25/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. at a quarter past ten -


Hundreds of people have marched through Worksop to protest


about the overnight closure of the children's ward


The trust says it's due to staff shortages and it's


the safest option, but campaigners fear


Signs of protest in Worksop today, a demonstration of people's worry


and anger at the closure of overnight care


on Bassetlaw Hospital's children's ward.


Save our children's ward, save our children's ward!


After seven at night, the nearest alternative is now


Around 500 people took part in today's rally,


including Michael and his son Midge, who has lung disease.


If anything happens through the night,


You have to go to Doncaster, presumably.


That's probably Doncaster, yeah, which is


I've been hearing reports about other children


being shipped over to Doncaster in the early hours of the morning


really poorly and it frightens me to death.


And the whole of the surrounding area is with us...


One vocal critic has been the local Labour MP, John Mann.


He is worried this is the thin end of the wedge


If this situation continues, sadly, then there will be lives lost.


and they shouldn't be prepared to take that risk.


While hundreds of protesters assembled outside the


hospital today, it's the number of people working


These campaigners say those staff shortages have been


They intend to keep on campaigning until


the children's ward here at Bassetlaw Hospital behind me


A new report says Bradford is the most affordable place


Lloyds Bank looked at prices and earnings in 61


They found homes in Bradford cost


only around four times average earnings.


Meanwhile, York is in the top twenty list of the most


Football now and in the the first of two Yorkshire derbies,


an important home victory for Leeds against Sheffield Wednesday.


The only goal came 23 minutes into the first half.


Gaetano Berardi swung a ball in for Chris Wood who tucked home


The Owls had a chance to equalise in the second half when Dukara


fouled Hutchinson, but Jordan Rhodes saw his penalty


Yeah, I thought it was a very good game.


I was very pleased with the way that we had our game plan.


We managed that game plan really well


First-half, I thought we looked really much on the front foot,


we were the team were creating and pushing and we got our goal


the second half, playing against a very good side


in Sheffield Wednesday, for them to put some pressure on,


even throughout that pressure, I felt we dealt with it


In the other Yorkshire derby, Huddersfield could only manage


And Rotherham remain rooted to the bottom of the Championship


In League One, Chesterfield's winless run was extended


to seven games by visitors Oxford United who won 4-0.


But Bradford beat Port Vale 2-1 to move fifth and Sheffield United


extended their lead at the top by beating Bolton Wanderers 2-0.


And in League Two Doncaster Rovers drew 2-2 with Accrington Stanley.


Sporting history was made at Siddal today when the first transatlantic


Toronto Wolfpack won their third round Challenge Cup tie


against the amateur side, but only just.


Siddal did themselves proud narrowly losing by 14 points to six.


The match was shown worldwide by the BBC -


with many viewers tuning in in North America.


Quite a cloudy night on the cards for parts of Yorkshire


and we will see some rain tracking down towards the south-east.


Easing as we head through the early hours of tomorrow morning,


so just a few showers to wake up to first thing.


Temperatures only dropping to five or six Celsius


Drier and brighter with sunny spells, particularly


I think the east coast should fare quite well.


Before some rain arrives during the afternoon,


That's all we have time for this evening.


Charlotte's here just before six on Sunday.


Good evening. Starting with a quick look at the satellite sequence from


earlier. We started under a big blanket of cloud but Scotland and


Northern Ireland brightened up as the day went off. Underneath the


cloud in England and Wales, quite a bit of rain at the moment, drifting


southwards and East. It will continue to do so. In the small


hours the rain will become patchy, and most will give way to the


continent. There will be some breaks, particularly to the East of


Scotland, where there could be a touch of frost. Next batch of rain


into the western side of Scotland first thing, moving east with a


little snow over higher ground. Another pulse of rain coming towards


the Irish Sea area and with that comes really strong


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