28/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Two more people have been arrested on suspicion of murdering


the teenage brother of a young Leeds United player.


Raheem Wilks was shot outside a barber's shop in Leeds on Thursday


The arrests mean three people are now being held


The attack on Raheem Wilks was thought to be a targeted one.


Raheem, The older brother of Leeds United


under-23 player Malik Wilks, was shot in broad daylight outside


Today, a 20-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man have been


A 49-year-old man who was arrested yesterday remains in police custody.


Meanwhile, West Yorkshire Police have urged local people who have


been sharing information about the killing on social


Detectives believe the answer to what happened here lies


More than a thousand people have signed a petition against plans


to close the remaining two banks in a South Yorkshire town.


HSBC and Yorkshire Bank have both announced closures


They say footfall in branches is down


as the majority of customers are banking online.


But local people say the banks provide a vital service,


It is quite clear that those who have been here longest


These are people who tend not to use the Internet,


Many will have neighbours who are housebound.


And these people simply can't get on a bus and go to a nearby town.


The Post Office won't give them everything they need,


so that is why we need the banks in Wath


A special event is being held in Bradford to mark the first


anniversary of the devastating fire at the city's


The building had to be demolished following the blaze last year.


Artists have been working with the local community


on an exhibition near the site of the former mill.


It had been part of Bradford's skyline for 150 years but,


last January, a devastating fire ripped through Drummonds Mill.


More than 100 firefighters were called on that night,


but when the flames were out, the building had to be demolished.


Today, the iconic former mill is missed by locals.


Now they have decided to celebrate its past


We are a public theatre company that are based in Drummonds Mill.


So, when the fire happened, we lost all our community


work, community artwork, puppets and lanterns.


So this is one year on and we are calling


It had been a working mill for 155 years and it has been really


interesting doing research on some of the people that


work there and some of the great stories that have come


And the whole of Long Lane looks quite different now.


The event continues this evening with a lantern parade,


bringing people together to mark the first anniversary


of the loss of such an historic part of the community.


Let's have a look at the day's football.


Huddersfield are through to the fifth round of the FA Cup


In the Championship, a goal from Adam Armstrong


gave Barnsley a 1-0 victory over Rotherham


In League One, it finished Oldham 1, Bradford City 2.


And congratulations to 17- year old Tom Pidcock from Leeds.


He's been crowned Junior World Cyclo Cross Champion


on a treacherously icy course in Luxembourg.


This adds to the European title he won back in October.


Ben Turner from Doncaster won the bronze medal.


Here's Abbie Dewhurst with the weather forecast.


We should see some decent spells of sunshine tomorrow.


We have not seen that much today, but, overnight tonight, some quite


heavy showers feeding in from the west.


These have the potential to be a little wintry over higher ground


but they will be in amongst some clearer spells so we could see some


Temperatures in towns or cities down at about


A pretty decent start to the day tomorrow.


Some heavy showers and then cloud building from the south and becoming


more persistent. Temperatures reaching around six Celsius, a


little bit more unsettled as we make our way through into next week.


That's all we have time for this evening.


Charlotte's here on Sunday at 6:20pm.


Hello. If you don't like the cold weather, it certainly felt a lot


better for you today, at least across the southern half of the UK.


Still pretty chilly in northern areas, even some sleet. When we see


this transition from one type of weather to another, we get a lot of


variable weather. That's what we've had today that is what is on the way


tomorrow. Sunshine and showers today, and tomorrow will be quite a


mix as well. Lots of clouds in the Atlantic ready to come our way. The


short term, just bits and spots of rain in the western areas, some rain


in the North least. Cold enough for some ice to form in Northern


Ireland, northern England and parts of Scotland. In the south it should


be frost free, all in advance of this weather front which will spoil


the weather for many of us across the southern half of the UK


tomorrow. Pretty cloudy, wet picture. Rain not all the


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