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on the BBC News channel, with all the very latest on the dramatic


Good afternoon. Over 1,000 people have taken part in a march and rally


in Birmingham calling on the Government to end its policy of


culling badgers. ?36 million was spent last year on pilot schemes


designed to reduce cases of bovine TB, as Carole Foster reports.


Organisers admitted the turnout wasn't as large as they expected but


the determination was obvious. It has no economic justification and it


has no animal welfare justification at all. Julie Buxton from Birmingham


had never even seen a badger before the cull began but she was driven to


get involved and organised today's march. The Government's own


backbenchers are saying, stop this cull, science is wrong. The


Government should be listening. 2,000 badgers were shot in the


autumn cull, just over half the number planned.The Government say


it's following scientific advice tackling a problem which has cost


the country millions of pounds a year but campaigners say support for


the cull is dwindling. I think there's a lot of problems of


extending it and a lot of problems keeping it going in the areas it is


currently being done in, and public opinion and hostility is growing


rapidly and MPs realise that as well. Campaigners say the killings


were badly organised and unnecessary. They are planning more


of these protests across the country to persuade the government to never


carry out culling again but to use that the nation instead. `` to use


vaccinations. Farmers say 28,000 cattle were slaughtered because of


bovine TB last year. Now the Government is under increasing


pressure to prove it's made the right decision about how to tackle


to problem. Religious leaders and Islamic meat


producers from across the country have been meeting in Warwickshire


today to agree on clearer guidelines about when chickens can be sold as


halal. They want to make sure that birds which have been slaughtered by


machines cannot be labelled as religiously acceptable. The


abattoirs can step up to the mark. They have proven that an shown that.


They can be very competitive. They just have to re`kit hire Muslims


slaughter is and then we can export for halal and sell halal. We already


in the situation where we are importing halal from as far away as


Thailand and we don't want that to happen.


Walsall Council has announced plans to freeze council tax bills next


year despite needing to make savings of ?21 million. The proposals are


due to be discussed next week. They include a commitment to keep all


existing library, leisure and children's centres open.


Speedway will continue to take place at the Brandon Stadium near Coventry


despite it being unexpectedly sold. The Coventry Bees will be able to


race there for the next three years regardless of the new owners but


it's been announced that tonight's greyhound meeting will be the last


to be held there. Let's catch up with the sports


results now, starting with Premiership football. Stoke lost at


The Britannia 1`0 to Manchester City. West Bromwich Albion were at


home to Fulham, the match ending 1`1, with a late goal from the


Baggies securing a vital point in the relegation battle.


In the Championship, Birmingham City won 2`1 away at Blackpool.


While in League One, Wolves won 3`0 away at Brentford and are now joint


top of the League. Shrewsbury won away at Notts Count, the score there


3`2. While Port Vale lost 3`1 at home to


Crewe. Coventry lost 3`1 away to Tranmere.


And Walsall lost 2`1 against Crawley.


In League Two it was a win for Cheltenham, beating Newport 1`0.


Moving onto the Conference, and it finished Dartford two, Hereford


zero. While Kidderminster drew 2`2 at home against Braintree. Nuneaton


lost heavily at home against tabletoppers Luton, the score there


5`0, while Tamworth drew 1`1 with Welling.


And there were a couple of local rugby fixtures today, both in the


Aviva Premiership. Gloucester beat Harlequins 25`20 but Worcester were


beaten by Sale, losing 24`12. Let's catch up with the weather now,


here's Kaye Forster with the forecast.


Good evening. It was nice to see some sunshine today but


unfortunately there isn't that much of that on offer tomorrow. We pick


up much more cloud and wind, and another windy day for us tomorrow.


The winds will blow in some patchy rain tonight but not particularly


problematic. The temperatures will be held up by that, so quite mild. A


damp start for us tomorrow morning with spotty rain around first thing.


The rain will be migrating northwards and westwards through the


day, so southern areas and eastern areas could have a dry afternoon,


and it will be particularly mild with highs of 11 or 12. A visit from


us for now. Good night. Hello. For some places today I am


sure it felt that spring


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