18/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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Good evening and welcome to Look North.


A protest against plans for a new service station on the M1


in South Yorkshire that would destroy acres of ancient


Developers say the ?40 million scheme at junction thirty five


But more than 6,000 people are against the plans.


More than 100 people braved the rain to join in today's protest.


They don't want to see acres of 12th century woodland bulldozed to make


way for a service station, Hotel and shops.


Save Smithy Wood! Save Smithy Wood!


Our children have used that woodland, we've used that woodland


for leisure for the last 20, 30 years.


You've only got to go a little way inside and you wouldn't


know you were by a motorway because the birdsong is wonderful.


Among the protesters were local residents,


environment groups and Angela Smith, the MP for Penistone


Extra MSA group, the company behind the plans, say...


But the Sheffield and Rotherham wildlife


trust says nothing can compensate the loss of historic habitat and


plans announced this week for another service station


at junction 33 could it says provide a better option.


There is no point in talking about planting,


there is no point in saying, oh, we can manage some


On the face of it, it really does look like


junction 33 is less ecologically damaging.


We think it is potentially a better option and therefore Smithy Wood can


be avoided and that's a key planning test, avoid Smithy Wood.


A decision on this planning application has been delayed


frequently over the past three years.


It was due to be made at the end of this month, but that's now


Campaigners now say they will fight for this ancient


habitat no matter how long the planning process takes.


A house fire in Barnsley, in which a woman died yesterday,


is thought to have been caused by a small candle.


The woman's body was found inside the property


in the Staincross area just before tea-time.


The house was well alight when fire crews arrived.


Investigators at the scene believe a tea-light was to blame.


Due to the conditions inside and the smoke


conditions, it was very, very


So they brought the lady out instantly,


but unfortunately, she was pronounced


dead by the paramedics on


The conclusions at this moment in time that it is an


accidental fire caused by either a smoking material or,


The mother of missing York chef Claudia Lawrence says she can't


sell her daughter's house when she doesn't know


Today marks eight years since Claudia disappeared.


The 35-year-old was last seen on her way to work.


Despite numerous arrests, no-one has been charged.


Police have now scaled back the investigation.


In the FA Trophy York City have made it to Wembley.


In their semifinal second leg it ended Lincoln City 1-1


In the Championship it ended Norwich 2-0 Barnsley,


and the latest score from Leeds United's match


In League One, Bradford City 2-1 Swindon Town.


Sheffield United 2-1 Charlton Athletic.


And in League Two, Leyton Orient 1-4 Doncaster Rovers.


In cricket, Yorkshire have announced the signing of batsman Travis Head


as an overseas player for the upcoming NatWest


as an overseas player for the upcoming NatWest T20 Blast campaign.


The 23-year-old Australian impressed during a brief spell at Headingley


He played four times scoring 113 runs.


Have you got to see some sunshine as well.


Overnight, we see a band of rain slowly making its way


Temperatures down to eight or nine Celsius.


This takes us into a fairly cloudy start


We will see outbreaks of rain, mainly across western and


I think eastern and northern parts remaining


Outbreaks of rain at times on Sunday, it will be colder


That's all we have time for this evening.


Charlotte's here at the same time tomorrow.


Hello, the mild areas going to be with us into next week. Things set


to be cooler with a return to overnight frost for some. This


evening and overnight will be mild across the board, a messy picture,


looks like Scotland Northern Ireland and northern England seeing the fair


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