23/10/2016 Look North (Yorkshire)


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While politicians debate the pros and cons of Brexit,


some in Yorkshire's tourism industry say they're feeling


Despite an increase in visitor numbers, some businesses


are concerned about how they will recruit staff


In Scarborough, they are celebrating a busy summer season.


A low exchange rate has madd the UK an attractive destination.


Many hoteliers say they havd experienced record visitor numbers.


Brexit and the drop in the pound has absolutely helped the whole


I think together with peopld having a bit of fear of


We've been here ten years and we had very few people from abroad.


We've had a lot of Europeans this year, so they've probably bden


making the most of the weak pound and the euro being worth more.


But despite the boom in trade, the tourist industry now


wants to know how Brexit will affect recruitment.


Many hospitality businesses reply upon seasonal labour from Etrope


and from other parts of the world, and clearly, they want some clarity


as to what the rules will bd and what status those peopld


will still be able to work in their businesses going forward.


At the Monkbar Hotel in Europe, 30 to 40% of staff are immigrants.


Istvan Nemes from Hungary is the head housekeeper.


He has lived in Yorkshire for 13 years.


I kind of understand British people, why they vote yes to Brexit,


but I do understand the other side as well.


I just hope it's going to bd an easier way for me to stax.


Otherwise, I think the country will collapse, because so m`ny


people from East Europe work here, and we keep the country going.


In the past, the East Coast tourism industry has learned to compete


with cheap foreign holidays and has sold itself


Now it has to learn to deal with uncertainty


You can see more on that story on this week's edition


of The Sunday Politics - available now on the BBC iPlayer.


An investigation is underwax after a 25-year-old woman


was sexually assaulted in a taxi in Sheffield.


Detectives say the woman got in to the car close


to West Street, and was then taken to the Duke Street area -


where the offence is believed to have occurred.


It happened shortly before five this morning.


Police are examining CCTV and appealing for witnesses.


Fire crews spent much of last night fighting a fire at a house


Everyone inside managed to dscape and no one was injured.


Several neighbouring properties were evacuated as a precauthon.


At its height five fire enghnes were at the scene and crews used


a turntable ladder to help extinguish the flames.


There has been an armed robbery at a newsagents in Leeds.


Staff were threatened with ` knife, and cash, cigarettes and mobile


It happened at Grasmere Stores in Armley yesterday afternoon.


It's thought the robber made off on a bicycle,


leaving staff inside shocked and frightened.


Obviously, he had the knife pointed to them.


I mean, they were screaming, it was just horrific for thdm.


Thousands of sci-fi and horror fans descended on Sheffield todax


for the city's Out of this World festival.


It's similar to a comic con - where comic book and film f`ns dress


Celebrating all things out of the ordinary.


Hi there, I am the Tardis or T-A-R-D-I-S.


# I was working in the lab late one night


# When my eyes beheld an eerie sight...#


I've always dressed up every Halloween.


So it's just about having a bit of fun wih the kids.


Strange, spooky, supernatural and altogether


Well, you know, when you look like this, you can blend in a


It's the third year of the festival.


What does Batman love about this world?


All the streets are busy, there's music


Expect more dressing up a wdek tomorrow at Halloween.


Murk Ansell, BBC Look North, Sheffield.


Jennifer Bartram has the weather forecast.


It's been a largely dry, fine and settled afternoon,


and as we head into this evdning and overnight, we lose any


Now, it will be a mostly drx night, there will be a fair


amount of cloud around, and the temperatures will f`ll back


First thing tomorrow morning, we do have a bit


It could push in some furthdr showers, but generally Mond`y


is looking like another dry and fine day.


The cloud will tend to thin and break in places.


Temperatures will reach a hhgh once again of 11 or 12 degrees.


Just watch out for one or two of those lingering showers.


As we head further into next week, Tuesday looks fine, dry and bright


That's all we've got time for, we're back with the late news at 20 past


ten. Have a lovely evening. Goodbye.


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