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That's it for now we'll be back at 6pm. Stay with us on BBC One. It's


time Good afternoon.


As the flood waters start to drop, very strong winds and more rain


overnight have caused problems in the region. Army trucks have been


ferrying people across flood water in Upton on Severn. And narrow


escapes for many motorists as Warwickshire police and West


Midlands Ambulance Service received numerous calls of fallen trees. And


there's one severe flood warning at Alney in Gloucester and 40 flood


warnings in the rest of the region. In Worcester, water levels are going


down but may rise again later. Tim Aviss has this report.


The swollen river Severn still flowing fast through the heart of


Worcester. Its level had dropped but overnight more heavy rain fell


across the county. Despite this the Environment Agency believes the


worst is over. It appears that the weather systems we have seen coming


across the Atlantic may be starting to subside, although the there could


be some rain later. We may see levels start to water within the


River Severn and there could be right at the end of the tunnel. We


have had a brief respite but it has started to rain again and river


levels are expected to rise. Perhaps ten or 15 centimetres.


For district nurse Liz McCauley the waters can't recede quickly enough.


She and 11 others care for dozens of patients who can't get out of their


homes. The flooding has made their jobs extremely difficult. Patients


are getting their visits, they are being very, very patient with us. It


pits the team under the members pressure, with all the transport


issues and because they are visiting patients they are unfamiliar with.


But the floods remain a sight to behold for many, with keen


photographers making the most of the situation. You think, you have a


photogenic subject but then you think of all of the unfortunate


people who have been hurt by it. For now the Worcester Road Bridge


remains open to traffic. Tomorrow work begins to clear up the mass of


debris collected underneath. Tim Aviss BBC Midlands Today, Worcester.


We have just heard that around 400 homes in Shropshire or without power


at this lunchtime because of the storms. For the latest information


chin into your local BBC radio station.


A West Midlands police officer is being investigated for alleged


misuse of his Twitter account. The force has confirmed that Inspector


Michael Brown's Twitter account "mental health cop" has been


suspended. The officer ran a blog alongside Twitter on mental health


policing. In sport, Coventry and Cheltenham's


games are off today, but Shrewsbury Town's match against Port Vale will


go ahead. Ground staff worked long hours to make sure the game would


survive the rain of the past week. It's another opportunity for


Shrewsbury's caretaker manager Mike Jackson to make a claim for the job


full`time. I have always set myself the target of being the manager by


the time I was 40. I am 14 and in that is something I am passionate


about and what to do. It will not be easy. You don't just drop into a job


where everything is going great. It is up to me to prove I am not doing


it. A look at the weather now here's


Sara Blizzard. We will see the weather slowly


improve through the day ten, the wind. Trees down what we do have


quite a few heavy showers around and one or two could contain hail and


thunder and it could be a little bit when today over the hills as well.


Into the evening the showers start to diminish, the winced at ease of


further as well. A daytime temperature of nine Celsius. It will


not feel like name, because of the wind, but overnight we can call


there. They contrast to the wet and windy weather from last night. Frost


developing over Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. It could be a see


tomorrow. The latest on the weather at ten past six. Goodbye.


That's it. Good afternoon. It looks as though


we could be heading towards a sunny Sunday, something I assure we will


all be grateful. What a store the! In Berry head in Devon winds were in


excess of 80 miles an hour. In Heathrow airport, they were seeing


winds of over 60 miles an hour. These will ease through the rest of


the day and we will have a few decent showers to encounter. You can


see this lump across the far north and


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