22/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening. at the earlier time of nine o'clock.


A Grade I listed church with links to the royals is at the centre


of an unholy row over plans to build homes and a school close by.


Leeds Council has said yes to the development near St John


the Baptist in Adel, despite objections from residents


That spot just across the road might look like rural bliss right now,


but it could soon be a building site.


Locals obviously aren't happy about that and Historic England have


gone so far as to write to Leeds City Council three times,


urging them not to let anything be built here.


The problem for them is its proximity to this historic site.


Its Grade I listed, the oldest in Leeds,


and even a spot where the Duchess of Cambridge's parents were married.


But for this young family, building here would be more


Our lives would change forever, because even now, sitting here,


the views in front of the church will change forever.


Historic England have said quite clearly that building so close


to this church in a rural setting like this is going to cause


Leeds City Council say they took into consideration the views


of locals and of Historic England, but, on balance, they decided


The problem for the council is they need to build houses -


more than 60,000 in the next 16 years.


But many say building expensive houses here isn't the answer.


I, like a large percentage of the population of Adel,


This should be preserved as it has been for the last 1,000 years.


But in the planning battle, there can only be one winner,


and with the council facing pressure to build more houses than ever,


locals are hoping this beauty point won't become the latest casualty.


A 30-year-old man has been charged with manslaughter


74-year-old Stuart Bowdler died in hospital after a collision


between a motorbike and a car on Tuesday.


Derbyshire Police were called to the incident near the Boot


and Shoe Inn in Grassmoor, near Chesterfield where police


said an altercation between two men took place.


Police say they're growing increasingly concerned


for the welfare of a mum from Sheffield who went missing


with her three-year-old daughter yesterday.


22-year-old Bestortha Brahaj and her daughter Elia were last seen


Anyone with any information is asked to contact


Comedian Eddie Izzard was in Batley today to encourage people to sign up


for the Great Get Together weekend in memory of Jo Cox.


The event's due to take place on June the 16th,


a year after the town's MP was murdered.


Neighbours and communities across the country are being encouraged


It's called the Great Get-together in honour of the former


Today's event was a dry run and it has celebrity backing.


We need to be reaching out to one another and saying, "Hi,


we are all human beings, we have different skin colours,


different tastes, this, that and the other, but we're


Jo was stabbed and shot in her constituency on the 16th of June.


The Great Get-together is being held on the weekend


It's everything Jo was about and I know Jo went into politics,


but she went into politics to bring everyone together.


Her focus was on community and pulling people together,


Lots of events are being planned to celebrate her life and dreams.


A quick look at the cricket, and on day two of Yorkshire's


county championship match against Hampshire, Yorkshire


are 16 for 2 and trail Hampshire by 439 runs.


Some noticeable changes as we head into next week,


but for this evening and overnight, it's fairly quiet.


One or two showers at first but they will fade and then


increasingly clear skies, which will allow temperatures to get


down to five or six Celsius in town, close to freezing


in the countryside, so we can't rule out frost.


A chilly start tomorrow, but bright - plenty of sunshine,


which will keep for a good part of the day, just a little bit more


For Monday, rain pushes southwards and it brings colder air,


That's it from us. Have a lovely weekend despite the weather.




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