05/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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The deadline's approaching for groups who want to take


It closed last year as part of a council plan


But the building could be brought back in to use


If not, it'll be put up for sale as Cathy Booth reports.


In the heart of Crow Nest Park is Dewsbury Park mansion.


For 120 years it housed the town's museum.


In November last year it was closed because Kirklees Council could no


Tomorrow is the deadline for submissions of


interest for groups wanting to take on the grade two listed building.


One such group is the Friends of Dewsbury Park Mansion.


They want to see the building being turned into a


In this area it is all about building community


resilience and helping people with getting back


into work, with mental health issues.


Really we want it to be a place that is for well-being and


caring for everybody and everyone that uses the park


This building holds a special place in the hearts


People remember here to wedding receptions or school trips.


Whoever ends up taking it over is going to


need a lot of time and a lot of money as the building has fallen


At the moment, the council is only taking applications


If none of their bids are deemed financially


viable, then the mansion could go on sale for a private developer.


Ideally, we would like a local organisation


and take it and develop it for the benefit of the community.


It will be a challenge for them and there will be huge costs


effort but we will work with them and I'm sure the commitment


they've shown so far, that they have a good chance of


For now, this piece of Dewsbury history faces


The search is continuing for a Rotherham man who's been


CCTV shows 77-year-old Barry Jones on an X5 bus


It's thought he got off at the Woodhouse Mill stop.


Anyone who sees him is asked to urgently


A leading obesity expert has criticised rules


which mean overweight people in parts of North Yorkshire face


NHS England has approved plans which mean some


patients must lose weight before certain operations


Speaking on the The Sunday Politics Dr Matt Capehorn said the Vale


of York CCG should instead increase schemes to help people lose weight.


If you went on a skiing holiday and broke your leg, we do not see you


are going to have physiotherapy on the NHS, even though it is


self-inflicted. The kind of NHS we want is irrespective of the cars.


You should not discriminate against patients just because of their


weight. -- irrespective of because. Security is to be stepped up


at the empty Futurist Theatre building in Scarborough


following reports of trespassing. Preparations are underway


for the demolition of the building but there


are reports that people The council is increasing security


patrols at the site. When a Yorkshire Women's Institute


set its mind to something as we well know the results


can be astounding. They've raised thousands of pounds


to install four defib-rillators in their local area,


as well as teaching their members The ladies of the women's


institute are in celebratory mood, marching towards the four


defibrillators they funded and placed outside sports clubs


and village halls near Halifax. It was retired nurse


Jackie Swire's idea I saw that she had


stopped breathing. I got her on the floor


and my husband dialled 999. Being a nurse, I know


the signs and symptoms. She was going blue but we managed


to get her round and me got CPR training is also on offer


to work in conjunction with the The new equipment


provides reassurance. It takes a couple of seconds to get


someone's heart beating again. If that facility is not


there, they are dead. It is hoped that the new machines


and training will save Huddersfield Town suffered


their first home defeat since last November as they faced


Championship promotion Aaron Moy's penalty gave


Town hope of a comeback after going 2-0 down


in the first half. With a look at the weather


for the week ahead, Good evening. Some showers overnight


tonight. They could be quite wintry over about 400 metres. Tomorrow


morning, the cloud will thin and break and we should see clear


spells. Temperatures will drop down to single figures. Quite literally


start to the day tomorrow. Cloudy at first. -- one or two scattered


isolated showers. These might take a while to clear. Once that sunshine


kicks in, temperatures start to respond. Highs of 10 Celsius


tomorrow. Turning milder from midweek on words. That is all we


have time for for now. The late news is here at 10:20pm. Goodbye.


Hello, as was the case on Saturday there was a lot of whether around


today. Showers for some, some saw the staff of postcard material, for


others it was more Christmas card material. We had pictures like that


quite widely across the Midlands and Wales as well. This weather


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