22/02/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Good afternoon. Religious leaders and Islamic meat producers from


across the country are meeting in Warwickshire today to agree on


clearer guidelines about when chickens can be sold as halal. They


want to make sure that birds which have been slaughtered by machines


cannot be labelled as religiously acceptable. Midlands firms say this


will prevent some cheap foreign imports from being sold in the UK,


as well as creating more trust in the industry.


Abattoirs can step up to the mark and have shown that they can be


competitive. We can be a very great market for halal meat. We are


importing fallout from countries as far away as Thailand and we do not


want that to happen. `` halal meat. Campaigners in Birmingham are


preparing to demonstrate against the government's decision to press ahead


with badger culls as a way of controlling the spread of bovine


tuberculosis. They're planning to stage a march


and rally in the city this lunch time against a policy they say is


barbaric and simply won't work. The Department for the Environment, Food


and Rural affairs says its acting on scientific advice about the best way


to tackle the problem which cost the department ?36 million in dealing


with affected cattle last year. This will be one of the biggest


demonstrations against the badger cull. We have had many of these


around the country. Everywhere they go, we get more support and the


public anger grows. It is time to bring this crazy badger cull to a


close. Herefordshire council's estimated


it's going to cost just under ?3 million to repair roads affected by


the latest round of floods. And as the clean up continues in Worcester,


the council's revealed it's set aside around ?700,000 to deal with


potholes caused by the extreme weather and flooding. There are


currently still eight flood warnings in force for the Midlands.


Tonight will be the last greyhound meeting to be held at Brandon, near


Coventry, following the sale of the stadium. Harry Findlay, who ran dog


racing there says the sale wasn't expected, while the owner of the


Coventry Bees says he isn't sure what the future of Speedway is at


the site. It's not yet known who has bought it, but it has not been sold


to Coventry City Football Club. Football: Wolves have the


opportunity to go top of League One this afternoon. Just two points


separate the top three teams in the division going into today's games.


Wolves visit the current leaders Brentford and will climb above them


into the automatic promotion places if they win.


Let's take a look at the weather. It has been an enjoyable challenge.


We are thriving on these challenges. We are not confident but we're happy


playing the way we are. Good afternoon. It's been a


beautiful start to the weekend with blue skies and sunshine around this


morning. A little bit more cloud will roll in this afternoon and the


breeze will pick up as well. But for most of us, it's a dry, bright and


breezy afternoon. And it is fairly mild as well, 11 to 12 degrees


Celsius are possibly our top temperatures. Overnight, the cloud


will continue to thicken up. The winds will pick up as well. Some


patches of light rain but it'll stay fairly mild tonight with lows down


to seven or eight Celsius. A cloudier and more breezy day


tomorrow, staying on the mild side. That's it for now, I'm back just


after 6pm with today's sports results. Have a good afternoon.


Good afternoon. It has been a lovely start with some very welcome winter


sunshine. For the rest of the day, the further east you are, you will


hang onto that for much of the time. The further north and west you


are, the wind will pick up, that will be dragging in rain. You can


see where this is coming from. Out in the Atlantic


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