22/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening from Look North. now time for the news where you are.


There's little to show from the push to build


according to one West Yorkshire business leader.


The President of Bradford's Chamber of Commerce says


But the Northern Powerhouse minister defended the progress made so far.


For more than three years, the government has been talking


about giving the economy a bit more punch


by setting up something called the Northern Powerhouse.


But, for parents and coaches at a boxing club


in Knottingley Miners Welfare, it's an idea that has yet to hit home.


If I was to say to you, the words Northern Powerhouse


To be honest, it's a term, I've never heard of it.


I've never heard of it, at all. Until tonight.


If I was to say to you, it's being pushed by the government.


It began by the Osborne-Cameron government to boost


As I say, I've never heard it before.


I've never seen any finances, in this direction.


People here have been hit by a series of body blows.


Ferrybridge C power station has gone, as has killing the colliery


and council cuts are beginning to bite as the local pool


Unemployment has been falling, unemployment is at


record low levels in many parts of the North.


We've got massive amounts of foreign investment coming in,


running at twice the national average, so it's having an impact.


People don't need to be au fait with the Northern Powerhouse strategy.


What's important is they see the results.


So, do business leaders feel a bit brighter about the Powerhouse plan


to help hard-hit areas by building and linking economies


If you get the rail system working better


and you get connectivity with roads and other public transport systems.


And the whole system works better from


then the whole thing starts to look like a compelling place


Back in Knottingley, there is no immediate lift from the


high-speed rail plans but people are hoping a knock on effect isn't


A memorial has been unveiled in honour of three family members


who were murdered at their home in West Yorkshire last year.


Gerry Newman, her 11-year-old daughter Shannon


and six-year-old son Shane were killed by their father Paul.


He was later discovered dead at cliffs near Anglesey.


He'd been previously jailed for domestic violence.


In the community and as part of the parish council,


they wanted to create a lasting tribute that was fitting


for the family where family members, ex-colleagues of Gerry,


and friends and family members can come down


and pay their respects to the memorial.


It's absolutely brilliant. We think it's fantastic.


We're really proud of it. It's a nice memorial for them.


They were fantastic. The kids and Gerry were wonderful.


Disgraced former Co-op Bank chairman and former Bradford City


Councillor Paul Flowers says he still has drug problems.


Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme


after being stripped of the title Reverend last week -


the 66-year-old said his problems were "largely" in the past.


But he said it would be a "lie" to suggest


In 2014 he was fined for having cocaine,


Olympic medalist Beth Tweddle has been in South Yorkshire today


encouraging young people to take up gymnastics.


The former World Champion helped children at Barnsley Gymnastics Club


More than 100 local children turned up to meet her.


It is important for children to do physical activity,


sport has taught me so much which I am using in everyday life.


Everything from motivation to determination.


The simple things, having friends, having that social circle.


Gymnastics has given me so much throughout my career and I just


wanted to inspire the younger generation.


so why can't they achieve it as well?


Nice to see her in Yorkshire. Let's see what the weather is like.


Well, there's only one way those temperatures are going overnight


It's going to be a chilly one across Yorkshire, yet again,


I think were going to see some dense patches of fog forming, as well.


We'll get down to about -3 and would have thought


So, tomorrow morning, travelling first thing,


there that fog in mind and I think we'll see some frost as well.


Definitely more in the way of sunshine.


Looking into the crystal ball for the next couple of days, then.


It's quite a settled, quiet story, really.


High pressure in charge but it will be pretty cold.


Take care tomorrow morning in the fog. We hope you have a great week


ahead. Good evening. If you are dreading


the trudge back to work in the morning I'm not going to help


matters. There is the prospect of nasty, freezing fog over the next


couple of days. Quite localised but tricky out there on the roads.


Disruption possible. Check out your BBC local radio station, go online


for the latest updates where you are. The fog thickening up as I


subpoenaing, particularly across southern parts of the UK. There are


warnings in force with some patches of fog elsewhere, too. A cold one,


needless to say. Some places already well below freezing. Where you have


cloud cover, hovering just above. Some showers around, too, coming out


of the cloud. So ice around first thing in the morning. Let's


concentrate on the fog. It includes the London area, some of the


airports could be affected. Allow extra


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