15/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. so do join us then.


Thousands of people took to the streets of Leeds today


It's one of the most important celebrations in the Sikh faith,


Amid great ceremony and pounding drums, the procession begins.


Vaisakhi is one of the most important festivals


It marks the Sikh New Year and commemorates the birth


The Sikth faith is all about equality, so anyone can come,


any gender, any race, any religion can come, get involved,


And we do genuinely promote it to all the communities.


We ask everyone to come down and take part of the celebration,


because that is what being a true Sikh is about, spreading the message


Hundreds of people began the march at the Sikh


temple in Chapeltown and, by the time it came to Leeds city


The procession covered the entire length of the Headrow and Eastgate,


before finishing up in Millennium Square.


It's a celebration of family and combining each religion.


Have you had fun today on the parade?


We come all the way from Birmingham, so it is absolutely fantastic.


The gift of giving for Sikhism and feeling the appreciation


and back, it's more than anything you can wish for.


This celebration of the Sikh faith brought unity and festivity


South Yorkshire Police are investigating four unexplained


deaths in the Barnsley area which they think might be


They're trying to find out if the deaths were caused


by the strength and content of the drug.


The three men and a woman were aged between 31 and 47 and were found


Two men have been arrested and bailed pending the results


A British tourist, reported to be from West Yorkshire,


A memorial plaque in memory of the Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox


will be revealed in the House of Commons next month.


in Birstall in June last year. as she arrived to host a surgery


The plaque will include a coat of arms her children helped


to design and will have the motto "More in Common", inspired by Jo's


Football now, and Sheffield United fans are celebrating again this


evening after they were confirmed as the winners of League One.


Closest rivals Bolton's defeat at Oldham this lunchtime meant


Sheffield United are getting used to this.


Promotion last weekend, champions today.


The Blades had already had a very good Friday,


Perhaps they knew then what was coming.


Bradford are hoping to go up with them.


Nicky Law's goal enough to overcome Oxford.


In the Championship yesterday, Huddersfield were level


at 2-2 with Preston, thanks to headers from


Then, off the ball and off camera, the referee saw a foul


Aaron Mooy's kick was saved at the big boot of Collin Quanner


helped the Terriers take a giant step towards the play-offs.


It was just as dramatic for Leeds at Newcastle,


as Chris Wood equalised with almost the last kick of the game.


And Sheffield Wednesday beat Cardiff 1-0.


Fernando Forestieri's flying header gave the Owls


That leaves three Yorkshire sides well placed, with their eyes


Cricket and Yorkshire are going well in their County Championship


They've overtaken the hosts' first innings score of 178,


and at close of play on Day Two they're 271 for 5.


Today wasn't too bad across Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.


As we head through this evening and look to tomorrow,


cloudy with outbreaks of rain, most of that rain getting


A breezy night turning a bit blustery at times.


Here comes the rain across parts of the Pennines.


Outbreaks of patchy rain, maybe some winteriness on higher ground,


Tomorrow's top temperatures of 10 Celsius.


It settles down a bit, then, on Monday.


Good evening. These and but not spectacular is probably a neat way


to describe the weather this Easter weekend. -- decent but not


spectacular. A bit of sunshine, patchy cloud and showers today, but


as we can see from the satellite and radar, the showers are easing, cloud


melting away, so a decent evening if you are heading out. Once it gets


dark, it will be chilly, cold enough for a touch of frost in places, then


a change out West. Northern Ireland, south-west Scotland clouding over


with outbreaks of rain, and this wet weather splashes erratically


eastwards during tomorrow, spoiling east today for some, especially


across central areas. To the


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