16/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Two men have died in West Yorkshire in what police say are


It's after four deaths in South Yorkshire in the last few


days, which are believed to be linked to heroin use.


Police say they're very concerned and have issued a warning to drug


Dave Edwards reports from Leeds District Police


Police were called to Compton View in Leeds yesterday morning,


where they found the body of a 36-year-old man.


Four people have been arrested in connection with his death.


Then, yesterday afternoon, paramedics were called


to Park Green in Normanton, where a 27-year-old man was suffering


West Yorkshire Police have told us they believe both deaths


Now, it's after four deaths were reported


in the Barnsley area on Friday, and South Yorkshire Police say those


Both police forces have issued a warning to users of class-A drugs.


There are concerns about the strength and content of heroin


Two people have been arrested by the South Yorkshire force


They have been released under investigation.


A 51-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a man


34-year-old Craig Guy was found stabbed to death on Thursday


night at the Beacon, a centre for homeless veterans


The man accused of his murder is due to appear in court tomorrow.


The Archbishop of York has spoken about courage and hope this Easter.


He gave his traditional Easter sermon to a packed


A traditional start to the Easter service at York Minster this


morning, but, in his sermon, the Archbishop drew inspiration


We've got to get out of this place if it's the last thing we ever do.


# We've gotta get out of this place


# Girl, there's a better life for me and you...#


The sounds of a 1960s pop song in stark contrast


We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place by the Animals formed


an unexpected backbone to the Archbishop's message.


The whole thing of that song for me is saying,


never, never see death or trouble or problems as having the last word.


who, in Jesus, always is remaking things and giving us fresh starts,


and I have seen this so much in my own life


I mean, I had to get out of Uganda in 1974, so,


you've got to get out of here, babe, because there's a better life.


Whilst the music choice here at the Minster has been


comparatively modern today, there's been another sound that's


The Minster bells rang out this morning, and it's one of only


a handful of times they've been played since October,


when the bell-ringing team here were dismissed.


For the hundreds of Christians who gathered at the Minster today,


it was a service of hope and new life


Cricket - and Yorkshire are well on top in their County Championship


Yorkshire are on the brink of victory.


The hosts are 54-7 in their second innings, still trailing


Great bowling from young Ben Coad, who's taken nine wickets


Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder has thanked supporters


for their part in the team's success this season.


Bolton's defeat yesterday meant it was confirmed that the Blades


are champions of League One, and Wilder says he's delighted


Times are hard, and for them to back us in the numbers that they have


This, we will dedicate towards the supporters,


because they have had a tough, tough six years of being in this


division, and now we need to look forward to the last weekend


of the season as champions, and finish off on a high,


and then hopefully have a fantastic summer and look forward to some


We look forward to the last three games as champions.


Just before the weather, we have some pictures of Sophie


the giraffe born a few weeks ago in North Yorkshire.


Her name was chosen from 1,000 suggestions sent


She's part of an important breeding programme at Flamingo Land.


These are Rothschild's giraffe, and unfortunately, in the wild,


There are only a few hundred of these giraffes left,


and it's crucial, this breeding programme, to their long-term


survival, and they are such wonderful animals, but people don't


I hope you've had a good Easter weekend so far.


OK, tomorrow is looking fairly cloudy across Yorkshire


Actually, we've got a couple of showers in the mix as well.


Back to tonight, then, we lose that weather front that


brought us a fair bit of cloud today,


Gradually creeping to the south, and behind it, yes,


things are mostly dry, with just a couple


Quite chilly, especially across parts of north and west


Yorkshire, and in rural parts, three or four Celsius


Tomorrow morning in North Yorkshire, in eastern parts, it's looking OK,


Cloudy to the west and we have this, kind of, pipeline of showers


which keep on coming throughout the course of the day.


Our weather in between the showers, brightening up at times with highs


A noticeable wind chill over the next few days,


with northerly winds, and we've got chilly nights


Good evening if you spend Easter under


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