15/02/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Good afternoon. As the flood waters start to drop,


very strong winds and more rain overnight have caused further


problems in the region. Army trucks have been ferrying people across


flood water in Upton on Severn. And narrow escapes for many motorists as


Warwickshire police and West Midlands ambulance service received


numerous calls about fallen trees. And there's one severe flood warning


at Alney in Gloucester and 40 flood warnings in the rest of the region.


In Worcester, water levels are going down but may rise again later. Tim


Aviss has this report. The swollen River Severn still


flowing fast through the heart of Worcester. Its level had dropped but


overnight more heavy rain fell across the county. The authorities


are staying alert. It appears that the weather systems we have seen


coming across the Atlantic may be subsiding slightly. There might be


level is falling within the River Severn and there could be laid at


the end of the tunnel but the work does not stop there. We must check


the infrastructure and the barriers that we have in place to make sure


that they are all case should anything happen in the future. We


had a brief respite but it has just started to rain again. That means


river levels are expected to rise, something like ten or 15 For


district nurse Liz McCauley the waters can't recede quickly enough.


Centimetres in the next 24 hours. She and 11 others care for dozens of


patients who can't get out of their homes. The flooding has made their


jobs extremely difficult. Patients are getting their visit, they are


being very patient with us, but it puts the team under tremendous


pressure with all of the transport issues and because they are visiting


patients who are unfamiliar with. But the floods remain a sight to


behold for many ` with keen photographers making the most of the


situation. We have mixed feelings because you think, you have a


photogenic subject here but then you think all of the unfortunate people


who have been hurt by it. For now the Worcester Road Bridge


remains open to traffic. Tomorrow work begins to clear up the mass of


derbis collected underneath. Tim Aviss BBC Midlands Today, Worcester.


And in other parts of the region, around 400 homes in Shropshire are


still without power because of the storms. The rail line between


Leamington and Banbury has been closed because of a landslip. And


bus and rail users are being asked to check before they travel as many


services have been delayed or cancelled.


For the latest information listen to your BBC local radio station.


A West Midlands police officer is being investigated for alleged


misuse of his Twitter account. The force has confirmed that Inspector


Michael Brown's Twitter account "mental health cop" has been


suspended. The officer ran a blog alongside Twitter on mental health


policing. Onto the days football and in the


Championship Birmingham City lost 2`1 to Huddersfield at St Andrews.


Ollie Lee with the consolation goal deep into injury time. Blues haven't


won at home in the league now since October.


In League One it ended goalless in the lunchtime kick`off between


Shrewsbury and Port Vale. Coventry's clash with Bradford was postponed


due to a waterlogged pitch. And Wolves are now three points clear of


third place Leyton Orient after a 2`0 win against Notts County at


Molineux. In League Two it finished one all


between Burton and Dagenham and Redbridge. Meanwhile, Cheltenham's


home game with Wycombe Wanderers was postponed due to the recent bad


weather. And in the Conference Premier,


Barnet beat Tamworth one nil. Kidderminster lost 2`0 away at


Lincoln City. Hereford United suffered a 7`0 thrashing at the


hands of top of the table Luton Town. Luton got six of their goals


in the second half. And it finished Nuneaton one, Hyde zero.


Finally one rugby result to bring you and in the Aviva Premiership


Worcester are still looking for that elusive win after losing to


Northampton by 30 points to 14. A look at the weather now with Sara


Blizzard. It has only felt very cold today


with that strong winds that has changed direction, it is coming more


from the North West but the good news is it is easing now and the


showers that have been present throughout today are starting to


diminish with the exception of one or two towards Stoke`on`Trent. The


cold night in prospect, a contrast to the windy weather from last


night. We will see a fast developing with Herefordshire and


Worcestershire seeing low temperatures. A cold and frosty


start to Sunday, it will be bright with sunshine and the wind will be


much lighter. Daytime temperatures to model a That's it.


Maximum of nine degrees. Sunday Politics will be discussing the


Midlands towns vying for a stop on the controversial high speed rail


link. That's with Patrick Burns from 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. But for


now enjoy your Saturday night. Hello, good evening, finally some


quieter weather on the way for the British Isles for the remainder of


this weekend, also somewhat for the week ahead. More on that in a




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