23/04/2017 Look North (Yorkshire)


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Good evening from Sunday's Look North.


A charity football tournament has been held in Leeds to raise


awareness about the dangers of knife crime.


The community also came together to remember 16-year-old


Irfan Waheed who was stabbed to death in February.


A football tournament in Leeds for under-17s.


But they are not just here to compete, they are


Irfan Waheed died from a single stab wound to his chest.


He's never had beef or anything with anyone, to be honest.


He's told me never go on the wrong path.


A good footballer, and I think if he was here today, he could have


Irfan was attacked in broad daylight in Harehills Lane in February.


His death was one of three fatalities within the area


They're sending out a clear message that knives and guns aren't


Today's event was organised by Leeds Street Team,


community volunteers who want to end street crime.


You might carry a knife with no intention to hurt anyone.


It could end up in devastation, because in the heat of the moment,


There's people out there carrying a knife, they need to drop it,


because look, people that have lost their son, lost their brother,


lost their friend, lost their nephew.


An investigation is underway after a body was found close


Transport Police were called to the line close to the Denaby main


Services between Swinton and Doncaster were disrupted


The leader of the Women's Equality Party Sophie Walker says she'll


stand against the Conservative MP for Shipley Philip Davies


Mr Davies has been an advocate for "male" rights and an outspoken


critic of what he describes as "zealous feminism."


He says he welcomes his rival "parachuting herself" into the seat


Now, what a spectacle we saw in Yorkshire today.


Four generations of trains spanning the past, present and future of rail


travel on the East Coast Main Line, all travelling in parallel


morning with four generations the East Coast Main Line on a Sunday


At first light, this remarkable piece of railway theatre began.


Flying Scotsman, first locomotive to officially


A brand-new Azuma train which will make its debut


An intercity electric currently flying between London,


And a classic high-speed train from the '70s running in parallel


along this section of the East Coast Main Line.


I've got a virtual marker on the side of the train and am


Along the line, stops were made for the crowds of onlookers


Meanwhile at York station just down the line, thousands


were waiting for their chance to see history unfolding.


There has not been anything remotely like it since the 1930s and I don't


think you will see anything like it soon again.


Truly a moment for the railways and the enthusiasts to relish.


Now, thanks to Lizzie for sending in this cracker


of a picture of the beautiful blossom in Keighley.


Owain's here to tell us what to expect.


Turning noticeably colder over the next few days.


Tonight starts dry, a weather front produces thick


It will be quite breezy with lows of six or seven Celsius.


Cloudy, further outbreaks of rain, brightening up later.


We will see some showers, temperatures getting to eleven


Some frosty nights this week and we will see some


It has been a fine and dry day, and it the sunshine temperatures were


about 17 degrees. But a change in weather as we had through this week.


Wintry showers and some frosty night in the forecast over the next few


nights. We have a cold front starting to work in across Scotland,


introducing colder air towards the North. Towards the south, cloud and


outbreaks of rain. In Scotland and Northern Ireland. Most places are


largely dry to the south of that. We could see a touch of grassed frost


for the south-west. Very cold first thing Monday morning across the


sheltered glens of Scotland. Sleet and snow working in across Scotland


tomorrow. Further south across the country, this band of cloud, and


outbreaks of rain across England and Wales. Still quite


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