19/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire.

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More than 2,500 people in our region stories on the BBC News Channel.


are expected to die early because of air pollution.


One charity which campaigns for more Government intervention


believes it's a bigger health crisis than obesity.


Muzafah Rahman was born just a few streets away from one


Each day, thousands of vehicles use these roads, and Muzafah's convinced


the pollution left behind is to blame for the early


take him in his pram through the subways here,


through the link, around this beautiful roundabout,


where the greenery is, not knowing that I was exposing him


to a great disease that would eventually take his life.


Just two months ago, the Government's Highways England


began looking at cutting speed limits on the M1, which, in turn,


Today, few people would deny that pollution is an issue.


This is an air quality management area in Leeds,


a place where the problem's so bad the council is taking urgent


A study suggests that 700 people will lose their lives


this year alone in Leeds from breathing dirty air.


Separate research shows that in just one year,


3,000 people across our region died after breathing dirty air.


We understand that air pollution is a significant


risk to public health, on the scale of obesity,


and we know that the equivalent figure, in terms of deaths,


is around 40,000 equivalent deaths per year is the overall


impact of air pollution on our health nationally.


The Government's Department for Environment says it's spent more


than ?2 billion since 2011 to encourage people to use greener


transport and is committed to spending another ?290 million


to support electric cars and low emissions buses.


York City's players will turn their attention back


to National League survival this week, following their FA


They beat Lincoln to go through to the final at Wembley in May.


York came into the away leg of the semifinal with a 2-1 lead.


But Lincoln were the favourites, top of the National League and fresh


from a run to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup.


And they took the lead in the 66th minute when Sean Raggett converted


Nathan Arnold's corner with this header.


The goal forced the match into extra time.


The game's pivotal moment came when the referee awarded York


A shot by Hamza Bencherif was blocked by Luke Waterfall.


The referee initially let play continue, but he consulted his


assistant as York's players and supporters


A penalty was given and Scott Fenwick side


footed his shot firmly into Lincoln's net.


With no further goals in the extended period,


the match ended in a 1-1 draw, putting York through to


legs and come away victorious, it feels magnificent.


York will play Macclesfield in the FA Trophy final


Meanwhile, their battle for league survival continues on Tuesday,


with a crucial home fixture against Southport.


Congratulations to Suman Kaur from Leeds who won the Big Painting


Suman recently gave up her job in order to make a full time


She's now studying at Leeds College of Art.


It's been an amazing journey, and just go for your dreams. In the back


of my head throughout this whole process, I've said this is right for


you, it's what you need to do. Believe in yourself, believe in


yourself, and it has worked. And well be speaking to Suman


on Look North tomorrow night. Now let's see what the weather


is going to be like for Hope you've had a lovely weekend. It


will turn a lot colder over the next couple of days. As for tonight, not


a dry story. We will see a few showers and it will be pretty


blustery with strengthening south-westerly winds with lows of


seven or eight Celsius. This band of rain pushes in tomorrow, clearing by


the afternoon and things will brighten up nicely. It will feel a


bit colder and still pretty breezy out there. Here is the air mass


chart for Tuesday. The orange colours are a distant memory and we


bathed in blue. Tuesday Wednesday certainly feeling colder, frosty


start on Tuesday with the risk of wintry showers.


Will we ever be able to put the winter woollies away. Have a


brilliant week ahead. We will see you at breakfast at 6:25 a.m..


Goodbye. Good evening. There is some rain


coming into the southern half of the UK as we speak. I think by the end


of the night it will have got into the Midlands and much of East Anglia


as well. A bit of a breeze here as well. Some gusty winds and snow on


the hills of Scotland. With all of that going on,