22/01/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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There's little to show from the push to build a so-called


Northern Powerhouse, according to one West


The President of Bradford's Chamber of Commerce says the plans need


But the Northern Powerhouse minister has defended


Best boxing gym here, people are used to fighting their coroner. Out


in the tone it has been a bruising 12 months for the local economy. For


more than three years the government has been talking about giving the


economy more punch by setting up something called a northern


powerhouse. For parents and boxers here it is an idea yet to hit home.


If I said the words to you, northern powerhouse, what does that mean? It


is a term I've never heard until tonight. If I said it was a big push


by the government to boost the economies of the North... As I say,


never seen any finances coming in never seen any finances coming in


this direction. People have been hit by a series of body blows. The power


station has gone, as has the colliery. The local pool is days


away from closing. Unemployment is at record low levels we've got


massive amounts of investment, so it is having an impact but people do


not need to be awfully with the strategy. To business leaders feel


brighter about the plan to help hard-hit areas by building and


linking economies. If you get the rail system working better and get


collectivity with roads and other public transport services, then the


system works better. That starts to make the area looked like a


compelling place to put a new business. There is no immediate left


from the high-speed rail plans but people are hoping a knock-on effect


is not far down the line. A memorial has been unveiled


for a mother and her two children who were murdered at their home


in West Yorkshire almost a year ago. Geraldine Newman, eleven year


old Shannon and six year old Shane were killed by the children's


father, Paul Newman. One year on, friends and neighbours


gathered to remember them. Last February, Jerry was found dead in


her home from head injuries and the children from stab wounds. The


father's body was found on cliffs in Anglesey. He'd been jailed for


assaulting his wife previously. Today was a day of remembrance and


prayed for a community which rallied together with local businesses to


raise money for a lasting memorial. The community was shocked with the


tragedy that happened almost a year ago. We wanted to create a lasting


tribute for the family where they could come and pay their respects.


Today gave an opportunity for a few moments of quiet reflection. For


those who knew the family well it rot back painful memories. It was


terrible, horrendous. The murder shocked all those who knew them but


now they have a place to remember them.


Olympic medalist Beth Tweddle has been in South Yorkshire today


encouraging young people to take up gymnastics.


The former World Champion helped children at Barnsley Gymnastics Club


More than a hundred local children turned up


It is important for children to do physical activity, sport has taught


me so much which I am using in everyday life. Everything from


motivation to determination. The simple things, having friends,


having that social circle. Gymnastics has given me so much


throughout my career and I just wanted to inspire the younger


generation. I was just a young child of a dream so why can they achieve


it as well? Lets see how the weather is looking. It


chilly night across Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Tomorrow starts


off on a cold note. We will see some frost and dense patches of fog to


look out for. Overnight is largely drive. There could be a wintry feel


on high ground. Temperatures across parts of North Yorkshire will be


down 2-3 C. Wherever we are it will be close to freezing. We could see


some dense fog lingering for a time. This is possible just about anywhere


but it looks a lot better by the time we get to the afternoon. Still


pretty called. Fairly settled story over the next couple of days as high


pressure remains in charge. Wrap up and I will see you soon. That is all


from us but we are back for the late news. Keep up-to-date on Facebook


and Twitter and social media. of freezing fog. Already warnings in


place from the Met office. I will


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