01/02/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Good evening. Gale force winds and torrential rain


are forecast to batter parts of the Midlands tonight. 23 flood warnings


have been issued for the region, three of them severe. In


Gloucestershire, surfers rode the latest Severn bore. But despite


today's fun there was a serious message from the Environment Agency.


Lindsay Doyle reports. The famous Severn bore attracted a


curious, adventurers and the environmentalist. Today, high tide


the river was higher than normal. We have come down from North Wales to


watch friends surf the Severn bore. They have thoroughly enjoyed it, and


it is just a natural phenomenon, isn't it? First it goes slow, and


shallow, and then it goes up and deep. First time I've seen it. Yes,


quite impressive. An extra surge caused by pressure combined with


light wind caused the Bristol Channel to swiftly for the bank. Two


minutes ago we were standing by the river bank, but the level has risen


so quickly, we had to move inside. Over the next few days, we have two


more high tides. We expect the type to night to be very similar levels


to the one we have just seen, and the one to morning that would


tomorrow morning as well. There is a lot of fresh water as well coming


out is a lot of freshwater as welcoming and seven. Today's bore is


classed by the moment agency as a 4`star tomorrow. Tomorrow, it is


expected another one will reach five star level, meaning flood warnings


remain firmly in place. A 22`year`old man from Hanbury


appeared at Worcester Magistrates' Court this morning charged with


murder, in connection with the death of a 43`year`old woman. Police have


named the victim as Karen Wild. She was found with serious stab wounds


at her home on Thursday afternoon. The 22`year`old was remanded in


custody and will appear at Worcester Crown Court on Tuesday.


A 14`year`old boy has been remanded in custody after being charged with


attempted murder. It follows the stabbing of a 17`year`old in the


Handsworth Wood area of Birmingham on Thursday.


A charity set up in memory of a Birmingham boy who died of a brian


tumour is now helping the families of other cancer sufferers. Help


Harry Help Others has donated ?100,000 to create a new facility at


St Mary's Hospice in Birmingham. The Harry Moseley Family Centre means


relatives can stay at the Hospice with their loved ones. This gives


them that facility to be a family, so they're not like in a hospital,


and be together, and Tyne is so precious and important. This is not


going to just help one family, it is going to help hundreds of families


for years to come. It is just wonderful.


Onto the football results and in the Premier League Aston Villa lost at


Everton 2`1. Stoke bounced back in style after a disappointing midweek


defeat at Sunderland, beating Manchester United 2`1.


In the Championship, it was three goals each for Birmingham City and


Derby. In League One, Coventry City's game against Walsall was


postponed due to a waterlogged pitch at Sixfields. Port Vale lost 3`2 at


Gillingham. It was a goal apiece for Shrewsbury and Brentford. And Wolves


climbed back into the top two, with a fourth successive win, beating


Bradford 2`0. In League Two, a 1`1 draw for Burton


Albion and Exeter. And the same result for Cheltenham at home to


Northampton. And in the Conference, Kidderminster


Harriers lost 3`1 at Gateshead. And Nuneaton lost 2`1 at Salisbury. In


the FA Trophy, Tamworth lost 4`1 at Grimsby. Onto Rugby Union and in the


LV Cup, a resounding victory for Gloucester, beating Wasps 36`5. But


Worcester were thrashed by Exeter, 42`3.


And in the Championship, Moseley lost to Rotherham Titans, 16`6.


Let's get the all`important weather forecast now with Sara Blizzard.


Good evening. They will be a very windy nights the night. We have a


yellow weather warning in force, but with regard to the strength of the


wind, gale force winds across Herefordshire and Worcestershire,


and we still have bands of showers in the early part of the night


working their way across towards the east. So still some torrential


downpours in addition to 60 mile hour wind. Night time to bridges


finally got down to about three Celsius, so the chance of a slight


frost and sheltered areas. Sunday will be a better day. It will still


be a very blustery day, but we should see further showers around. A


little bit of brightness breaking through in central part of


Birmingham. A daytime to bridge tomorrow at nine Celsius.


tomorrow That's all for now. The next update


from Midlands Today is tomorrow evening at 5:50. Have a good


Saturday evening. Goodbye. Heavy downpours in places tonight


but strong winds and with the tides peaking again, still the chance of


coastal flooding. With the wind dying down, not so many shows


around. There weren't too many across eastern England, but by


showers will spill across eastern England tonight. Showers in most


places and those


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