02/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. at Ten - now on BBC One its time


Shopkeepers and market traders have been giving a mixed reaction


to proposals by Bradford council to regenerate the top


A ?15 million scheme would see a new food market in the former


Marks Spencer building, and the current market


in the Oastler Centre being closed down.


There are big plans for the market in Bradford,


one closing, one opening and one being redeveloped.


The council wants to close and knocked down the Oastler Centre


for housing, and then use the former Marks Spencer building


near the city centre as a new food market.


The Kirkgate Market within the shopping centre opposite


This is where the sort of footfall is in the city centre,


it's a key corridor for the city as well, so it is celebrating that.


The Oastler Centre was recently named one of the top ten world


So we want to put that in the heart of the city and make sure


it's fit for purpose and it's the future of markets.


People's shopping habits are changing.


Bradfordians are going to be asked their opinion


I think it will be a good idea, but everything


I'm not sure if you're going to attract the right sort of market.


A lot of the shopping has gone towards the bottom of town and


has left the top of the town quite barren, so to bring shopping


back into Darley Street is going to bring some life back


into the area, which would be quite nice for this part of Bradford.


I don't think it will be a good idea personally,


because I think there's hardly anybody that comes around this area


now because there's no shops here as well.


If the plans to redevelop the market get the go-ahead,


it should be completed in four years' time.


At that time, the Oastler Centre here would be knocked down


and the housing would start to be built.


A York MP has accused the Government of using human beings as "bargaining


Speaking on today's Sunday Politics, Labour's Rachael Maskell says


a decision by ministers to delay guaranteeing the rights of EU


citizens to stay here, until we find out if OUR people


These are people with families and lives and want to know


the security of the future and we are already seeing the impact


this is having on our NHS, as people are choosing not to come


here because of the uncertainty over their future.


It is a dangerous path that the Government have chosen


A community in Leeds, trying to solve the housing crisis


by developing their own homes, have hit their funding target.


Chapeltown Co-Housing have found a site for 33 affordable eco-homes


which will be rented or bought by local people.


They've raised more than ?500,000 to fund the project.


The reality is now hitting home and it, yes,


There's been a grand re-opening of Elland Bridge in Calderdale


after a 15-month repair process following flood damage in 2015.


The bridge was opened to pedestrians and cyclists in January,


and to vehicles in February, but the towpath and canal


beneath the structure have remained closed until today.


Celebrations in Elland today to mark the end of months of inconvenience,


a chance for a community that had been divided by the damaged


This is how the bridge looked in the aftermath


It was closed to traffic and pedestrians,


This is how it works now, and people who watched


It brings a lot more people back into Elland,


and takes more people out, so it's amazing.


A lot better, the traffic has has calmed down again,


you can get across, it's not like having two towns.


It was a pain because people had to go around the long way


and you couldn't just nip over the bridge,


It's been a huge project to restore the bridge


Pedestrians have been able to use the bridge since January,


and it finally reopened for vehicles in February.


We wanted to make sure the bridge looks right


so that if the worst happened and there was a similar flooding


incident to the kind we had in 2015, we know that this is robust


Today was a family fun day, celebrating on the bridge,


and on the water, an official opening now that all


Local people are once again able to make the most of their town.


Let's take a look at the weather for the week ahead now


Hello, there's very little rain in the forecast


We had a few showers around this morning and also a bit of cloud


Some good spells of sunshine and there is further


And clear skies through this evening and at first tonight.


But, as the night wears on, we'll see some low-level cloud


low enough for a touch of frost but up to 5 or 6 in


Mist and murk tomorrow morning but that will clear and plenty


Strengthening southerly wind but warm in the sunshine,


Tomorrow evening and overnight, the cloud thickening and patchy rain


pushing its way eastwards but it won't amount to much.


Once that clears, the rest of the week will be dry with sunny


It was a lovely second part to the weekend for most parts of the UK,


lots of sunshine, more cloud to the east but in the last few hours it


started to melt away and the process will continue, most places seeing


lengthy clear spells overnight and much like last night it will turn a


bit chilly. We might see mist and fog, like winds, more of a breeze in


the north and west, cloud and patchy rain approaching the Western Isles


by the end of the night. Eight or 9 degrees but in rural parts of


Scotland England and Wales it will get to the bottom end of single


figures. Frost will not last long in the morning nor will the mist and


fog, England and Wales will have a lovely day with good sunshine and


wins coming up from the south. More cloud


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