23/10/2016 Look North (Yorkshire)


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While politicians debate thd pros and cons of Brexit some


in Yorkshire's tourism industry say they're feeling the


Despite an increase in visitor numbers some businesses


are concerned about how thex'll recruit staff once we leave


In Scarborough, they're celdbrating a busy summer season.


A low exchange rate has madd the UK an attractive destination.


Many hoteliers say they've experienced record visitor numbers.


Brexit and the drop in the pound has absolutely helped


I think together with peopld having a bit of fear of travelling


We've been here ten years and we had very few people from abroad.


We've had a lot of Europeans this year, so they've probably bden


making the most of the weak pound and the euro being worth more.


But despite the boom in trade, the tourist industry now


wants to know how Brexit will affect recruitment.


Many hospitality businesses rely upon seasonal labour from Etrope


and from other parts of the world, and clearly, they want some clarity


as to what the rules will bd and what status those peopld


will have and if they are still able to work


At the Monkbar Hotel in Europe, 30 to 40% of staff are immigrants.


Istvan Nemes from Hungary is the head housekeeper.


He has lived in Yorkshire for 13 years.


Why they vote yes to Brexit, but I do understand the othdr


I just hope it's going to bd an easier way for me to stax.


Otherwise, I think the country will collapse, because so m`ny


people from East Europe work here and they keep


In the past, the East Coast tourism industry has learned


to compete with cheap foreign holidays and has sold itself


Now it has to learn to deal with uncertainty about the hmpact


You can see more on that story on this week's edition


of The Sunday Politics available now on the BBC iPlayer.


The rape of a woman in a taxi in Sheffield is being treatdd


as an "absolute priority" by South Yorkshire Police.


The 25-year-old got into thd vehicle close to West Street and was then


taken to the Duke Street arda where the offence occurred.


It happened shortly before 5am this morning.


Police are examining CCTV and appealing for witnesses.


The woman is being supported by specially trained officers.


Fire crews spent much of last night tackling a serious blaze


Everyone inside the house in Tinsley managed to escapd


and no one was injured, but the property has


Several neighbouring properties were evacuated as a precauthon.


At its height five fire engines were at the scene.


Staff have been threatened with a knife during an armed robbery


Money, cigarettes and mobild phone top-up cards were taken


during the incident at Grasmere Stores in Armlex


It's thought the robber madd off on a bicycle, leaving staff


Obviously, he had the knife pointed to them.


The Bishop of Ripon, the right reverend James Bell,


He' been in the position since the creation of the new Diocese


He'll leave the post in April next year.


The Bishop of Leeds, the Right Reverend Nick Baines,


says the bishop has helped shape the Church of England's approach


We've had a good weekend for taking pictures.


Thanks to Andrew Woodcock for this photograph of a stunning


Jennifer Bartram has this week's forecast.


Plenty of dry and fine weather as we head into Monday.


Overnight tonight it will bd cloudy, but there will be clear spells


Temperatures will fall to shx or seven Celsius.


First thing on Monday, the breeze will die down.


There will be a few showers across parts of North Yorkshire


but it is going to be dry and bright with sunny spells.


Temperatures tomorrow be will reach a high of 11 or 12 Celsius.


Tuesday looks like a fine and dry day with decent spells of stnshine.


We're back during Breakfast at 6.25am


So far this month most of the rain has been near Eastern coasts. That's


changing quite dramatically. All of this cloud coming in from the south


and this rain band moving across the channel into southern parts of


England right now. The rain is easing off in the south-east of


England. The main focus will be for the south-west of England where


there could be heavy bursts of rain in Devon and Cornwall. With the


shield of cloud pushing into Wales, the Midlands and the southern half


of the UK, but it isn't as cold night. Different story further


north, breaks in the cloud allowing for a touch of frost and pockets of


mist and fog. Northern areas will see spells of sunshine in the


morning. Some showers, but not as many as recently. The Midlands and


the south, more cloud, and shall read bursts of rain. This will clip


south-west parts of Wales. There could be torrential downpours


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