01/02/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Thank you very much. That is it from us.


Good afternoon. As we have just heard, rain and strong winds are


predicted to cause problems this afternoon as people across the


Midlands are braced for more floods. The moment agency has issued 23


flood warnings, three of them severe. In Gloucestershire, surfers


rode the latest seven board despite the dangers.


The famous Severn bore, attracting the curious, and the merriment


lists. Today, the high tide on the river was 20 centimetres higher than


normal. We have come down from North Wales to watch friends serve the


Severn bore. They have thoroughly enjoyed it, and it is a natural


phenomenon. First time I've seen. It is impressive. An extra surge


combined with tides and high wind, have cause the banks to flood. The


river level has risen so quickly, we have had to move away from the river


bank and inside. This is a high tide, and it is also interacting


with a lot of fresh water coming down. The speed it came up this


morning is very fast, and that can catch people out. Today's bore is


classified as a 4`star, and another one of five stars is expected


tomorrow. This means flood warnings mean firmly in place.


A 14`year`old boy has appeared before magistrates in Birmingham


this morning charged with attempted murder, following the stabbing of a


17`year`old in the Handsworth Wood area of the city on Thursday.


A charity inspired by a young Birmingham boy who died of a brain


tumour is helping the families of other cancer sufferers. Work on the


Harry Moseley Family Centre at St Mary's Hospice in Birmingham is


almost complete and will enable families to stay at the hospice with


their loved ones. The charity, Help Harry Help Others, has given


?100,000 towards the building. This gives them that facility to be a


family, so they are not in a hospital, and be together. Time is


so precious and important, and this will just help one family, it will


help hundreds of families for years to come, so it is just wonderful.


Yesterday it was all about transfer deadline day, but this afternoon


it's back to football action on the pitch. One of the big games of the


day will see Stoke City entertain Manchester United at the Britannia


Stadium. It's another important 90 minutes for Stoke, who are just


three points above the Premier League relegation zone. We have


shown against Chelsea and Manchester City that we can compete and we will


always compete against the top sides, so it is not a daunting task


or one that frightens us at all, in fact, it galvanises everybody and


makes them very excited at the prospect ahead.


One other piece of football news ` this afternoon's League One match


between Coventry City and Walsall is off after a pitch inspection at


Sixfields this morning. Let's get the official weather


forecast now. Let's get the official weather


Good afternoon. After such a lovely start of the day, dry and bright


conditions, it all breaks down now. Bands of heavy showers all moving in


from the West, merging together to give more prolonged periods of rain,


and they could easily contain hail and thunder as well. In addition to


the wet weather, very strong southerly winds reach gale force at


times through the afternoon and into the evening. The majority of the


showers pull away towards the east overnight. Clearer skies return. The


wind remains blustery, but in sheltered areas, we could see a


slight frost and ice developing. If you have concerns about flooding,


there are a number of severe flood warnings issued. The number is on


the screen. I will be back with all the football


and rugby results and the latest weather


Do have a very good afternoon. Goodbye.


Some of us will have to brace ourselves today. Leaning forward


into the wind. If you live over the west of the UK, there are gale-force


winds on the way, but the main hazards are the gales and the


potential for flooding. Tomorrow, a blustery day but on balance, it will


be a better day. This is the current storm that is just about approaching


the UK now. It looks like from space you can see a swirl of cloud. The


worst of the weather is close to the centre of the storm. You can see how


clear the east of the country is. Lovely sunshine this morning and at


lunch time. Here the strength of the wind will be felt over the western


and southern areas, especially across the south-west and the Welsh


coasts. Gusts up to 07 miles an hour. And of


course -- gusts up to 70 mierls an hour.


-- miles. Severe gales and big waves.


Dangerous conditions


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