07/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. for the late news at 10:10pm.


Poultry farmers and bird keepers are being warned to make


sure their livestock is separated from wild species following


a confirmed case of avian flu at a property in North Yorkshire.


The flock near Settle is being culled and a 3km


protection zone is in place around the infected premises.


The clean-up is underway in Hanlith, near Malham.


This is where the bird flu outbreak happened.


And this is where authorities want it to stop.


Ducks and chickens on this property are being culled.


This is not an outbreak that has taken place on a farm, in fact,


a lot of the farms around here don't even keep hens.


This is a small flock of chickens and ducks in somebody's garden.


What I understand has happened, although they didn't


want to speak to us today, is that two of the chickens have


died, they have gone to the vet about it,


and that is when they discovered it was H-5N8 avian flu.


That's the same strain that has been found in two other


This one in Lincolnshire and another in Wales.


Public Health England says there is no risk to humans,


a message people in Malhamdale are keen to put across.


It really only affects poultry, so Malhamdale is completely open,


it is open to walkers, visitors, anybody can pass through,


just do not bring you poultry, don't bring your chickens.


For anyone else keeping hens, this news remains awkward, though.


They are in the hut here, not very happy.


We were told to keep them in for a month.


I feel sorry for the hens. They would like to be out.


Instead of cooped up in a little hut.


You would think with an outbreak being so near,


whether they will cull them all around here, I don't know.


We'll have to wait and see what happens.


The UK's chief veterinary officer has called on all poultry owners


to take precautions to stop the outbreak from spreading and


Hundreds of people gathered in Sheffield today to stage another


protest over trees being felled in the city.


Campaigners joined yellow ribbons around the town hall


to express their anger at plans to reduce the number of trees


The council says if trees are decaying or dangerous they need


to be cut down and that thousands more will be planted.


We are not saying that we want to save every single tree in Sheffield,


we know there has to be a tree-management strategy.


There are problems, there are things that need to be done,


There are all kinds of different solutions, though.


Felling all of them is not the answer.


And they are telling us that it is a last resort every time


a tree is felled but that really doesn't seem to be the case.


A 75-year-old marathan runner from Rotherham has been recognised


Ray Mathews, who we featured on Look North, ran 75


marathans in 75 consecutive days for charity.


Ray has been given the British Citizen Award


Well deserved. an extraordinary impact on society.


Double gold Paralympian Kadeena Cox says she's keen to compete


Kadeena, who's from Leeds, won four medals at the Rio paraylmpics.


She's now in training for a winter sports TV programme which led


She's now expressed an interest in taking part in the


Football now and in the FA Cup third round there'll be a replay


for Barnsley after a goalless draw at Blackpool.


David Wagner secured his first ever FA Cup win as Huddersfield beat


But more disappointment for Rotherham who lost 3-2 at home


In League One, Bradford's new-found winning ways continued


with a 2-0 victory over Chesterfield who drop to third


bottom and Sheffield United made it six league wins in a row


with a storming 4-2 victory over Southend


Not bad. Now let's see what the weather has in store for the rest of


the weekend. Not such a bad day,


really, across Yorkshire It was a bit cloudy,


though, wasn't it? And overnight we're going to hang


on to a lot of that cloud. It will also be pretty


chilly out there. I think the thickest of the fog


across parts of the Pennines, A bit of drizzle here


on high ground as well. Lows tonight between about


three and six Celsius. So a chilly start to your day


tomorrow with some of that mist and fog lingering,


the cloud thinning and breaking allowing for some sunny spells


later, rise of 9 or 10 Celsius. We're going to see


some rain as well. New year, new hair, why not? That is


its -- that as it from us, have a very lovely evening. See you again,


bye-bye. Good evening. Our weather can be


exciting, just not today. A predominantly grey day and a murky


night to come. If you're on the moon on the roads, through tonight into


the morning, it could be misty and foggy again in places, especially


over the hills, but really just about anywhere. The cloud is the


enough to produce patchy rain or drizzle, quite a damp night. Clear


skies to the Easterling and anti-stall Scotland and it's here


the greatest chance of a touch of frost, but for most, mild great,


dismal start to Sunday morning. The mist and fog will lift. There will


be a few breaks in the cloud, east of Wales, eastern parts of England


and Scotland. A bit


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