For Sunday we are expecting a day very much like today.


There will be a few scatterdd showers around,


And temperatures up to around 11 degrees.


That's all we have time for this evening.


Charlotte's here just after six on Sunday.


Not a bad start but we will see some mist and fog overnight. Southern


England, we will have some extensive low cloud and patchy fog. Further


west huddle in the countryside, with clearer skies, it will be quite


chilly night. Not very promising in the morning across these central


areas. Fog slowly lifting as the breeze freshens. For western


Scotland, it should be a decent day after a chilly start. There will be


some sunshine, and largely dry. Eastern Scotland, showers have been


more widely. On the whole, for northern parts of the UK,


temperatures will be lower than today. Northern Ireland, perhaps not


as many


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