19/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel,


A murder investigation has been launched after a man was shot dead


The 23-year-old was said to be going to a family celebration


in the Upperthorpe area of the city when he was attacked.


Police were called yesterday afternoon and found the man


Armed officers cordoned off this area, and the victim was taken


to the Northern General Hospital, where he died from his injuries.


Residents say that the victim was either in or near a black


Mercedes car that he'd been driving when he was shot.


It's understood the victim lives in this area with relatives,


and was going to a family gathering when the attack happened.


South Yorkshire Police have appealed for information over the shooting.


Residents of Chapeltown and Harehills in Leeds have held


a meeting in response to the unlawful killing


of three young people there in the last three weeks.


Two of those who died were teenagers, and parents


and community leaders have told Look North they're trying


to safeguard their children's lives after decades of failure


At Chapeltown Youth and Development Centre, Lutel James works


He's spent decades volunteering to help improve outcomes


But three local people lost their lives in recent weeks,


The generic delivery across the city does not work


in areas like Chapeltown and Harehills.


The council change, the police change, people talk the right thing


at the right time to say, well, actually, they suggest there's


If we don't see the change, and people keep promising the change,


then the only way we can deal with change is by it being


The funeral of 16-year-old Irfan Wahid was held on Thursday,


after he was fatally stabbed in Harehills eight days ago.


Another 16-year-old boy has been charged with his murder.


19-year-old Raheem Wilks was shot on January the 26th


in the neighbourhood, and died in hospital from his injuries.


And last week, in the same area, another man, as yet unnamed,


People here say that their children had been failed.


We've been sitting at a table for the best part of ten years


with police, the local authority, youth offending service,


many other agencies around the table - they've brought no resources


They continually feel that we, the community, should be doing it


But voluntary doesn't always work, you need resources.


It's about safeguarding our children, and being able to create


a safe space and being able to say that the city's version


of Child-friendly Leeds means for every child.


We want to know how we can prevent this happening


A neighbourhood in fear for its children and trying


Campaigners who are against a 150-year-old tree in Sheffield


being chopped down have held a celebration of the oak tree.


Around a hundred residents gathered on Vernon Road in Dore


to call for the council to reverse its decision


The council says trees are only replaced if they are dead, dying,


diseased, dangerous, damaging footpaths and roads


Nearly 200 people against the proposed new route


for HS2 attended a meeting in Leeds this afternoon.


Residents in the Woodlesthorpe area say they were not fully consulted


about plans for a viaduct and tunnel along the high-speed rail line.


Campaigners used drone footage to help residents


A consultation on the Government's preferred route for HS2


An Iraq war veteran from Leeds has been shortlisted


Simon Brown was shot in the face and blinded


The 38-year-old was nominated for the Soldiering On award


He now works with other blind veterans and uses his experience


In sport, Huddersfield Town await the FA Cup quarterfinal draw,


which takes place at 6:30pm this evening.


They'll need to come through a replay at Manchester City


That game is scheduled for a week on Tuesday.


Huddersfield performed well against the Premier League giants


I think we went into the game with a plan to make sure we were


aggressive, show our fitness on the pitch, didn't give them time


I think we did that, we had a couple of chances first half,


but we'll take a draw, we're pleased with the performance today.


Abbie Dewhurst has the forecast for us.


After quite a cloudy afternoon, this evening and overnight will be


Patchy rain sinking down towards the southeast,


Temperatures not too low, around seven Celsius as the low.


It will be a mild but cloudy start to the new working week.


Misty at first, and thicker cloud for the west of the region,


In any breaks in the clouds in the lee of higher ground,


it could feel like 15 Celsius in the sun.


Air temperature in towns and cities and under that cloud and drizzle


Temperatures returning to normal at the end of the week.


That's all for now, we'll be back with the


on and on. It is because of the direction of the wind. Tomorrow's


temperatures might be higher than today by a couple of degrees. There


has been a lot of cloud. But we had some lovely pictures coming in. Some


sunshine, but predominantly the clouds have been -- the skies have


been cloudy. This will continue as well as a smattering of rain. For


all those reasons it isn't going to be a cold night. In fact a night's


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