26/02/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. news at 10 o'clock.


Hospitals in Yorkshire are paying out more than ever


on temporary health care staff, despite the introduction


of a Government cap on how much they can spend.


is spending three times the amount it was five years ago.


Mealtime at Harrogate District Hospital, but is this kind of


familiarity becoming a thing of the past?


The trust which runs the hospital is one of many in the


region to see an increase in spending


Harrogate and District NHS trusts on increase in spending on


agency staff of around 42% over five years.


But even that was one of the smaller increases.


Freedom of information requests submitted by the BBC


show that some trusts have seen huge rises in temporary staff


Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust has seen its spend


on agency medical staff rise by 212% to more than ?19 million.


The Mid Yorkshire trust, one of the region's biggest,


has seen the total rise 235% to ?29 million.


The NHS introduced caps in late 2015 not only the amount


hospitals could spend on agency health care staff but also on the


amount agencies were allowed to charge the NHS for


A move welcomed by the Harrogate trust.


We've got a real focus on recruitment of staff to


make sure we're filling up our establishment and also we have


less reliance on temporary and agency staff.


But some think the cap is nothing more than a sticking plaster


that doesn't address deeper problems within NHS staffing.


They don't deal with the underlying issue, which is around the retention


The only reason we have agency staff in the first place


is because we don't have enough permanent staff.


The NHS says agency spending has fallen in three quarters


of hospital trusts and that that's saved ?600 million


nationally, however as our research has shown, in Yorkshire


the spending for many of temporary staff is still far too high.


Police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found


Officers were called to the property in the Quarmby Road


The house is sealed off but it's not known at this stage whether


Today was the deadline to apply to be the new head of York Minster's


bell tower following a row last year.


Bosses at the Minster sacked the team of bell ringers


after a disagreement about how to keep staff safe.


The row meant the bells were silent over Christmas


for the first time in 600 years.


Relatives have launched a campaign to try to stop the closure


of a council-run care home in Bradford.


at the specialist Holme View dementia unit because the authority


But hundreds have signed a petition to keep it open.


A bitterly cold Bradford day, leaden skies and biting winds.


Inside Holme View care home, it's warm and comfortable,


but this specialist dementia unit could be closed down


It's a frightening prospect for the families of those who use it.


Here we've got a fine home, everybody's settled,


If there's any thought of moving,


which none of them really are aware of, I really don't know


To even begin to think about what might happen if the


likes of my cousin and some of the other residents,


our loved ones, are moved from here, the consequences


A petition against the closure has so far


It was set up by relatives of people in the home


who have also started an action group to fight the plans.


It's people out there that have also got relatives


with dementia that would possibly be looking for care.


22 people currently call this place home with another ten using its


services and it's been rated good by the Care Quality Commission.


But the issue isn't its performance,


Bradford Councillor Val Slater told us today


that when this home was originally constructed, building specification


standards were quite different and that to


upgrade it now would cost a lot of money and inconvenience.


What will actually happen to Holme View care home


in the future will be decided on in the summer.


Gavin McDonnell's dream of joining twin brother Jamie as a world


The Doncaster fighter lost on points to Mexican Rey Vargas


in his bid to land the vacant WBC super-bantamweight title.


Victory would have delivered Britain's first simultaneous


twin world champions, with Jamie already in possession


Jennifer Bartrum has the weather forecast.


We keep a fairly brisk wind as we go through


There will be a few showers around and


some clear spells as well and under the clear skies, the temperatures


will be dropping down to around three or 4 degrees to take us


Quite a few showers in the forecast for Monday.


Some of these are going to be quite heavy.


Expect some hail, some thunder, and over higher ground they will be


But in between the showers, there will be


some brighter spells where we will see the sunshine coming through


Temperatures up to around seven or 8 degrees.


As we go through the rest of the week,


Some further showers on Tuesday with highs of six Celsius.


We'll have another update at 10:20pm.


Good evening. The fifth named storm of the season has been affecting the


west of the UK, and it was named Ewan by the Irish meteorological


service because that is where the impact was expected, but it has been


quite wet for some and the wettest weather is moving northwards across


the North of Scotland and the stronger winds go with that. Strong


winds pushing away towards the east with showers and then further


showers behind overnight, and some of the showers will contain some


wintry weather. It will be quite cold for the North and west of the


UK, 2 degrees in


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