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a slight slip off the rails. Much more throughout the evening on


the BBC News channel. We Good evening. Heavy rain and high


winds have battered the region, causing travel disruption and


damage. Roads have been blocked by fallen trees and trains cancelled


due to damaged power lines. There's an increasing risk of flooding in


rural areas. A woman and three dogs had to be rescued from their home in


Kemsey, near Worcester, last night. Homes and businesses are also under


threat in nearby Severn Stoke where a makeshift flood barrier has been


erected around the village pub. The heavy rain is further bad news for


farmers in Shropshire whose land has been under floodwater for weeks, as


Lindsay Doyle reports. Hayes Farm at Melverley on the


Shropshire`Welsh border. Fields flooded, winter wheat already washed


away and plans for planting spring crops being pushed later and later.


The last two years, it has got a lot worse. We lost a lot of spring


planting last spring and then we had to replant it and lost it again due


to the flooding. As you can see, we have planted autumn crops and that


has also flooded. Not good, really. Water which has been cascading over


the dam at Lake Vyrnwy Reservoir in Mid Wales has sparked fears that


more rain will cause more flooding as it feeds into the River Vyrnwy


joining the River Severn near Melverley. Unfortunately for the


farmers, it has been time after time over the last four to six days that


they have had so much water and it is now starting to interfere with


their farming. This farm has brought its capital in for the winter as


floods become more common. That again is just another cost to the


farmer. Elsewhere in Shropshire, the flood barriers are up in Ironbridge.


The Environment Agency is stressing in spite of high river levels, the


barriers are ensuring that it's business as usual today in the


historic town. Hundreds of people have taken part


in a protest march in Shrewsbury against the culling of badgers.


Protestors are calling on the Government not to approve any


further culls. Last year over 2,000 badgers were killed in a pilot


project in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Activists claim farmers


can reduce TB in cattle without killing badgers. We want to find


alternatives. We can vaccinate badgers and cows and farmers can


take measures to control the movements of cattle and better TV


testing. You combine those things, you can reduce TB in cattle


significantly without killing battles. `` without killing badgers.


Onto today's football now. In the Premier League, Aston Villa suffered


their eighth home defeat of the season, losing 2`0 to West Ham. West


Bromwich Albion slipped into the relegation zone, beaten 3`1 by


Crystal Palace. And Stoke drew 2`2 with Southampton.


In the Championship, Birmingham City won 2`0 at Charlton to move nine


points above the bottom three. It was a bad day for our League One


clubs. Coventry City suffered a disappointing 3`0 defeat at Notts


County, Port Vale lost 3`2 at home to Swindon, Shrewsbury were beaten


2`0 by Sheffield United and Walsall lost 3`0 to MK Dons. Wolves' match


at Stevenage was postponed. Finally, in League Two, Burton


Albion won 1`0 at Morecambe, while Cheltenham drew 0`0 at York City.


At the Winter Olympics, the Coventry`born army corporal Amanda


Lightfoot will be the first Midlands athlete to compete when she takes


part in tomorrow's biathlon sprint. Amanda who now lives in the North


East says she's looking forward to the start of competition. I hope to


achieve my best ever result while I am in Sochi and that would be a


fantastic achievement for me. It would be great to be within the top


30 of the field. That would be me reaching my goal. The pursuit race,


it is achievable. So, as yet more storms and bad


weather move across the region, let's get the very latest forecast


now with Mel Coles. Strong winds and showers continue to


work in this evening. Yellow warning in force across Warwickshire,


Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Some of the showers


will be lively. The risk of hail and thunder. Temperatures overnight will


drop to around four or five degrees. Further showers on the cards first


thing tomorrow. The winds will be fairly strong. They will ease


slightly but Sunday remains a breezy dray. `` day. Showers sporadic. We


should see some brightness. Karma on Monday. Wet and windy on Tuesday.


Our next bulletin is that 5:50pm tomorrow. Have a good Saturday


night. Good evening. Unfortunately I don't


have much good news in this forecast. There may be a brief


respite later tomorrow with the wind and the rain but it will not be long


enough and we have today's storm withers, pounding many coastlines in


the south and west, hence the Amber wind warning from the Met Office. It


is a windy day across the board and it is not just the wind that is a


concern. It is causing high waves, damaging winds, but there is more


shower activity, hail, thunder and snow in the north and the potential


for another 10-20 millimetres of rain in parts of Wales, the


south-west, perhaps some persistent showers in the south-east, coupled


with those rather lively wins. They hold the temp Richard tonight but


there could be ice in Scotland, given that we have wintry showers


Wash they hold the temperatures up to. Here is the respite. The shower


frequency edges down in


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