18/12/2016 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The UK's leading woodland conservation charity has given


its backing to campaigners trying to prevent tree-felling


The Woodland Trust has named a 120-year-old Elm in Nether Edge


The council's review of 36,000 trees in the city has


provoked an angry response, and even led to arrests.


Trees are springing up all over Sheffield this month.


In a few weeks, they'll be back in the loft.


But it's the fate of those on the streets


that has people worried, in particular


that of this Huntingdon Elm on Chelsea Road.


It's just been named as one of the Woodland Trust's


trees of the year, but the council wants to cut it down.


Campaigner Paul Selby nominated it for the award.


The council 12 months ago just thought


this was any old piece of wood for felling.


Well, actually, it's one of the most important trees


It's fought off Dutch elm disease at least twice


that we know of and you cannot replace this tree.


It's part of the International biological diversity


that hopefully will help replant and repopulate the whole country


In July, campaigners hired an open-top bus to


Now the Woodland Trust is giving them ?500


to be spent on the tree as a reward for its nomination.


They'll get that in March, although, of course,


Sheffield City Council has felled more than 3300 trees since 2012.


The local authority had to apologise last month after


council contractors started felling eight trees


They woke residents and some of them were


The council says many of the city's trees are old or diseased, dangerous


or damaging the pavement and need to be cut down.


Their plan is to replace every one they lose with a new,


younger tree, but campaigners say this tree behind me and the rest


across the city are special and need to be saved.


Police say they're concerned for the welfare of a teenager


from Wetherby who has been missing since Friday night.


15-year-old Kate Hunter was out with a friend in Leeds.


She was wearing black jeans, a black jumper


Anyone with any information is asked to contact


Members of the Leeds Muslim Youth Group were handing out roses


to shoppers in the city today as a symbol of peace and unity.


The group were part of a nationwide campaign


of Shia and Sunni communities working together to deliver


They were planning to distribute 12,000 this weekend.


Organisers hope it'll help unite people across all religions


despite the conflict happening elsewhere in the world.


So, this time of year which is the festive period,


is all about peace and unity, so historically speaking,


Muslims, Christians and Jews have all stood together


at this time of year in celebration of peace


and therefore we really just wanted to say to people that


despite what you may hear or you may see around the world,


Muslims are committed to peace, tranquillity and unity.


Well, Andy Murray may have won the coveted


Sports Personality of the Year Award, but it was


Yorkshire's Alistair Brownlee who came second.


The Leeds-born triathlete hit the headlines earlier this year -


not only for winning gold in the Rio Olympics


but also for his great sportsmanship


when he helped his brother Johnny over the finish line


These images were seen around the world at the time.


So tonight he was recognised for his achievements in the sport


as he proudly received the award from the Duke of Cambridge.


It's not looking like a white Christmas but we can see


what the weather's doing this week, with Lucy Martin.


Plenty of cloud around but we did see some brightness


and you can see that quite nicely here in this photo


sent in by a weather watcher in Leeds.


The sun just peeking out behind those clouds.


As we move through tonight then, we are staying cloudy.


I think we'll see a few patches of fog developing, so do just take


extra care if you're out on the roads.


Temperatures falling to an overnight low of between


So we start of the day tomorrow with plenty of cloud around.


Just that fog to look out for as you move through the morning,


but then I think we'll see a few brighter intervals in the mix before


a bit of patchy light rain creeps in into the late evening.


Temperatures reaching a maximum of nine Celsius


And it is a similar story as we move into Tuesday,


although I think we'll see a little bit more


Still the risk of a bit of drizzle fell by things


turning unsettled by the time we get to midweek.


Thank you to all unite else for staying up to watch us. That's from


the late team. Back at breakfast. Goodbye.


Good evening. It's a big week for pre-Christmas travel plans and the


weather can be quite challenging at times, too. We start the week with


the issue of fog once again. Just about anywhere on the hills on


Monday morning but at its most extensive at lower levels across


parts of western England and


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