25/03/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Hundreds of people have marched through the Aire Valley


protesting against plans for an energy-to-waste


The protestors say the plant will cause pollution and be an eyesore.


Say it loud, say it clear, toxic air's not welcome here!


Around 200 protesters set off from East Morton to walk the three


The banners made their concerns clear.


Among them, pollution, increased lorry traffic and the sheer size


Wonder Woman says no to the incinerator.


The developers Endless Energy want to build two plants to take


They say it's green and clean and the site on the Aire Valley Road


has been cleared for building to start after councillors approved


the plans in February, but the protesters


I'm worried about the pollution, the amount of extra traffic


that's going to trundle through the Aire Valley, carrying


Given we already have issues with air pollution


in Britain, we don't want to create more pollution.


If we just recycled more, we wouldn't need incinerators.


Bradford Council said neither Public Health England


or the Environment Agency objected to the plans.


For the moment, the development is on hold, pending a decision


from Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Communities.


He has to decide whether to call the plans in for further scrutiny


Today's protesters will hope he's listening to them.


Police have named a 21-year-old man who was stabbed to death


Jordan Hill was found with serious injuries in his flat


He was taken to hospital, but died later.


Detectives have launched a murder investigation and are appealing


for anyone who saw a silver car near Jordan's home on the night


The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have called an independent


inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the failed appointment


The Right Reverend Philip North turned down the post


following objections to his stance against ordaining women priests.


He said he had withdrawn for "personal reasons."


The archbishops said the incident had raised


Five police officers will face disciplinary proceedings


after an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation


into the arrest of a transport campaigner from Barnsley.


George Arthur, who is part of the Freedom Riders Campaign,


was arrested at Sheffield station during a protest three years ago.


The IPCC says four officers will attend a misconduct hearing


and a PC based in South Yorkshire will face a gross


A state-of-the-art gallery has opened to the public today


at the newly-named National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.


The ?1.8 million Wonder Lab explores the science


The interactive gallery has a mirror maze, a voice echo tube


and an exhibit called sound bite, which allows you to listen to music


It's designed to help children get more involved with science.


So you can shout into a 15-metre echo tube and hear how


You can play around with your image on a projection screen and twist


The kids are just drawn to it and the challenge of trying to get


through it without walking into any of the matters, it's brilliant


Let's turn to football now, and most of our teams


But in League One, Chesterfield remain deep in relegation


trouble after losing 3-1 at home to Rochdale.


And Sheffield United stay top of the League,


Hi, there, it's been a gorgeous day across Yorkshire


That will lead to largely clear skies overnight tonight.


A dry picture, but a few patches of mist and maybe low cloud


Temperatures will drop low enough rurally for a touch of frost.


A chilly start to the day tomorrow with a few patches of mist and fog,


but these will lift readily and we'll see plenty of sunshine.


Slightly cloudy at the afternoon, temperatures of 13 Celsius.


Don't forget, the clocks go further overnight so we lose


That's all we have time for this evening.


We're back at ten to seven on Sunday.


Good evening. What a belter of a day it has been. If you missed out on


the sunshine, don't worry, we will get more tomorrow. The one


exception, the Shetland Islands, shrouded in cloud. Elsewhere it has


been a stunner. The highest temperature of the year so far, 19


degrees. A beautiful shot here by one of our weather watchers. It is


already cooling down and will turn quite chilly this evening through


those clear skies. Dry nationwide and in the early morning the clocks


go forward and British summertime begins, which means an hour less


obsolete, unfortunately. We'll be dried chilli through the early


hours. As we've seen in recent nights, temperatures getting well


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