04/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening and welcome to Saturday's Look North.


A Yorkshire MP has spoken for the first time about receiving


death threats online just days after the murder of


The Labour member for York Central, Rachael Maskell, was told by police


not to speak in public about the abuse until now.


The aftermath of a political assassination.


Jo Cox's murders shocked the world and in


Westminster, MPs were forced to think about their own safety while


Now, Rachael Maskell, the MP for York Central,


threats in the days following her colleague's murder.


The threats that I've received came in online


From the far right, very much threatening myself


and it's a death threat that I received as well.


That is why it was taken so seriously at the time.


Among the messages sent to Rachael were threats that she would be shot.


Another contained an image of a severed head.


Clearly, MPs receive a lot of abuse online.


It doesn't matter if it is an e-mail or


social media or to your face, we should be treating everybody with


We have got to think about the way we are


I think people hide behind screen when putting forward some really


Like Jo Cox, it was Rachael's support for refugees


which made her a target for the far right.


She referred the threats to the police and says she will


continue to serve her constituents despite online abuse.


Two handguns, an air rifle, and an assortment of knives


and axes have been handed in to West Yorkshire Police as part


(Oov? It's the final day to surrender weapons at police


stations without facing prosecution for possessing them.


More than 180 weapons have been handed in so far.


Police have been in the Upperthorpe area of Sheffield today,


two weeks on from the shooting of a 23-year-old man.


Officers believe there are people who still have


information about Aseel Al-Essaie's death and who've not


A number of people have been arrested.


The Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson made an appearance at a community sports


club today to celebrate it's new gym.


The Leeds athlete showed off his handstand technique


at Sherburn in Elmet's new gym facility.


An ankle injury sustained during training didn't


The club is run mainly by volunteers and holds classes for children


The amount of things that it teaches you as a young child.


You know, discipline, hard work, overcoming fear every day.


Learning gymnastic skills is a scary thing but it is also very,


very exciting and the ability to fly through the air and learn


It is a truly amazing sport and I think it is perfect for


Football, and Leeds United consolidated their play off place


last night with a three-one win at Birmingham City


Chris Wood scored twice - his first just 14 minutes


into the game - and Alfonzo Pedraza hammered home the third goal.


The win puts them just one point behind Huddersfield


Meanwhile, Huddersfield are entertaining Championship


Kick off was twenty minutes ago and the latest score is...


Elsewhere in the Championship, Barnsley lost two-one


Rotherham notched up another loss - Aston Villa beat them two-nil


but Sheffield Wednesday stormed to victory against Norwich.


The final score there is five-one - with goals from Wallace, Rhodes,


In League One, Bradford City won one nil at home to Peterborough,


Sheffield United drew three all away to Rochdale with Goals from Duffy,


Laughety and Sharp and Chesterfield beat Swindon 1-0.


And in league two it was a goaless draw for


On with the weather. A lovely day so far. Let's see if the sunshine will


continue. Seriously surf. Good evening. We looking at one or two


showers to end the day. Some outbreaks of rain pushing eastwards.


The heaviest and most frequent across the Pennines. Clear skies


elsewhere. Temperatures down to three Celsius. Ground frost to start


the day. The cloud will increase and outbreaks of rain. Some of it will


be heavy and a cool seven Celsius. Have a lovely evening. Goodbye.


Hello. I could have put almost anything in this sphere today such


was the variety. Some of


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