19/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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More than 2,500 people in our region Jose Mourinho jumping for joy --


are expected to die early because of air pollution.


One charity involved in campaigning for more Government intervention has


told Sunday Politics that it's a bigger health crisis than obesity.


Richard Edwards has been to meet a man who went into politics


after becoming convinced his baby died because of air pollution


Muzafah Rahman was born just a few streets away from one


Each day, thousands of vehicles use these roads, and Muzafah's convinced


the pollution left behind is to blame for the early


My son, who was 15 months old, when he was a baby, I would often


take him in his pram through the subways here,


through the link, around this beautiful roundabout,


where the greenery is, not knowing that I was exposing him


to a great disease that would eventually take his life.


I am convinced the virus he contracted through


the failure of his heart was related to pollution.


Cameron died in 1990, when research into casualties from air pollution


But 27 years on, there are official concerns.


Just two months ago, the Government's Highways England


began looking at cutting speed limits on the M1, which, in turn,


And it's not just a problem in south Yorkshire.


Today, few people would deny that pollution is an issue.


This is an air quality management area in Leeds,


a place where the problem's so bad the council is taking urgent


A study suggests that 700 people will lose their lives


this year alone in Leeds from breathing dirty air.


Separate research shows that in just one year,


3,000 people across our region died after breathing dirty air.


We understand that air pollution is a significant


risk to public health, on the scale of obesity,


and we know that the equivalent figure, in terms of deaths,


is around 40,000 equivalent deaths per year is the overall


impact of air pollution on our health nationally.


The Government's Department for Environment says it's spent more


than ?2 billion since 2011 to encourage people to use greener


transport and is committed to spending another ?290 million


to support electric cars and low emissions buses.


York City will return to Wembley in May after victory against Lincoln


The Minstermen - who are 22nd in the National League and 39


points behind Lincoln - sealed the win with


York came into the away league of the semifinal with a 2-1 lead.


But Lincoln were the favourites, top of the national league and fresh


from a run to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup.


And they took the lead in the 66th minute when Sean Raggett converted


Nathan Arnold's corner with this header.


The goal forced the match into extra time.


The game's pivotal moment came when the referee awarded York


A shot by Hamza Bencherif was blocked by Luke Waterfall.


The referee initially let play continue, but he consulted his


assistant as York's players and supporters


A penalty was given and Scott Fenwick side


footed his shot firmly into Lincoln's net.


With no further goals in the extended period,


the match ended in a 1-1 draw, putting York through to


I remember it five years ago, down at Luton, when we drew 1-1


down there, and to play against an excellent side over two


legs and come away victorious, it feels magnificent.


A dream to play at Wembley. I managed to score the winning goal.


York will play Macclesfield in the FA Trophy final


Meanwhile, their battle for league survival continues on Tuesday,


with a crucial home fixture against Southport.


In Super League, two results for you.


Salford fought back to end Castleford Tigers' unbeaten start


knocking them off the top of the table.


Meanwhile, Huddersfield got a point as they battled Wigan in a 16-16


In Rugby Union, Doncaster Knights beat their rivals Yorkshire Carnegie


by 31 points to 26 in a tight contest.


There is only one way those temperatures are going


over the next few days and that is right down.


Rain clearing tomorrow morning and then it starts turning


Not a completely dry night across Yorkshire.


We will see some showers, it will, however, be


Temperatures down to eight or nine Celsius.


Here comes another band of rain, creeping up from the south-west.


The air behind this is actually a lot


Tomorrow's highs getting to ten or 11, but as that colder air floods


down, this is the air mass showing the air


temperature essentially, you


can see it's going to get a lot colder.


A dip in the temperatures on Tuesday, Wednesday, and I think


we'll have to watch out for some wintry showers.


Hello. For most of March so far it has felt quite mild and springlike


but we are in for a bit of a shock next week as we will have a blast of


Arctic air across the UK making it feel much cooler than it has of late


with wintry showers and a return to overnight frosts for a while. The


pressure chart shows more weather fronts pushing into many central and


southern parts of the country this evening and overnight it will turn


quite wet across parts of England and when is towards the end of the


night and across Scotland, Northern Ireland,