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The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Good afternoon. Another big storm is expected to hit the Midlands this


afternoon, bringing heavy rain and gale force winds. The Met Office has


issued a yellow weather warning for the region and 33 flood warnings are


in place. As Lindsay Doyle reports, it's further bad news for farmers


who've had to endure weeks of flooding on their land.


Hayes Farm at Melverley on the Shropshire/Welsh border, fields


flooded, winter wheat already washed away and plans for planting Spring


crops being pushed later and later. The last two years have got a lot


worse. The lost a lot of spring planting and then we had to replant


it and then lost it again due to the flooding. As you can see, we have


planted Wortham crops and that has also flooded `` autumn crops. Water


which has been cascading over the dam at Lake Vyrnwy Reservoir in Mid


Wales has sparked fears that more rain will cause more flooding as it


feeds into the River Vyrnwy, joining the River Severn near Melverley.


Unfortunately for farmers, it has been time after time where we have


had so much water and it is starting to interfere with farming. Hayes


farm have brought their cattle in for the winter but that again is


another cost to the farmer. Elsewhere in Shropshire the floods


barriers are up in Ironbridge, the Environment Agency is stressing in


spite of high river levels the barriers are ensuring that its


business as usual today in the historic town.


Police have just re`opened the M6 after it was closed for over six


hours. The road was shut after a body was found on the carriageway in


Staffordshire. The motorway was shut to southbound traffic between


Junction 11 at Cannock and Junction ten at Walsall. A bridge over the


road near the scene was also affected.


In football, all three of our Premier League clubs could have a


big impact on the battle to avoid relegation this afternoon. Aston


Villa are at home to West Ham. West Brom travel to Crystal Palace. And


Stoke visit Southampton. In the Championship, the Birmingham City


captain Paul Robinson makes a welcome return for their trip to


Charlton. Huge boost for us to have the car and back, just not in terms


of his leadership, but his performance levels. He delivers what


I expect my players so the rest of the players can then follow him.


Meanwhile, all today's games involving our sides in the


Conference have been postponed due to the weather.


Time now to get some more detail on that stormy weather that's heading


our way. Time now to get some more detail


The wind really is a key feature of today's weather, that together with


blustery showers working their way in from the West. We have yellow


warnings in place. We are looking at Gusts between 50 and 60 mph. Highs


of around seven or eight degrees. Still the showers keep coming in


this evening, feeding in on that blustery wind. The risk of hale and


Thunder thrown in as well. Lows of around four or five degrees.


Tomorrow we'll start off on a wet and windy node. The breeze will ease


through the day and the showers will become fewer and far between. I will


be back in our next bulletin at 7:05pm. Until then, have a good


after doing. evening. -- the winds will ease


Good afternoon. It is yet another stormy day to day with heavy rain


around and very strong winds. The Met office has issued an amber


warning for the strong winds. They could be disruptive and damaging.


This is the latest in a string of storms that we have seen this


winter. For southern England, this looks like one of the wettest


winters for 250 years. Scotland saw the wettest December 4/100 years.


Low pressure well in charge of things at the moment, drifting


across the UK to the North. The tide Isa buyers will mean windy


conditions, particularly for the south and


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